Year End Wrap Up 2007

Jumping on the blogger bandwagon, wanting to be part of the group, now presenting the Faire Garden year end wrap up 2007. Beginning with January, hey, this doesn’t look very gardeny! A college football bowl game in Florida was this month’s big event. Our team even won.

Oh boy! Come February a sunny space to plant vegetables was prepared after the very old and very deep rooted Japanese privet hedge was removed. Between the arborvitae and chamaecyparis (now there’s a mouthful) with Ferngully I standing guard at the end of the bed, vegetables grew large and well. Well, the green beans, peppers and tomatoes anyway. It was the best tomato year ever.

By the time March rolls around things are starting to pop. Journal entry, get more of these tulips next fall, tulipa greigii ‘Zampa Parrot’. The leaves alone are reason to grow it. Shown with species miniature daffodil, narcissus canaliculatus and violas.

Bad news April. Just as the garden was starting its biggest show a sudden and sustained drop in temperature put a halt to all that beauty. Azalea ‘ Girard’s Rose’, planted en masse in one third of the front yard went from hot pink to burnt toast.

May brings hope. Japanese maple ‘Garnet’ looks like it is going to re-leaf. Japanese painted fern was unscathed. Note the hosta ‘White feather’ behind. The new leaves emerged pure ivory. It turned green over the summer. It will be interesting to see if the coming spring’s new growth will be this white.

By June there is still no new growth on the Japanese maple ‘Crimson Queen’. It is replaced with sambucus ‘Black Lace’.

With a continued drought into July it is decided to go xeric. A partial failure in trough making, this was supposed to be a deep round vessel. Instead it became a shallow home for agave parrasana, euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, and thymus ‘Hi Ho Silver’. Dichondra, silver ponyfoot in front. This is wintering over behind the shower door by the back of the house. So far there is still life.

August sees a decline in blooms, still no rain, but the lilium ‘Stargazer’ is a punch of color.

The light changes in September as the sun shines from lower on the horizon. Rosa ‘About Face’ has some pretty red new growth and a few flowers giving a home to an unknown insect.

October is the Susan B. Komen breast cancer walk. Our entire clan meets in Knoxville to participate in celebration of a loved one.

November has had some light frosts but these pepper ‘Black Pearl’ are still strong. Swiss chard ‘Bright Lights’ is usually evergreen here, going to seed in the spring with a tall flowering shoot.

December will be remembered as the beginning of Faire Garden, the blog. Photos of the garden are more carefully composed now that they might be viewed by others. More artsy, less journaly.

Looking with optimistic anticipation to the coming year,


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12 Responses to Year End Wrap Up 2007

  1. chuck b. says:

    Well, I for one am thrilled you joined the group! (What took you so long?) I look forward to Faire Garden ’08. I think you could be short-listed for a Mousie.

    Tulips with interesting foliage! Who knew. And I think that July container is very nice.

    How much land does Faire Garden cover anyway, if you don’t mind me asking.

  2. Frances says:

    chuck b….please don’t stop with those kind words! The house, garage and garden sit on three lots, about one third of an acre. Previous homes have had much less land and one had an acre. This is about right for one person to keep up with and still have room to keep the mystery of what lies beyone that tree, shrub, or hedge as the garden is toured by the gardener or visitors. I too am looking forward to ’08 in all of blogdom, including W-culture.; >

  3. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    I hope this next gardening season is a better 1 for you. The weather just was not favorable last year. I look forward to more great posts. Happy New Year!

  4. Frances says:

    MMD…thanks and HNY to you, seems appropriate with mmd..never mind. Let’a all hope each year is better than the one before.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Hey Frances, Love that white hosta that turns green, interesting. I will look forward to seeing all your photos whether they are artsy or not. 🙂

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Frances says:

    lisa…thanks and Happy New Year to you also. There was a lot of buzz about that white hosta last year. It was a gift that arrived bare root, a very small piece. It really did look like the picture when the leaves first unfurled. The camera will be ready when it emerges this spring.

  7. brokenbeat says:

    here in the mountain valley a full twelve month cycle can happen in a day. it started autumnally cool this morning, though not quite frosted. by afternoon it was approaching the mid-fifties, which now can feel like summer. wife and i tended to new sring-inspiring primroses in our t-shirts, basking in the wonderful sun, until it travelled behind the crisp, convoluted horizon. tonight we anticipate some snow showers bringing accumulation. we’ll be fireside until winter forces us indoors. well-wishes for ‘008.

  8. Frances says:

    brokenbeat..enjoy the fire, primroses and wife. Love.

  9. semi says:

    what a wonderful journey, each year everything gets better. We are so lucky even with the bad weather. i love the blogworld. love semi

  10. Frances says:

    semi…yes we are certainly

  11. Phillip says:

    I’m so glad you started a blog. Where exactly are you in TN? Keep up the good work in 2008 and let’s hope that it is a better year for gardening than 2007 was!

  12. chickenpoet says:

    my fav is those tulips and the violas. They are too pretty for words.

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