Viola Beauty Pageant

Welcome one and all to the annual Faire Garden Viola Beauty Pageant. This event is always held mid May, when the volunteer violas have germinated and grown enough to sport full size flowers. There are lots of beauties to show you today, chosen by visiting judges Brokenbeat and Mashley, in addition to the behind the scenes coordinator of this fun for the family event. Let’s begin by letting last year’s winner walk the runway with her crown one last time. Shown above is Felicity, 2007’s Fairest of the Faire, covered in fairy dust, (pine pollen) she has had a whirlwind reign and looks forward to spending some quiet time with her mate and pet butterflies. Thanks for being a good ambassador for the viola kingdom, Felicity. You will be remembered as a sweet and superb beauty.
Here we present our first contestant, Elspeth. Chosen for her blue coloring in varying shades, her petals are well formed and symmetrical. Her whiskers are well defined, enhanced by a yellow throat. It has been rumored in the dressing room that she also has a lilting singing voice, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell in her ‘Blue’ days.

Hailing from the brick edging of the gravel, Pearl is a pale purist’s delight. That tinge of blue atop her upper petals brought her to the attention of the camera wielding judge. Diversity is important in the contest, the rules of qualification should be revealed to the audience now. No store bought violas are considered for this honor. The gravel paths in the knot garden are the location where contestants must be found. This limits the color range for this particular judging to white, yellow, blue and purple, the original planting colors in the quadrants surrounding the clover leaf shaped center of the knot garden. In the future, more store bought violas of the red shades may be introduced in the quads to add fresh pollen lines to the inhabitants here. We shall see about that next fall. But in the meantime, let’s continue with the introduction of the finalists, shall we?

This is Roxey. She has endured some nibbling on her petals, but it was felt that she had a Cinderella, diamond in the rough presentation. Her upper petals have a tie dye look to the blue highlights that reminds us that all of these girls are from the hard luck gravel, not having enjoyed the pampered life of the organically enriched flower bed quadrants in the knot garden. They are street wise, make that gravel wise, and that toughness is among the qualities the judges were looking for.

With an aristocratic air, Isis presents herself with dignity and grace. She was voted Miss Congeniality by the girls, and rightly so, for she was always first to offer a leaf to help with a zipper or give advice for romantic troubles so common to this age group.

Meet Gypsy, something of a wild chick. She wears her tops cropped and her jeans ridin’ low and tight. She draws attention where ever she shows up. It has been said that she mixes a mean Margharita, heavy on the salt.

The love child of aging hippies, this is Stream. Her blue veining caused a gasp of delight from the judges, and her whiskers are picture perfect.

Trying her hand at modeling, Agnyss has more experience with make up and hair styling than some of the more quiet girls. She has run with the penstemon jet set, but has settled down some recently, seeing the zen of the slow paced life here.

Named Janet by her mother, but she prefers to be called JaNay by her mates, this blue beauty is very proud of the vee shape at the center of her lower petals, as well she should be.

More of a stay at home, with girl next door good looks, Chessie also sports the vee at the bottom of her whiskers. She may be related to Janet.

With a unique petal shape of the lower petal, Renata offers something a little different for viola fanciers. She belongs to the same crowd as Roxey, shown above.

Judge Mashley with the soft heart was drawn to the floppy ear of Inez. We agree that she has a special vulnerable vivacity.

Last but not least is Jessica, with her purple rabbit ears. Her portrait is not as sharp as we wished, but she was a sentimental favorite with her spunky markings, so she is included here.


There you have the contestants, gentle readers. If you have a preference, strong or slight, let it be known in the form of a comment. Votes will be accepted for a week, afterwards the votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced. Your participation is greatly appreciated by flower and folk alike.

RESULTS: Getting the most votes was Gypsy. She sends sugary kisses out there in the blogdom to all who voted her way. Coming in second was Stream, and a three way tie for third for Elspeth, Isis and Jessica. Many thanks to all who voted.

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38 Responses to Viola Beauty Pageant

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What a bevy of beauties Frances. I guess my whiskers would be tolerated if I was as beautiful. tee hee…. I didn’t realize there were so many varities of violas. Just marvelous. While Elspeth has some familiar whiskers I vote for Gypsy. I like her splashes of color on her petals.

  2. Frances, says:

    Hi Lisa, my whiskers get plucked with the help of the 10 x mirror, HA Thanks for voting, it will be interesting to see who attracts the public’s attention. Brokenbeat and Mashley were drawn to completely different ones than I was, interestingly. I want to thank you for being one of the most regular commenters since the blog began. I went back to see who was leaving messages, besides by very supportive family and you left a comment on nearly every single post. Hugs and much appreciation for that.

  3. Gail says:


    The choices are over whelming…I was swayed by Elspeth’s sweet blue color and perfect next girl looks… Then there is Agnyss who has run with the penstemon set, do you suppose she has met Penstemon X and can tell me his real name? But, being something of a diamond in the rough girl myself; I should give my vote to Roxie. But no, the vote must go to sweet Elspeth, her perfect next door neighbor good looks winning out again when she sang a Joanie Mitchell song. Does she take requests? I would love to hear her sing…’Case of You’


  4. Frances, says:

    Hi Gail, thanks for voting. Agnyss relates that the penstemon set goes by nicknames only, and *x* is all she knows him by, he is a bit of a mystery to her too. Elspeth gives a very good rendition of that particular song, so popular after the scene with Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic was released. ;->

  5. Entangled says:

    I think Isis sets herself apart by her elegant simplicity. She gets my vote.

  6. tina says:

    I vote Roxy. Can’t wait to see them all in person!

