The Rose Vote

The Rose Vote
This photo has no pertinance to the story, but mister Kitty looked so sweet and content in the Fed Ex box, he gets to be the lead in.

Thanks to all who voted and commented on the poll about which rose or roses should replace Killer (Alberic Barbier), posted 1-20-08. Here are the results:
Madame Alfred Carriere……8
Reve d’Or…….5
Elic Beauvillain….1
Dream of Gold…..1
The choice and purchase of the roses awaits the building or at least the beginning of a solitary hole dug for a post, something, anything. The weather has been very cold, for here, unusually cold, with frozen ground even. That is not the only reason for the delay. It was first thought that a span of Japanese privet would remain and be kept pruned on one side of the arbor. The folly of that thought is now realized. The privet must go. It constantly needs pruning and sends runners out from the fifty plus year old roots that have spread into all the beds in that area. And it seeds. It has been cut, and now must be dug out with a pick and crowbar, no shovel prying please, I don’t want to have to replace another shovel. The existing arborvitae hedge will be extended to the corner of the area, replacing the privet, not the most beautiful of shrubs but cheap, low maintenance and easy to find. The best thing about that choice is the narrowness of its width, only two feet, while havin a mature height of fifteen feet, and evergreen. The arbor design will proceed after the new hedge is planted. After that the rose selection will begin. All of this work needs to be completed before the weather heats up. Let’s say no later than April 1, ideally by March 1. Let’s get to work!
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3 Responses to The Rose Vote

  1. Sherry says:

    Oh….I LOVE the kitty! So sweet!

  2. semi says:

    kitty is a born star! Good luck with the digging! but remember killer lives on if you ever change your mind.

  3. Frances says:

    Sherry…thanks, we love him loads too.

    semi…Killer can stay in your place, but thanks for the offer.

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