Hazel, as in witch hazel

Kitty, a naming dispute resulted in the compromise name of ‘kitty’

These are the resident felines of Faire Garden. They provide companionship, comedy and compassion and more than earn their keep of litter and hairball control crunchies. Hazel has been with us since we moved back to Tennessee nearly eight years ago. She was a tiny baby, a foundling, when coming to Faire Garden. She is not a lap cat, has even been called ‘devil cat’. When she fluffs up, hisses and arches her back and does her sideways skitter across the floor, she is the poster child of halloween kitties. She strikes terror in the heart of certain family members, although she is a true scaredy cat, hiding from all visitors. She does jump on my lap when she feels like it, but prefers not to be pet then or anytime really. She hovers close by and tucks me in at night and gets in my face in the morning, following her uncanny knowledge of what time these duties should be done. Kitty is a couple of years younger, brought here as a kitten by one of the offspring living with us at the time. That Kitty and Hazel tolerate each other is about the best that can be said of their relationship. Even as a young cat, Kitty could and would bully her to the point of him having to kept in another part of the house. He was neutered at the appropriate time, she had been spayed then also. They live as ships passing in the night still, each barely acknowledging the existence of the other. There is the occasional race through the house, slipping on the hardwood floors as they make the turns with howling and yowling on Hazel’s part. You would think she was being murdered to hear her. Kitty is very affectionate and loves to be held and pet. He is let outside on occasion to chase the squirrels off the bird feeder, then comes back in. There is sometimes rabbit chasing as well. Most of the time both cats are asleep. That makes for easy care, except for Hazel’s stupefying quantity of black, sticky cat hair. It becomes embedded in upholstery, rugs and bedding. It must be a chemical reaction, her fur becoming one with whatever it comes in contact with. This is not a complaint, she is loved dearly, as is Kitty. Long may they live.

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  1. kate says:

    This was a good post to read. For 17 years, I had a white cat named Hazel. She died two years ago and I still miss her presence. She was a hunter and not very affectionate, except with me. She slept with me and, like your Hazel, woke me in the morning. It was food time.

    Your Kitty sounds more sociable… they are both beautiful!

  2. Frances says:

    kate…I am sorry for the loss of your Hazel. She sounds like she was a good companion, just being around you is enough sometimes. That is the way with my Hazel, just having her near brings joy. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Laurie says:

    Don’t forgot to mention how Hazel loves her catnip…a gardening tie-in!

  4. brokenbeat says:

    i know that this current faire garden only has the two cats, but what about the many, many cats all the faire gardens have had over the years. you could eulogize them, post pictures, upload a part of their drifting souls onto the blog so that they could forever be remembered. i’m not trying to take anything away from hazel and kitty, which are lovely. instead, i was having a moment of feline nostalgia. k hawny, aka the biscuit, and jazmataz, aka the drunken horse, say much love to kitty and hazel.

  5. Frances says:

    Laurie…welcome. Hazel and Kitty love the abundant catnit Faire Garden has to offer. Hazel has a particular fondness for lettuce also. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Frances says:

    brokenbeat…There have been many kitties during the life of Faire Garden, more than you know. They are all remembered fondly. Meow to jazzy and the han.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What lovely companions. I bet they both would keep the garden vermin free if they were outside. Aren’t they odd that they haven’t made up after all these years. When I see all these lovely cats on their various blogs I yearn for a cat. I wonder what Luna would think of one as a companion.?? We will probably never know. I can’t wait to hear more about Hazel and Kitty’s antics in or out of the garden.

  8. tina says:

    Is the hazel as in witch hazel the shrub? Or because she is a devil cat? I just did a post on witch hazels this morning and was surprised to see witch hazel first thing in your blog. I thought you would talk about them too. Mine is blooming. Love it.

  9. Frances says:

    lisa…Kitty does go out to short bits, but doesn’t stay out long. Hazel has never been out except once or twice when the door was left open by workmen. She raced all over the slope out back and jumped into the pond!

    tina…originally named by the offspring that found her, witch hazel, not the shrub, because of her black color and long hair like the classic halloween cat, but she is very sweet. I do have the shrub also, cultivar “Diane”. Not blooming yet.

  10. tina says:

    Ah! Question solved. After the witch.

  11. jodi says:

    The catchildren at bloomingwriter’s funny farm wholeheartedly approve of this post, although they’re concerned that you have “only” two (we’re ruled by eight naughty felines.)
    I and others have been writing posts remembering cats we’ve had and loved (like Kate’s Hazel)…I really enjoyed reading about your fine felines.

  12. Yolanda Elizabet says:

    How nice to meet the kittycats of Faire Garden! They both look adorable. I’m glad to read that they both tolerate each other, sometimes that is the best we can hope for. Not all cats become friends.

    All the cats here love catnip and I grow it in several places in my garden. It’s fun to see them roll around in the catnip with wild abandon!

    BTW I’ve linked with you, hope that’s OK?

