Through The Day, Backwards

In honor of the weirdness of the date today, February 29, we will be traveling back in time to the garden related events of yesterday, only they will be shown to you in reverse order.
At the end of the daily walk around the garden, looking for changes showing spring’s beginnings, the sedum ‘Frosty Morn’ shows some all white new sprouts. Sweet!

A good explanation of how this extra day came about can be found in this New York Times article,
Carol at May Dreams gardens wrote about adding that extra day elsewhere in the year here.

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ has cool sprouts also.

Under the garage deck, primroses are blooming. Every year this bed has more of these late winter bloomers added from grocery purchases. Some don’t survive, but the ones that do are divided to make a fuller show. This is a good one with larger than usual flowers.

A new discovery , a white freckled hellebore.

Tulipa greigii ‘Oratorio’
has patterned leaves. These types of tulips were discovered last year and extend the season of enjoyment with their beautiful leaves. This one has bright red flowers, a bonus.

Tulipa ‘Silverstream’
, a giant Darwin type has pink and white edging on its leaves. The flowers are yellow with red streaked tips.

Fritillaria raddeana just emerging. These were billed as a smaller F. imperialis with light yellow blooms. It will be exciting to see how these fare. So far the other fritts have not been bothered by the voles that live within the long wall at the back of the house where these are planted.

At the beginning of the outdoor walk we check on the rosemary topiary. It has wintered over well and even looks like there is new growth that needs trimming soon. The old glass shower door has protected it once again from the cold and wet of the season.

Going over the newly arrived Plant Delights Order , the abutilon ‘Fool’s Gold’ was shipped in bloom!

It was a little rumpled from the wrap of newspaper shreds.

But the fact it came with flowers was an unexpected and terrific surprise.

The canna ‘phaison’ was even more beautiful in person than on the catalog page.

Wrapped in plastic wrap, the root system was very large and healthy with two good growing stems.

Back into the main house, before going outside, Hazel was being silly with her tongue out while the camera is pointed at her. She loves this seat above the heat vent. I would too when the weather is cold outside.

Now this is the life, Kitty on our bed with the pillows at his back, feet up and slightly curled.

The early morning had a sparkly dusting of ice and snow mixed. It was cold and these just planted wallflowers ‘Pastel Patchwork’ looked a little limp. They later rebounded when the temps moderated in the afternoon.

This hellebore was not as droopy as most of the ones in full bloom. They too snapped out of it when the day became warmer, climbing into the mid forties.

We rise very early here at Faire Garden, usually around four thirty A.M. Looking out at the frosting on the ground, it was decided to try and photograph the glistening scenery with the night setting on the camera. That was a fizzle, the glitter just came out like white dots, but this shot of the moon showed an eerie cloud that was not seen as I was standing in the cold darkness. I especially love the tree tops showing. Don’t you think this looks like a good setting for a horror film? Any titles come to mind? How about “The Garden of the Killer Fog”?
Just goes to show that the mind of Faire Garden has a darker side. Hope you enjoyed the backwards time travel!

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23 Responses to Through The Day, Backwards

  1. Becca says:

    My sedum has just begun to come back out as well. It’s so lovely. Your pattern-leaf tulips are wonderful. Good job on ordering such nice, healthy plants! I look forward to seeing your garden in full bloom this spring.

  2. Frances, says:

    Becca…thanks, I am really looking forward to the blooming of these new bulbs too!

  3. Robin's Nesting Place says:

    Your kitty is so cute curled up on the bed. What a nice surprise to open a package and have a plant already in bloom!

  4. Anonymous says:

    your Tulipa greigii ‘Oratorio’ is awesome!! we have a few tulips peeking there pointy noses out from under the leaf mulch. hopefully they’ll make it without being chomped to bits. i discovered a new yard inhabitant this week, and he’s becoming more and more adventurous- he was right near the portch one night as i popped out to grab something in from my car. scared me to bits until i saw his little cotton tail bounding across the yard… i guess andrew, amos, and Jr. have a new buddy – Peter. love, mashley

  5. Frances, says:

    Robin’s nesting place…Thanks, sometimes Kitty is very cute, sometimes not so much. Receiving an online ordered plant that is not a stick and even with flowers is very unusual.

    Mashley…We can’t wait to see these new tulips bloom, photos will be taken. Don’t know if tulips are food for bunnies or groundhogs, hope not! love.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Forward or backward it is always a delight to visit your garden Frances. Those kitties are darling.

    I have heard of people ordering cut flowers through the mail and receiveing them just fine. Here you received a live plant with flowers. What a treat.

  7. Greg W says:

    Hi, Frances, I really like the Tulipa greigii ‘Oratorio’ with its patterned leaves. I have not seen that one before.

