Daylilies 2008 Part One

This post is a showcase of the daylilies blooming in the garden this season. At last count the number of cultivars grown in the Faire Garden was seventy three. Most of the names are known, a few were on the property when we bought it and have been assigned names, a couple were free with only the color given at a local daylily farm when others were purchased from them. We are dividing them into groups by bloom period, it makes the most sense to show them as they are currently in flower. So here we go. Shown above, Pardon Me, first to open and last to quit, purchased in Texas at the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham and brought to Tennessee when we moved here in 2000. This has been divided so many times, it is everywhere in the garden. Last year we decided to stick it in the street frontage along with the liriope as plants became too large and needed yet more dividing. We were running out of places to stick them and people to give them to. It was a good decision.
One of the mini flowered group, Jason Salter, a gift from Semi. A couple of years ago it seemed like a good idea to place all the small flowered, definition being blooms less than three inches across, plants together. That way they wouldn’t get lost amongst the larger plants. It has worked out well. The mini bed is at the base of the black garden, a sunny spot easily viewed from the path, better to enjoy the delicate blossoms more closely.
Another mini, this one is Little Fantastic, from
Sunshine Hollow daylily farm, our local treasure. Click
here to see their site.
It is about a half hour’s drive from the house into the mountains and down into the true hollow where this family owned nursery lives. I love going there every year at least once. It was discovered when a newspaper ad was noticed after I had just arrived here from Texas, waiting for the house renovation to begin. The multitude of plants that were brought along had been planted on the newly cleared hill to grow on until the house was done and the beds could be created. Finding this secluded spot was like living a dream. With acres of flowers in a woodland setting and a lunch prepared by the owners with home made ice cream to eat on a covered veranda overlooking the gardens, it was purely heaven. There will always be a fond place in my heart for Sunshine Hollow. They do mail orders.
Another source for many of our daylilies was from my neighbor’s garden. Mae and Mickey live just down our short street and have a magnificent garden. Their daylilies needed dividing and they allowed me to dig pieces from each plant, the names were written on metal stakes that were copied onto the grocery bags as each clump was kept seperate. They gave me twenty five plants that day. The gifts were planted on a newly cleared hill behind the house next door that we had just purchased then, labeled by writing the names on bricks with fingernail polish. It was a good system at first but the polish wore off quickly. I made a map of the names, and have used that for identification since. Shown above is Save Mine, thanks Mae and Mickey.
From Mae and Mickey, Raspberry Rasper. This is one of the first to open after Pardon Me each year.

From Sunshine Hollow, Reality. This is the greenest daylily I have ever seen. Sometimes catalogs show green ones and claim them to be green. Several have the word green in the name. But this one is the real deal. Photos can be deceiving.

From M and M is Ruby Whitmore. Added: The name may actually be Ruby Whitcomb. Ruby needs divided badly. I knew it and didn’t get around to accomplishing this task. It will be done in the fall. It is too hot and dry right now to attempt it, the flowers would be lost anyway. Most of the larger clumps need dividing every five years or so to maintain vigor. This is a job that wins friends and influences people, as most gardeners are happy to have free daylilies. But everyone I know already has Pardon Me.

From Sunshine Hollow is another of the minis, Siloam Jim Cooper. The Siloam cultivars are from breeders in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. They have some real good ones, highly recommended.

From Sunshine Hollow, Tiny Temptress. The smaller flowered plants are easy to locate by the words tiny or little in the name.

Closer Look, from Sunshine Hollow. It has been noted that many of these different named plants are similar to others. In fact, the difference between some of them is not apparent to these eyes. I have another one that blooms later calley Trahlayta that is a dead ringer for Closer Look. The bloom time is different, maybe that is what keeps them from being the same one.

A favorite from M and M, Soot Storm. This had been added to the black garden, as it is the darkest one we have seen so far. Not fancy with ruffled petals or other desirable traits, there is an overlay of black that really does look like soot. I love it.

