The garden through the year

Starting with December, taken yesterday, the knot garden with lavender, calluna, thyme, muscari, dragon blood sedum

November, (last year, I didn’t have any good shots from this year for some reason?), fall blooming crocus speciosus, with diascia

October, last year again but this bed has few changes, knockout rose, muhly grass, artemesia silver king, sedums

September of this year, muhlenbergia capillaris starring, white azalea to the right, husker red penstemon to the left, Korean boxwood wintergreen in background
August of this year Autumn joy sedum , lady fern to the right, lavender to the left, gold mop chaemycyparis in background
July this year, looking down the path to the east, elijah blue fescue on right, passion vine volunteer seedlings in gravel, sourwood tree at end of path

June this year, stipa tenuissima in front of surviving japanese maple, various daylilies in bloom. This area is referred to as the daylily hill

May this year, hard to find any pretty shots after a terrible destructive freeze in April, but the dianthus path rebounded well. To the left is a dwarf chinese elm, ulmus elegantissima Jacqueline Hilliar.

April this year, during pond reconstruction, my oldest hellebore orientalis is covered in blooms

March, before the frost, the tree peony, unknown name purchased in a box at walmart years ago, is ready to open. I think they are prettiest like this.

February this year, daffodils that came with the house, name unknown but they bloom sometimes even in January.
January, 2007. We get about one snowfall that stays on the ground long enough to photograph a year. You have to be quick with the camera, it was gone within an hour. You can see the shed in the background, which was moved by a bobcat to its current location from the area where the pots in front of the wall are now. That spot had been dug out by previous owners for a place to park the car. The driveway came straight up along the side of the house. We filled it in with the dirt from the excavation of the addition and had the wall built to retain the major slope.
That is a brief month by month of the garden. Not my best pictures but I tried to give an idea of the lay of the land. Future posts will elaborate on details and hopefully keep the visitors to this blog interested.

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4 Responses to The garden through the year

  1. Marvin says:

    Thanks for the tour through your garden and year. That April freeze was a real bummer over this direction too.

  2. Frances says:

    Marvin…thanks for coming and leaving a note. We hope that type of freeze was a one shot deal.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your garden is great. Thanks for the year round tour.

    I bet you could do a post about your pathways as you did one for the fencing. This would be interesting to me, and I am sure others, because I am always looking for ideas and we could see more of your garden.

  4. Frances says:

    Lisa…thanks for visiting. I am working on the paths post right now!

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