Just Another Spring Like Day

Things in the garden are beginning to change. New green rosettes are appearing amid the shriveled and tattered foliage of 2007. Bulb tips that have been exposed since late December are finally getting taller. The primroses planted under the deck stairs, a very protected yet sunny moist spot, are actually open. Well this one is, the others are merely budded. The primroses at the grocery are irresistable when they are put on the shelves with the other flowering plants being touted as excellent valentine gifts for your sweetie, or yourself. Each year more of these valentine favorites are added under the deck stairs after they brighten the sunroom greenhouse for a while. They normally are pushed outside for lack of room due to seed starting trays and pots being brought out of the shed and set up inside there. While there have been losses in the primrose roll call, it was mainly due to my misjudgement of planting them too close to existing hidden perennials that share that space. Hostas and daylilies in particular have shaded some primroses literally to death. The lesson has been learned and the primroses now are allowed however much room they desire, with competitors moved to other locations.

The heucheras are changing also, becoming more brilliant with the warm sunshine. Fresh tiny leaves are emerging at the base and will become the main attraction as the older leaves fade and disintegrate. This is H. Stormy Seas.

After daily checking on the hellebores, a bud has finally opened. It is time to get back to work shearing the old leaves off the remaining plants that didn’t get their yearly haircut earlier. We had a couple of weeks of colder than normal temps that delayed the completion of that mid winter task. See the post titled ‘Cutting of the Hellebores’ dated January 19, 2008.

Both of these hellebores are freckle free. I wonder if that type blooms first, or it is their siting, with a little more sun hitting them longer than the others. The sun is rising higher in the horizon now as it makes it path across the back garden from left to right. The feel to its rays have a detectable warmth increase. There seem to be a few more leaves that need to be removed, I didn’t notice that until looking at this post. Another good reason for the blog!

A photo of the large white flowered tree peony, paeonia suffruticosa, bud allows the viewer to see the color of the petals twisted inside the pinkish casing. The normal bloom peak for this shrub is the first week in April. Yes, only one week of prime pristine blooms, but what magnificent blooms they are. There are at least fifty buds on this seven year old peony this year. Check back around that time for hopefully high quality pictures. White is a difficult color to focus, we shall give the new camera a strenuous test.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ is ending its red phase and will go from pink to yellow as the season changes. Erica darleyensis ‘Mediterranean White’ behind and an unknown calluna vulgaris to the right.

Arum Italicum looks crisp and luscious. The bloom is barely noticable under the leaves when it opens later in spring, but the rotund red orange berries rise above the leaves on a stalk until the whole plant goes dormant in mid summer. The leaves return in winter to begin the cycle anew when the yellow veined green leaves are a welcome sight.

Erysimum of unknown variety, the tag said ‘Bowles’ Mauve’, but research shows that wallflower to have gray leaves. These leaves however are another winter delight. Does anyone recognize this plant? New last year, they are planted in a very conspicuous spot near some stairs and have paid off that choice placement with this sort of foliage all year. They seem to look a little fresher now, preparing for the early spring bloom.

The big TaDa moment of hamamelis chinensis ‘Diane’. Let’s pretend the five foot tree is covered in blooms just like this, instead of just these two. Oh how beautiful you are, Diane, in your plumage.

Even though Mister Cardinal is here year around, he looks like spring sitting on the rose cane as the leaves are swelling.
Each day is a little better,

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15 Responses to Just Another Spring Like Day

  1. Rurality says:

    It’s my first visit to you blog, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures. What a beautiful garden you have!

  2. Frances says:

    rurality…Thanks and welcome. I love your opening line on your blog, ‘Tell me I haven’t been walking around like that all day’. Brilliant. Do drop by again, anytime.

  3. brokenbeat says:

    killer post, frances. this is a very exciting time, even though we are a week or two behind you, things are happening. awesome.

  4. Frances says:

    brokenbeat…Thanks. The time for vigilence is now, things will happen quickly. I noticed the henbit and other cress like weed are BLOOMING! They can set seed quickly, we like to say they are born pregnant, so out they must come. I finished cutting the hellebore leaves today, they will open soon, as will the early daffs. It has begun!love.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    How exciting seeing spring creeping into your garden. It means that it won’t be long before it slips into our gardens as well. The sun is shining like it is spring today. We are to get some temps in the teens this weekend though. So I intend to enjoy the sun today.

    Ihate it but our Arum was smashed during the tree remova. It is along the side of a skinny path where they had to drag out so many branches. It is a tough plant so I have great hope that it will recover.

    I love primroses. I had a couple that wintered over one year. Usually they don’t make it through our summers. I might have to try again. YOurs looks so pretty.

  6. Frances says:

    Lisa…It is exciting. Your arum stands a good chance of returning, I think. The primroses need extra water during our summer heat and a little more shade to make it. We grew them in middle Pennsylvania easily, do try again. Thanks.

  7. Rosehaven Cottage says:

    Oh! Your garden is waking up too! Isn’t it wonderful?!?! We’re supposed to have temps in the 60’s again today and tomorrow so I think one of my hyacinths will be coaxed into blooming.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  8. Phillip says:

    Beautiful spring-like day here too. Alas, I’m working. I was home for lunch earlier and there were birds singing everywhere. I also noticed green buds on my sawtooth oaks.

  9. Frances says:

    Cindy…It is wonderful, isn’t it. A hyacinth, wow, mine are just peeking so far.

    Phillip…Hope you get to enjoy the day tomorrow, it is supposed to be another nice one.

  10. semi says:

    signs of spring everywhere. I found more tiny crocus and a few more hellebore buds. love

  11. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    I thought the big “TaDa” moment was the blooming of the Hellebores! They are lovely, with that subtle pink edging. Looks like you lucked out with the mismarked wallflower – that foliage is striking. Sorry, but I have no clue what it is. I’m also digging that Arum. I can’t wait to see your tree peony pics. It’s so hard to wait for mine to mature.

  12. Annie in Austin says:

    Visiting here is like coming to a botanical garden – you’ve got so many fun plants, Frances! Hellebores and tree peonies, arum and Wallflowers ….lovely.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. Frances says:

    semi…so exciting, this time of year, so many discoveries.love.

    MMD…Thanks. The tree peony is so very s.l.o.w. I am hoping for a good year for all. I saw a photo of that wallflower on a blog that is no longer showing it and can’t remember where it was. Oh, well.

    Annie…Thanks so much. This is more a collector’s garden than a designer’s garden for sure.

  14. Yolanda Elizabet says:

    How lovely your garden is already looking Frances and I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one enjoying spring weather at the mo.

    Wonderful to see your hellebores in flower already, they are such good plants. So far I haven’t had to remove the leaves of mine as they are healthy looking and green.

    Your hamamelis Diane, is the daughter of my hamamelis Jelena. Hopefully Diane will give you more flowers next year. I saw her in the arboretum on sunday where she was covered from head to toe in flowers. It’s not fair(e), is it?;-)

  15. Frances says:

    Yolanda Elizabet…Yes, we are fortunate to not be buried under feet of snow and suffering frigid temps. Diane had a good bloom show last year, since it was before the frost. That late cold snap took away this year’s flowers for several shrubs here. We shall see what else was affected.

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