One of the newest arrivals, from Sunshine Hollow again is Golden Globes. This one was in a display garden at the beginning of the drive into the shop and we had to stop, get out of the car and look to see what the name of this stunner was. Sometimes the really pretty ones are so expensive that they are out of our budget. The under ten dollar or even under eight dollar ones are more likely to come home with me. This was a little more, but worth it. Why it has golden in the name is curious, but it is a stunner.

From daughter Semi, comes a mini named Cosmopolitan. She often accompanies me to Sunshine Hollow and we try and not buy the same plants, although there are a couple that we both could not leave the nursery without both buying that day. Some of hers are finally of enough size to divide.

Also from Semi, is Elegant Candy. There are several with candy in the name. Does that mean they came from the same breeder possibly? She has a daylily grower just a short distance from her house, discovered last year, Champion Daylilies, the source for this beauty. Click
here to access his site.
She and I made some good purchases there and it is nice to have a place so close with the cost of travel getting so expensive. More money to spend on daylilies!

This one is absolutely gorgeous, from Sunshine Hollow, Matt.
When you buy a daylily at Sunshine Hollow, they have a table with bare root plants sorted by color for you to pick from for free. From the orange table came Free Orange. I have searched their site to see if the correct name can be found, but no luck. It is one of the best ones in my garden.
Sunshine Hollow was the source for Dance Ballerina Dance. The color is melon.
M and M gave us Cartwheel. It is very tall and a good rebloomer.
The purchases are slowing down as the number of daylilies we have is getting ridiculous. But from Champion Daylilies in Knoxville this one was irresistable, All Fired Up.

Sunshine Hollow again, this time My Keeper.
From M and M is Kabuki.
A gift from Semi for the black garden from Champion is Bela Lugosi. The flowers are huge with good substance on this one.
From Semi’s garden, maybe from Walmart is Rosie Meyer. We are not sure about the name on this one, but call it that anyway.
From M and M, labeled Stella D’oro. We call it Nonstella.

There will be more daylily stories later as we assemble enough shots of the open blooms to make two more posts. Two week intervals should get all the mid season bloomers in together and finally the late bloomers. Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as we enjoy having them to view in the garden. They are the stars right now, with the variety and fun names, they are like family members.


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37 Responses to Daylilies 2008 Part One

  1. Zoë says:

    Oh! How stunning, I have a very serious case of Daylily envy now. I WANT!

    Think my favourite was Dance Ballerina Dance,that colour is just sumptuous.

    I look forward to seeing the others


  2. Crafty Gardener says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Frances. Your garden must be spectacular to see at this time.

  3. chey says:

    Just beautiful Frances!!! We are barely seeing scapes in the garden, so it’s nice to get a glimpse of yours to tide me over.You certainly have a wonderful collection.

    PS~~I enjoyed your renaming of Nonstella!

  4. garden girl says:

    Wow! Your daylilies are fantastic Frances. Such a beautiful variety. How gorgeous your garden must be with all that color in such a wonderful variety of daylily blooms.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I just love daylilies so I thoroughly enjoyed this installement of your pictures.

    I have had trouble with some of my daylilies reverting back to the orange ditch lilies. Do you ever have that problem Frances? It is so disappointing.

    I had a series of ‘Chicago’ dayliilies. They were a beautiful peachy,lime, yellow daylily and they have all gone native. UGH…

    Those dark lilies and the ruffled ones really intrigue me.

    Do you have any of the spider day lilies? Those are my new loves.

  6. Rose says:

    Wow, Frances, wow! Each time I would see a lily I’d say that’s my favorite, I have to have one of those. Then I’d scroll down and see a new favorite…They’re all gorgeous!
    The Sunshine Hollow nursery sounds like a great place to shop, and free plants as well!

  7. Nancy J. Bond says:

    How beautiful, and such a wonderful variety! I can’t imagine what your garden must look like. They’re all gorgeous, but that Raspberry Rasper would be one of my favorites.