    Lots of purrrrrrrs from the Bliss team to Hazel and Kitty!

  13. Frances says:

    jodi…There will be more to come about the antics of Hazel and Kitty, I am sure. The most cats we ever had at one time was eleven, thanks mostly to an offspring that thought our home was an animal shelter!

    Yolanda Elizabet…The catnip at Faire Garden seeds about so there is much catnip for all neighborhood wanderers and our own. I dry quite a bit of it for toys and treats that are made. And thanks for the link. I am honored.

  14. chickenpoet says:

    I have many fond memories of the makeshift animal shelter of Foxfire. Oswald, Topaz, Halloween, Shelter, Baby, Freedom, Forever, Even, Basic, Odd, Bob (the female from Arby’s), Tiny, Courage, Thursday, Keiba, Ringo. Did I miss any? The cat family I keep here are desperatly needed to keep away the many snakes and other various unwanted creatures. I must give recognition to my garden buddies who think I am there to pet them instead of pull weeds. Much love to: Sabrina, queen of the hill and best momma cat ever; Rascal Tadpole, the most tolerable easy-going cat ever born, Teresa Earnhardt, for her endless rollies of happiness; Soldier, for his patience of waiting his turn; Suprise, Starr, and Peter for their endless kittenish antics, and Sheen and Magic for their uncanny hunting abilities. And finally Milo, who believes he is a dog like his best bud Jersey. They enjoy sitting on top of the dog house keeping watch over my much loved house on the hill. They all have a special place in my heart.

  15. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…don’t forget Merlin, who could eat a whole roadkill squirrel in one sitting when he first showed up and was the size of a teacup. How did he just show up anyway, do you know anything about that?

  16. chickenpoet says:

    I must confess to that. Audria found him on the side of the road and I snuck him in my room, woke up early before anyone else, put him in the garage, and then acted surprised and wondered where he came from. How could I have forgotten him. He sure did turn out beautiful.

  17. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…You were always the prime suspect of all cat appearances. But we both have forgotten Cher. It seems there were others, how about Thursday? And Fabian, although he only lasted one day.

  18. chickenpoet says:

    Yes, Thursday is in the first post I made. But I did forget Cher and Fabian. Much love.

  19. brokenbeat says:

    pansy and evensong need to be represented. i have a feeling that some of even’s other babies as well as cher and pansy’s siblings are being left out, but i can’t think of their names. i will also send a shout out to the late great winton, june, and isis from casa brokenbeat.

  20. Frances says:

    brokenbeat…pansy, I completely forgot, we should have written it down, maybe chickenpoet did somewhere. So many wonderful cats have graced out lives.

  21. chickenpoet says:

    yes, evensong, cherish, innocence and firefoot. All named from Tailchaser’s Song. they were a sixteenth birthday present from the pound, thanks mom. Their mom had been hit by a car and they were only 2 weeks old. I was suppose to babysit that horrid kid J. M. and Semi did it for me because I was so sad the day they began passing away. Thanks Semi. Wow, what a flashback. Thanks brokenbeat for the spark, and thanks faire garden for letting me get them. Oh, and brokenbeat, Isis lives at Lot #1. Have seen her in 2008.

  22. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…I knew you would remember the names. Who was the mother of pansy, ringo, etc? Thursday? Who were the other kittens?

  23. chickenpoet says:

    Yes, Thursday was the momma. Didn’t she just have five: Keiba (mine), Ringo, Cher, Pansy, and didn’t someone take the other one and give it a home, a friend of yours i am thinking?

  24. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…one of brokenbeat’s soccer teammates took two, don’t remember their, the cat’s, names, they were both males.

  25. chickenpoet says:

    Oh, we must not forget California kitties: Bootsie, Posion, Sheena, Guido and Old Sam (mostly at next door neighbors). Much love.

    P.S. I just couldn’t leave them out.

  26. Frances says:

    chickenpoet…you are amazing remembering these names. Did you write them down?

  27. Nicole says:

    Your name Kitty reminded me of my own “Kitty Cat” which we found in the garden in the new house. I was like “there’s a kitty cat living here and eating the dog’s food” and the name stuck. Once some friends from DC visited, and when my friend walked into the bedroom and saw the cat on the bed she said “”Hi kitty cat” and you should have seen Kitty Cat’s face with shock-“how does this woman I’ve never seen before know my name?” And KC went on to closely examine my friend’s face to verify whether she had actually met this person before!

  28. chickenpoet says:

    No, just the memories. Much love.

  29. Frances says:

    Nicole…thanks for commenting. We have known many cats named kitty or miss kitty or other variations. That is funny about your kitty cat wondering if she had met that human before. They really are so smart.

  30. Sherry says:

    I love your kitties! We have 6 “jewels” and they provide us with so much love and entertainment.

  31. Kylee says:

    Ooooh, more garden kitties! Your Kitty looks a lot like our Jilly.

  32. Frances says:

    kylee…your jilly sounds like a pretty cat ;->

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