Blue In The Garden-Part Three

Grape hyacinth, muscari armeniacum, blooming with calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ and erica darleyensis ‘Mediterranean Pink’.

A lone allium caeruleum amid blue fescue, festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ and forget me nots,myosotis alpestris.

Blue primrose from the grocery store.

Eryngium alpinum with visitor.

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’
groundcover, nigella foliage in left corner, spiky foliage of eremurus showing. I am giving up on growing these desert candles after three tries ending in failure.

Phlox subulata ‘Emerald Blue’ with a mix of daffodils.

Anemone coronaria DeCaen ‘Giant Blue Poppy’ with penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’

Clematis rooguchi

What the purpose of these three postings really is, to say goodby to the once beloved Miata. It was so fun when first purchased in 1989, top down, wind in your hair, the most wonderful purring sound of the engine. It has now been given to the Kidney Foundation to raise money for dialysis for needy patients. A big part of the allure of this car was its beautiful blue color. We’ll remember the good times.

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12 Responses to Blue In The Garden-Part Three

  1. brokenbeat says:

    that giant blue poppy is killer. each stalk looks ready to uproot itself and do a shakin’ little dance around the other flowers, which will be applauding them all the way. a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now. the middle of their stalks is bending as the blossoms slink lower. a little bit louder now. a little bit louder now. they all rise and jump at the same time, inspiring the background flowers to twist their leaves and petals. ha, we muse as the whole garden gets down.

  2. Frances says:

    brokenbeat…a very descriptive comment. when the anemones bloom, in April, the whole garden does indeed get down.

  3. brokenbeat says:


  4. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Love seeing all this blue on blue.

    It makes me crave the coming warmer season.

  5. Frances says:

    lisa…thanks. color is theraputic don’t you think?

  6. chuck b. says:

    Ha! That was a brilliant set-up! What color is the new car?

    That blue anenome is a real looker and I always enjoy a primrose.

  7. Frances says:

    chuck b…..thanks. No new car yet. Waiting for a hybrid that can haul stuff. Soon there will be lots of those colorful primroses in the grocery, cheap. The survival rate is poor but worth the effort.

  8. semi says:

    Goodbye to blue, but she had a good life! Boy if she could talk, but . And those anemones! Note to self buy more blue. love semi

  9. Frances says:

    semi…blue will be missed but remembered fondly.

  10. Kiki says:

    Truly lovely! I love the daffordil one..oh my ..I am smitten wiht your blue posts..they are fabulous!! Thankyou for sharing them!PS: I love the bee visitor!Great shot!

    Thanks Kiki. I am glad you enjoyed these older posts. 🙂

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  12. Sue Ellen says:

    I do love blue in the garden. I have never tried primroses, don’t even know if they would grow here at all, but that blue would certainly make me want to try.

    Hi Sue Ellen, thanks for visiting. The blue primroses are usually for sale at the grocery in January. I keep them indoors until March then plant outside in a shady spot.

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