  8. Kerri says:

    So many beauties, Frances! I agree that ‘Matt’ is absolutely gorgeous, but how could I possibly choose a favorite from all these lovelies?
    The Bela Lugosi is one I think I had marked on my wish list for our annual visit to our much-loved local daylily farm. It’s in a woodland setting and a dream..much like Sunshine Hollow, I’d guess.
    I’d love to live close enough to beg a clump of ‘Pardon Me’. She’s so vibrant!
    Lovely, lovely lilies!

  9. tina says:

    Pardon me-I am a gardener without it:( They are all beautiful-73 cultivars-WOW! Thanks for the identifications too and how you keep up with all. I am awful at that!

  10. Kathryn/ says:

    Wow! You and Dee are really educating me on daylilies! Somewhere I have a photo of the one lily on this property that I thought might be a daylily but Dee said in her last post, “no blue”. So maybe not. In any case, thank you so much for the luxurious showcasing! You live in Lily Heaven! Hugs, Kathryn xox

  11. Skeeter says:

    Beautiful! Makes me want to rush out and get some! But too hot and dry in GA for any more planting…

  12. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I have a favorite: ‘Kabuki.’ I’ve never seen nor heard of this b4, but it is so beautiful. But then I like purple. I’m surprised Lisa’s Daylilies have reverted. I’ve never heard of that happening. How odd.

  13. Frances, says:

    Hi Zoe, thanks for stopping by. That melon color is one I am always drawn to also. In the beginning, I was buying the same colors over and over, so many are similar. Now I try and get something not already growing here. Some of the best are yet to come!

    Hi Crafty, thanks. If all the daylilies were planted in one spot, they are not, and I was deligent about picking off the spent blooms the scene would be great. That’s what is so fun about the daylily farms, all in one place and tended daily.

    Hi Chey, thanks. Nonstella is a great performer and a nice darker color. She is planted in the dry shade under the large pine trees and is visible from the street mixed in with the white Annabelle hydrangeas the bloom at the same time. A good combo.

    Hi Linda, thanks. It is fun to shop for and photograph the daylilies. I have been doing it for years, well before the blogging. In the beginning I kept a record of the order of blooming, but after so many came to live here it got to be too much. LOL

  14. Frances, says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks. To answer your first question, I only have one wild daylily and it is not planted with the others, except Pardon Me, that is everywhere. What may have happened to yours is the same thing that happened to my irises. The named fancy ones went into decline and the species, being stronger naturally, took over. For my iris, I was left with only light blue. The daylilies need to be divided after a few years or they will stop blooming, just like the iris. Then the wild ones are left. They cannot revert, like some sedums, Frosty Morn in my garden. I have one sort of spider, the oldie Hyperion. I am not attracted to them, but really love them all. I do have Chicago Regal and Chicago Brave, both from M and M.

    Thanks Rose. I had better get over to Sunshine Hollow before the season ends, I want some ice cream!

    Hi Nancy J., thanks. The garden is sort of wild at the moment, but I am hacking away to try and get some order to it so the lilies and daylilies can shine on. Raspberry Rasper is a fave of mine too. First because it blooms before the others and after giving it to daughter Semi, her husband named it Fire In The Hole. We always laugh when it blooms because of that.

    Hi Kerri, thanks. Bela is great, the flowers are gigantic. New last year, it hardly bloomed and the drought took its toll, but this year there are many flowers. I wish everyone lived close enough to have bits of all the daylilies in my garden. Enjoy your local farm and tell us what you come home with. ;->

  15. Frances, says:

    Hi Tina, you will have Pardon Me, I promise. Keeping up with them started out easy. I had no real gardens yet, just 25 daylilies to play with all in one area. I made all kinds of lists with the info M and M gave me, color, etc. It was September so they weren’t in bloom, just green leaves. The next spring was so fun seeing the flowers. That is when the moving began and charts had to be updated constantly. I am still a little messed up with the charts, having moved some and not remembering which ones they were until they bloomed. Then last year many did not bloom at all with the frost and drought. I can recognize most of them except for the many reds from M and M, so similar and planted close to each other. The ones on the property were found later, under much privet. I didn’t realize they were different, not all one kind, lucky.

