So far, so good. Here is a little background info about me and my garden….My present garden is in southeast Tennessee. We have been here about seven years, but have owned the property nearly ten. We bought the house for our daughters to live in while attending a nearby college. At that time I had a very small landscaping business in another town. I had a blank slate to work with here. First hemlocks and pyracantha were planted at the back of the lot along a chain link fence we had installed for privacy. They were one gallon plants and looked pretty delicate at the time. The planting was done by our semi-adult kids. The side and front of the house was planted with ‘Victor’ red crape myrtles, dogwood seedlings from my own garden, which were miniscule, ‘Rose Glo’ red barberries, ‘Blue Star’ junipers, caryopteris, variegated liriope, green leaf heuchera, and black mondo grass. During the years before my husband and I came to live here, the garden only received attention during our familial visits. A marathon weeding and pruning session would occur and the garden would fend for itself until the next visit. Amazingly, the plants not only lived but thrived, despite college parties and major neglect. Three years later we moved into the house ourselves and did a renovation which included buying the house next door, knocking it down and building a garage there. Now it is attached to the main house, one big happy dwelling. The additional land from the house next door really allowed me to garden my little heart out. The whole backyard is a steep slope so lots of paths and steps were needed just to get up to the edge of the property line. Much work has been done and more is still needed. As with all gardens it is never finished and will forever be a work in progress. This will be its story.
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  1. And a wonderful story it has been these now two years! Happy Anniversary Frances! Carol

    Thanks Carol. I like to think the writing has improved somewhat in two years, along with the picture taking. 🙂

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  3. sequoiagardens says:

    “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!”

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