Daylilies 2007 F-Ma

Free Orange June 19

Heavenly Treasure June 24

Innocent Bystander June 8

Jason Salter June 19

Juanita’s Picotee Delight June 21

Kabuki June 18

Lusty Leland June 29

Matt June 18
This is part two of four in the Daylily 2007 series. Are you feeling summery yet?


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6 Responses to Daylilies 2007 F-Ma

  1. chickenpoet says:

    Looking at these pictures stokes the fire of my impatience as I wait for spring and the rebirth of beautiful. Love ya, Beth

    P.S. Are these dividable yet? The boys and I WANT THEM ALL!!!

  2. brokenbeat says:

    most of these remind me of french courtiers during the ever-over-elaborate 17th century, full of frills and fragrant pollen-powdered noses, popping up unexpectedly with such sunny pomp. when A-E are busy finding the rising sun, you can hear the whispers of this lot criticizing, ridiculing, pffffing as they turn up their noses at the others inside this royal garden court. whacky daylilies F-Ma…

  3. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…it has said about gardening that patience is most necessary for success. Many will be division size by spring.

    brokenbeat….what an apt metaphor for F-Ma. They are quite fancy, and just the luck of the alphabet for their grouping.

  4. semi says:

    Your children are all dreaming of daylillies it seems. they are wonderful.
    love semi

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    It’s pouring rain here for the 4th day in a row. Just seeing some color is marvelous.

    You have quite a collection. I am impressed that you know what they are. I lose my tags and forget the names. I am not a very organized record keeper. I have journals and pages of information. Alas I still can’t keep it all together.

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