Daylilies 2007 My-Ra

My Ways June 18
Non Stella June 25
Palo Dura Canyon June 26
This one is new this year and a favorite, pretty isn’t it?
Pardon Me July 13
This one is the first to bloom and keeps blooming the whole season, late May until late July. It has been divided many times and is the main filler for spots that need summer color. Highly recommended.
Princess June 27

Radiant Greeting June 19

Raspberry Rasper June 1
This is part three of four in the Daylily 2007 series. Don’t you just love daylilies? For those wondering how these photos are kept so orderly, first that is just my nature to organize things, can’t help it if I try. Second, when I take a picture, and load it from the camera to the computer I put the name and date on each picture and put them into the folder Daylilies 200?. There is a button to put them in alphabetical order and it is easier to keep them in that order each time a new picture is added. I have a chart in my notebook of the location and name of each daylily. The hard part is when I start moving them around. Most of the labels are gone and the chart has to be updated. A few of the names are ones I made up because there was no tag or it was given to me without a name. Can you tell which ones are made up names?


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4 Responses to Daylilies 2007 My-Ra

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Oh to be so orderly…My DB would think this is a great thing. He made charts of my flower beds one year to help me get organized. Hmmm I wonder where they are???

    As to the names, let me think… hmmm Maybe Non Stella is your name for this plant.???

    They are all beautiful. I have some similar looking daylillies. None of these names sound familiar.

  2. Frances says:

    yes Lisa,…Non Stella was supposed to be Stella D’Oro. I wish I knew what it really was, it is a great performer. Probably it is one of the older ones, the newer ones seem frilly with larger blossoms. Tell DB you are what you are.

  3. Julie says:

    I believe Free Orange is my favorite…such subtle shades and frill too. Heavenly Treasure is my second fav. This is a neat collection of daylilies! Very beautiful photos!

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