  7. Karen Hall says:

    Beautiful “head shots”
    Gypsy gets my vote
    An Artist’s Garden

  8. Gail says:


    No clear winner is emerging in the early voting set! This is an exciting race…I love that no one is flinging insults about enough experience! What are the pundits predicting?

  9. Frances, says:

    Entangled, thanks for voting, it will be duly noted that Isis gets your vote.

    Tina, thanks for voting. I am really excited to meet you today.

    Thanks, Karen, your vote has been counted.

    Hi Gail, as you know, the blogging community is a very well mannered group. Those in the know are keeping silent about the odds, for now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As if it would be a surprise, I vote for Jessica; reminding me of my all time favorite ‘Maureen’. A close second is Stream. All the rest are in time for third with me.

    Much Love, CP

  11. Rose says:

    Oh my, I can’t decide. Will we get to see their interviews with the judges? I like Agnyss, but think she has an unfair advantage over the others, so I’ll vote instead for Stream. Coming of age in the 60’s, the hippie culture always held a fascination for me.

    Loved this post, Frances 🙂

  12. Frances, says:

    Hi Chickenpoet, I knew you would be disappointed that there were no Maureen look alikes in the running. I need to get that color in the gene pool somehow. Thanks for voting anyway. love.

    Hi Rose, We thought about doing interviews, but ran out of brain cells at the time of the posting.;-> It sounds like we are of the same generation. Thanks for voting.

  13. moseplassen says:

    Ooo what a group of beauties. I did like Gypsy for her boldness, but Jessica is my ultimate choice.

    Great contest and great blog 😀

  14. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    I have to vote for Chessie – she’s my ideal of the perfect Viola (kind of like dog show judging). BTW, I’ve posted about my Flowering Quince just for you.

  15. Frances, says:

    moseplassen, welcome and thanks for stopping by, your vote will be counted.

    MMD, how sweet of you. I will race right over to see it. Thanks for voting, it is fun to see what people’s opinions are.

  16. Nancy says:

    I just can’t resist a girl not afraid of color…so Gypsy gets my vote!

  17. Crafty Gardener says:

    I’m partial to yellows, so my vote goes to Jessica. However they are all winners in their own fields!

  18. Jean says:

    Oh my, how does one choose from such lovely pretties? Since I had 2 redheaded daughters I am partial to freckles so want to say Viola and then Jessica and Felicty are majestic but after many looks have to go with Gypsy.
    Great post, but then they all are!

    Hope you and Tina (one of my girls that was a red head till the grey took over) have a great visit!

    Ohhhh the golden years!!!I also use the 10X mirror. LOL

  19. Frances, says:

    Nancy, thanks for a thoughtful vote!

    Crafty, thanks for that, they are all winners, being chosen by the judges to compete for the hearts of the readers.

    Jean, thanks for that tidbit about red hair, my hair is red now, I always wanted to be a redhead, but was cursed with that mousey dishwater blonde, brown. Some cannot stand the sight of themselves in the 10X, and look away, but I love being able to see every pore and whisker! HA Thanks for voting.

  20. Brenda Kula says:

    I have to choose Jessica for her rabbit ears. She is so lovely and unusual! Great show!

  21. Frances, says:

    Hi Brenda, thanks for giving us your choice, we appreciate your joining in.

  22. Pam/Digging says:

    Gypsy gets my vote, though all are pretty. Cute post, Frances.

  23. brighthaven says:

    I vote for Gypsy. What a beauty she is!

  24. jodi says:

    I LOVE that you’re doing violas now, Frances–and I’ve never seen such violas as some of these before. Given my interest in classical allusions, (in an alternate universe I’m known as ariadne), I’ll go with ISIS.

    And I’m so very VERY thrilled for your win as best new blog, Frances. Totally my pick, too!

  25. mr_subjunctive says:

    Gypsy. Though I also like Jessica. And yes, I chose before I looked at the other comments in the thread.

  26. Lola says:

    OMG, So many lovelies to choose from. But the mystery & intrigue of Gypsy caught my eye. She is not quite ready to show all–just yet.

    Beautiful post–really enjoyed it.

  27. Yolanda Elizabet says:

    Here are the votes from the Dutch jury: in third place Jessica, love the rabbit ears!
    Runner up: Gypsy, what an independent spirit!
    Winner: Felicity, who can beat fairy dust? And her colouring is pure purrfection.

    Very funny post Frances, it cracked me up. 🙂

  28. semi says:

    So hard to make a decision they are all so lovely! I think Stream in her simplistic beauty gets the vote, but gypsy with her low riders comes in second. The profiles were great Love Semi

  29. gintoino says:

    Elspeth is my chosen one. I also love Jessica with her rabit ears! 🙂

  30. Frances, says:

    Where are my responses to these comments Blogger????

  31. Frances, says:

    Hi Pam, thanks, your vote has been counted.

    Hi Becca, thanks for stopping by, your vote has been counted.

    Hi Jodi,Ariadne, glad to see you. Some of these are very unusual with their color and markings, that is the fun of it. Your queen Isis vote has been counted. Thanks for all of your support and friendship, it means alot to me.

    Mr. Subjunctive, thanks for voting, it has been recorded.

    Hi Lola, thanks for visiting and voting.

    Hi YE, Felicity appreciates your admiration, but since she was last year’s winner, she cedes your vote to number two, Gypsy. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Hi Semi, thought you might like the low riders, Stream is a true beauty thanks. love.

    Gintoino, thanks for stopping by, your vote has been counted.

  32. Titania says:

    Frances, thank you for arranging this fantastic beauty contest. Well like always they are all beautiful and have their merits but fot me it’s PEARL I choose.

  33. Frances, says:

    Hi Titania, thanks for casting your ballot. You are always welcome.

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