    Hi Kathryn, thanks. I will have to check out Dee’s daylilies. I am still so behind that all I have been able to do is post and reply to my own blog. I promise to try and get caught up on everyone’s garden happenings. Dee is right, no blue daylilies, but I would love to see what you have that is blue, must be gorgeous.

    Hi Skeeter, thanks. Man it is hot and dry here also, but that never stops us from buying more daylilies. ;-> They are well grown in pots, but the free ones are bare root. They get soaked in water overnight before planting, it helps.

    Hi MMD, good choice. Kabuki is an unusual color combo too. Semi has one that is identical to that but is named Chinese Watercolor, they are probably related. We always chat with the owners of Sunshine Hollow during lunch eating and that question came up about reverting. They said it cannot happen, it is in the genes. Seedlings can sprout, I have lots, that may be different than the parents and that can add to the confusion also.

  16. Annie in Austin says:

    There are only 6 daylilies in my garden these days, Frances, so I’m getting my thrills from posts like yours! Dee also has the darkly tempting ‘Bela Lugosi’.
    I know there are thousands and thousands of named daylilies, but am still amused that among your 70 kinds and the nearly 50 kinds I grew in my Illinois garden, so far we have not a single daylily in common.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. Frances, says:

    Hi Annie, hang on, there may be one later that you had or have. I must go check out Dee’s daylilies, this is the second comment about them. Thanks for stopping by. I bet your six daylilies are delicious.

  18. Pam/Digging says:

    You have a wonderful selection of daylilies, Frances. But I’m still most enamored of your thriving Pardon Me. I’ll look for it next time I go to ARE in Brenham.

  19. Jane Marie says:

    I so enjoyed your tour of daylilies. It makes me all the more anxious for mine to start. I have been thinking about getting Bela Lugosi this year and after seeing yours I’m convinced. I love those dark dark purple/blacks.

  20. Dee/reddirtramblings says:

    Hi Frances, we grow several that are the same. You need Tuscawilla Blackout for your black garden. It’s very black, even more so than Bela.

    Pardon Me is a mid bloomer for me, but very prolific. I may put some out by the mailbox too.

    Thanks for the tour. I’ll be doing a new posting about daylilies again soon. I’m working on it. Thanks for visiting today.~~Dee

  21. Frances, says:

    Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by. Do look for Pardon Me, it is the most productive of all my daylilies and the coloring is great, with a green yellow throat and fine red petals. If you ever come this way, I will dig you a huge clump. ;->

    Hi Jane Marie, I love seeing other’s daylilies too so look forward to yours along with you. Bela is a winner this year, he took a while to get going. Last year, his first in our garden he was not as vigorous. I love the blacks too.

    Hi Dee, great to see your blooms. I will look for T. Blackout. I have seen other ones with Tuscawilla in the name too. Thanks for the advice. So far Soot Storm is the blackest here, darker than Bela. Pardon Me is a good front yard flower, the color goes with everything.

  22. Stephanie says:

    they look great

  23. DP Nguyen says:

    Oh my! You have some gorgeous daylilies!

  24. Frances, says:

    Stephanie, welcome and thanks.

    Hi DP, thanks for visiting.

  25. jodi says:

    I’m amazed by all your choices, Frances–I recognize a number of them but don’t have any of these. You seem to like the ones that are ‘watermarked’? if that’s the right term, with a more subtle secondary colour. There are so many, and one can only have SO many of them, of course, as you observe.

    None of ours are flowering yet, though Stella is about to start her long season of performance. The yellow species one is in bloom in the Valley, where it’s warmer, though.