    The white freckled hellebore is beautiful. This is plant I am planning on adding this year.

    I too rise early, around 4:30 – 5:00 because I love the solitude of the early morning hours.

    Thank-you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  8. chuck b. says:

    “We rise very early here at Faire Garden, usually around four thirty A.M.”

    No kidding! That explains some of the odd hours I’ve noticed you dropping by My Back 40. 🙂

    The blog post reversed is a fun idea. The wallflower dusted in sugar is beautiful, and I’m excited about your tulips too. The foliage is wondrous enough.

    That Hazel has a lot of character, doesn’t she.

  9. Frances, says:

    Lisa…The kitties thank you and give their best to dear Luna. It is still a shock to have received the abutilon in bloom, good old PDN!

    Greg W…Welcome and thanks. One of the offspring is named Greg so we always try the plants with that name, the tulips look to be wonderful. Solitude is the right word for those pre dawn hours, but such a long wait for daylight so we can go out into the garden.

  10. Frances, says:

    chuck b…thanks for stopping by, and thanks for noticing poor Hazel. She is very dear to me but lacks the sweetness of Kitty. She is not very photogenic, usually looking like a devil cat, and she likes to hiss at children. ;-> (Only in self defense, but it scares the non cat lovers that visit). If these tulips turn out as beautiful as last year’s, T. ‘Ramapo’, hoo boy, there will be pix galore posted.

  11. Wurzerl says:

    Dear Frances, thank you for posting this wonderful photographs. My garden is very parallel in the development with yours. I dont’ t need a Killer fog in a Faire Garden, I prefer your mice killer!
    Have a great weekend Wurzerl

  12. Frances, says:

    Wurzerl…Thanks. Our mice killers are more mice watchers, we have to use mousetraps inside the house, with two cats. They do sniff out the whereabouts of the mice however. The cats may be too well fed! We are zone 7 in the garden here, you may be similar if your plants are coming along at the same rate?

  13. Carol says:

    Some days do seem to go backwards, don’t they? My day also started with some light snow/ice on the plants, but warmed up quite nicely. I’m also an early riser, 5:15 or so, except on the weekends. 4:30 seems really early!

    Thanks for the link!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Frances, says:

    Carol…You are most welcome, that sort of thing is always fun. You know what they say, early to bed…hey, that’s for men, what about women? Here it makes one go to bed very early. ;->

  15. Sue Swift says:

    I read today that in Britain, the National Trust gave all its staff the day off, to use as a day thinking about/working for the environment. Now there’s a good idea …

  16. Frances, says:

    Sue…That is a very good idea, think it would ever happen in the U.s.?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wow, those plants from PDN arrived in immaculate condition. I must throw in I received a new Wayside catalog that will make you drool. On another note, I think the horror film should be called “Faire Garden: A Beautiful Garden Protected by Haunted Masks. Enter if you dare.” Brokenbeat can supply the accompaniment of music.
    Much Love, CP

  18. thepowerguides says:

    4:30 AM now that is what I call dedicated , I rise at about 5:00 but no real movement until few cups of tea and 1 hour to wake up before I go outdoors to feed the range of animals we have at our little place in the great wide world

    Steve From
    The Power Gardeners Guide

  19. Annie in Austin says:

    “Backwards Day” used to be celebrated at one of the elementary schools in IL – my kids thought it was fun…you’ve made a pretty fun version yourself, Frances! And oh, that hellebore!

    Now that Chuck pointed it out, I may start watching your time stamps. Our sunrise today was 6:53 AM… even if one did get up early in Austin, lights would be needed for early morning gardening. The birds don’t start racketing as early as they did in Illinois either.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. Frances, says:

    chickenpoet…Very funny, the mask remark, you are the only one to comment on the horror film title, maybe Wurzerl also with the mice killers. Oh well. I think I received the same Wayside catalog, three of the same one in fact, need to correct that. They also send me emails with lovely photos. love.

    Steve from Power Guides…Welcome. Coffee is the first order of the day upon rising. I also notice that the comments made that early on the blogs are full of typos and nonsense. Oh well.

    Annie…Thanks and see above. We do happen to live right an the edge of the eastern time zone, into the central time zone, it is just a few miles from our town, and we seem to get longer daylight out of that position. The western half of TN is central, we are eastern time. We like the amount of daylight, but it is still a long wait from waking until sun up.

  21. semi says:

    Haze is so sweet although she probably was hoping for a bite. Maybe we could add vemon fang and BB to the horror film. Hopefully my tulips will show up somewhere. More next year! I love the white freckles. Love semi

  22. Frances, says:

    semi…Yes, BB and venom fang could be the stars of the killer garden

  23. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    Hi Sandra, thanks and welcome. Glad you liked what you found. 🙂

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