Daylilies 2007 Re-T

Reality June 19
This in reality is nearly green, a favorite.
Red Volunteer June 27
Ruby Whitmore Added: The name may actually be Ruby Whitcomb. June 5
Very early bloomer
Siloam Uri Winniford June 22
Soot Storm June 8
Given to us by a neighbor. It went into the black garden newly created this year.

Stand Up Double July 6
Only sometimes with a double flower.

Swan Pond June 25
A good white.

Trahlyta June 21
This is the fourth and final installment of Daylilies 2007. Did you have a favorite? Some of the names are made up because of lost labels, passalong plants or not as labeled, as in the case of Non Stella. It was supposed to be Stella D’oro. Does anyone know what it might be? How about Free Orange or Elrod Peach? Those are the names I have given the unknowns and by now the name seems to fit the flower. Non Stella is a favorite that has been given to many and they use that name as well. The garden is stuffed with daylilies but there will be new ones purchased next year anyway. They are irresistible.
This one’s for you, semi.


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  1. shirl says:

    Hi there, Frances 🙂

    Just visited your Bloom Day post – what a shame you didn’t want comments. For me that is the great part about posting.

    I enjoyed seeing what it is in flower in your garden and am delighted to see you also enjoy foliage plants. I have many in my Scottish garden too and I love the heucheras 😀

    My post is up too if you would like to visit 😀

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