  26. joey says:

    Loved the stunning daylily parade, Frances, and most impressed that you remain a ‘keeper of names’. My brood is just beginning to appear and though beautiful, after 25 faithful years, remain nameless. Shame on me because ‘once upon a time’, I remembered!

  27. Sarah Laurence says:

    Frances, this day lily post is just fabulous. I never knew they came in so many shapes and colors. Truly beautiful!

  28. Frances, says:

    HI Jodi, nice to see you. Thanks for visiting. It is surprising to me how quickly your garden is catching up to mine after what seemed like a long winter’s hibernation. Stella’s in bud? Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in they way of daylilies. The first twenty five of my daylilies were gifts, not chosen by me, so it may seem like the watercolors draw me in. I do like them all, but many of the choices are older cultivars from my neighbors. The fancy ruffled ones and the dark ones have caaused me to part with some moolah.

    Hi Joey, the name thing is getting harder as the plants are moved too much, but when they bloom the ID on paper gets updated. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got also.

    Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting. The dayliliy breeders have been extra busy making some great new ones. Most of them are more expensive than I like, but they come down in price after a few years on the market. I have my eye on a new one that started out when introduced at $125 US dollars! It is now $25. It might come to my house soon. Maybe. I am going to Knoxville today, and will be stopping by Champions to see what he’s got that has to come home with me.

  29. Noella says:

    What beautiful photographs on this interesting site!

    Your flowers are just wonderful – a garden to delight in. I have never seen so many types of day lillies. I’ll be calling back!

    Best wishes from Western Australia!

  30. Meems says:

    Hi Frances: I guess blogger ate the comment I left here yesterday…it was a long one too…:-) so frustrating is blogger at times.

    Love, love the stunning display of daylilies. 73 cultivars… oh. my. Imagine running out of places to stick them and people to give them to… how wonderful to have so many. Your garden must be outrageously gorgeous right now… I feel like I’ve been there at least in part.

    All are beautiful but my favorite has to be Soot Storm as I am currently intriqued with the darker lilies contrasting with some of the brighter colored ones. Oh so much fun!

    Have fun today at Champion’s… I have a feeling you won’t come home empty handed.

    Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

  31. Frances, says:

    Hi Noella, and welcome. Thanks for visiting, do come again. Please accept my condolences on your brother.

    Hi Meems, So sorry that blogger ate your fantastic and creative comment. Thanks for trying again, I hate when that happens. You would love Soot Storm, all the ones nowadays sold as black are more dark purple to my eyes anyway. I actually did not buy any daylilies from Champion today, but did tell him that a link was inserted in this post to his site and he seemed pleased. Daughter Semi bought some and he gave her a free one too, hooray!

  32. Gail says:


    Wonderful daylilies and you know all their names…I am having a shame attack right this minute;->

    Just back from the beach and there is no way I can catch up on all the blogs but I had to come by and see your daylilies….

    Talk with you soon.


  33. Kylee says:

    Oh wow. I LOVE Golden Globes! Reality I like, too. My very first daylily of the season opened this afternoon! An unknown red one that my mom gave me.

  34. Kylee says:

    Oh, now I take that back…..Stella has been blooming, as has Black-Eyed Stella and Penny’s Worth. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  35. Frances, says:

    Hi Gail, welcome back and thanks. Hope your trip was great and relaxing. I am still not caught up at home, let alone the blog reading. Not possible to do that it is feared. Look forward to seeing your pics.

    Hi Kylee, thanks for dropping by. You are funny with no daylilies, then some. I am like that too, forgetting about some, without the charts it would not be possible to keep track of them. I am off today to Sunshine Hollow to get yet more! Ones from relatives are special and easily remembered however.

  36. Greg W says:

    I love your lily collection.
    You have done quite well for yourself on that slope in a small southern town.

    Thanks for sharing.

  37. Frances, says:

    Hi Greg W., thanks for stopping by. You are pretty funny too. ;->

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