Winter XV- With Permission-again

On the day this was posted, the internet seemed to have a spasm that lost this wonderful piece for nearly a whole day. It is being presented again to let anyone who may have missed its debut partake. If you have already read it, please forgive this reposting.
i’m standing in the yard sweating
arms crossed and resting on my shovel
eyes fixed on a water drainage hole
in it are mixed fist-sized rocks
pebbles sand and topsoil
the water will trickle down the roof’s steep incline
rush along the gutter
down down the rain spout
underground in plastic
until it pools in the hole at which i stare
meanwhile and with perfect timing
clouds of a sinister nature
ghost in from the southwest
a warm wind cuts through the scene
and a seeming night comes on in mid-afternoon
when the first raindrop splashes off the tip of my nose
i flinch and blink
the wiry hairs on the back of my neck stand on end
the tension swells
but i won’t take my eyes off the water drainage hole
then through an aperture in the clouds
lightning flashes
the full belly of the sky is slashed open
and the deluge descends
runoff quickly gathers in the gutters
and my water drainage hole begins to slowly fill
in minutes i am wholly soaked
yet wryly smiling
my hole is holding up
but then it really started to rain
twenty seconds later
water’s overflowing into the yard
taking with it my sand pebbles and soil
my smile fades
chin drops
shovel falls
the rain gods take a picture for their scrapbook
and follow it with their thunderous laughter
weighing every ounce of twenty pounds heavier
i head in toward the drawing board
Brokenbeat is the youngest of the offspring of the Faire Garden offspring production line. He lives with his wife in the idyllic area of West Asheville, North Carolina. Only gardening for a year, he has thrown himself into the cultivating of his space with heart and soul. We are beaming here and could not resist the temptation of publishing this piece on our blog. It along with his other work can be found at the link above to his site, ‘isn’t there enought to keep up with?’
Thanks for indulging a proud mama.
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16 Responses to Winter XV- With Permission-again

  1. brokenbeat says:

    thanks for the love, mamma.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that was completely worth the recognition. Brokenbeat has the brilliant gift of creating peices of literature that take you into his written world. You are standing there beside him in his yard, watching as he becomes drenched in the rain. You feel the anticipation; share in his triumph and failure; visualize his smile spread and fade; and you are on his heels, following his footsteps back to the drawing board. His words create images that are so clear, you feel your clothes clinging to you, as though you are soaked by the storm of the rain gods with him.

    I love it.
    Much Love to Both, CP

  3. Frances, says:

    brokenbeat…No thank YOU. love.

    Chickenpoet…There is nothing more I can add to your wonderful summation. love.

  4. Robin's Nesting Place says:

    Frances, your offspring, inherited your gift of writing and gardening with heart and soul. Good job, “Mamma”.

  5. Frances, says:

    Robin…Thank you so much. There was a glitch of some kind with the listing of my posts on Blotanical today and they disappeared! The lack of comments was alarming and worrisome. I do appreciate your kind words and all your help in the past. You don’t know what a difference in the quality of my life you made when you told me how to get rid of the big spaces in the blog. I will never forget it!

  6. Frances, says:

    To all who may have tried to leave a comment here, please keep trying. First this post was lost on the Blotanical list for nearly the whole day it was first published, and now blogger is having a tantrum. Deep breaths now, in and out.


  7. Melanie says:

    Frances, this was beautiful, thanks for posting it for us to read. I’m finally having luck with getting blogs to open again. Hopefully things will get better now. We still have 45 mph gusts of wind howling past our house.

  8. Frances, says:

    Melanie…Thanks so much. This was an emotional post, being written by the offspring, and all the problems we have encountered have been very discouraging. Thanks for brightening our day.

  9. Annie in Austin says:

    Hi Frances – earlier in the day I couldn’t get on any blogs but it’s late in the evening now and they’re working. That wonderful poem has such an authentic feel – to write it your son must be both a true gardener and a true poet.

    A poem about everything working just fine wouldn’t be as good, would it? As always, adversity seems to be good for art!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Frances, says:

    Annie…Thanks so much. Brokenbeat is both an enthusiastic, though new, gardener and poet. Everything he does is with all he’s got. You are right about adversity and art, but let’s not cut off our ears, or you can, but I’ll pass. ;->

  11. jodi says:

    This is lovely, Frances and Brokenbeat! I love the imagery and the humour and the drama of the piece. You’ve got a real flare for writing, Brokenbeat, that must come from Mamma–and you’ll do well gardening too if you inherit her green thumbs.

  12. Frances, says:

    Jodi, thank you so much for those kind words. They mean a lot coming from you. A very very special thanks.

  13. semi says:

    Brokenbeat you have the gift with words, just like mom and CP. I love to read your stuff. You make us all proud. Lovely post semi

  14. Frances, says:

    semi, Thanks. We are all very lucky. love.

  15. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You have great cause to be proud Momma.

  16. Frances, says:

    Lisa, thanks and proud I am.

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