Green Leaf Day

This is a new concept for Faire Garden, rather than a bloom day post, this is a green leaf post. The creative idea of Emma at
Indy Blog, A Nice Green Leaf in the UK was brought to our attention by our good friend Shirl from
Shirl’s Garden Watch. Going out into the garden with camera in hand, it quickly became apparent to us that we tend to choose non green leaves for our foliage plants. Blue, yellow, red or variegated, but very few green leaves inhabit the beds. This is not going to be as easy as first believed. But the Joe-Pye Weed, eupatorium purpureum unfurling its foliage in a spiral pattern caught the eye.
These fireflies are resting on a rose of sharon, hibiscus syriscus, leaf until darkness falls and they can shine their light on.
Foxglove, digitalis purpurea, looks healthy and downy, ready to produce blooms next spring.
Sheffield Pink mum foliage
The rosemary forest topiary above a bed of scotch moss

Blackberry lily, belamcanda

A hypertufa trough planter with leptinella, pearlwort and a native fern, polypody.

Our beloved hellebore leaves

A special tree, Chinese Elm, ulmus elegantissima ‘Jaqueline Hillier’

Our most beautiful green leaf, the maidenhair fern is growing happily in the trough planter.

Now what is this doing here? Just to show you that much of our leaf color is not green, these volunteer perilla seedlings have taken over the gravel path. Only our foot traffic has worn down a narrow space to pass by.
We think the appreciation of the great green world we live in is well worth noting, and are happy to join in with fellow garden bloggers to sing its praises. Go check out what others have come up with for this theme.

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38 Responses to Green Leaf Day

  1. Nancy J. Bond says:

    Such lush and varied greens, and each one beautiful! I must see if I can find some “green” to post as well. 🙂

  2. garden girl says:

    lovely greens Frances! You found quite a few!

  3. tina says:

    Green leaves, yup, got em, but I’ll enjoy yours instead. Nice pics of the fireflies!

  4. Meems says:

    Frances: This will be a fun way to look at the garden… I’ll try to put some photos together too. On first thought this should be easy for Hoe & Shovel even though I do adore every color of leaf in the garden. I enjoyed the tour of Faire Garden’s green leafy plants… many of which won’t always be without blooms… as a matter of fact I believe I’ve seen some of these with lovely blooms in past posts… love your maidenhair spillage any day.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  5. chuck b. says:

    I like this idea, and that unfurling Eupatorium is fab. I find the green leaves of a witchhazel I recently installed quite entrancing.

  6. DP Nguyen says:

    Green leaves are also pretty in their own way. You tend to forget that unless you really pay attention to them.

  7. Frances, says:

    Hi Nancy J., do join in, I would love to see your wonderful photo(s).

    Hi Linda, thanks.

    Hi Tina, whatever pleases you. ;->

    Hi Meems, you caught me, but there are hardly any green leaf only plants here. I can’t wait to see yours though with your climate. I have noticed that the newer xeric plants have the smallest of leaves, the better to survive a drought I suppose.

    Hi Chuck, thanks. I think the witch hazel leaves are great too, similar to the fothergilla, do you have that plant?

    Hi DP, you are so right. It just took looking through the lens of the camera for me to see that.

  8. Gail says:

    I must concur with everyone…this is a good tour of the green and textured leaves in your garden. What a great idea. I have plenty of green to share!


  9. Piondröm says:

    Hi Frances!
    I just have to say hi.
    Nice pictures on green leafs.

  10. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Love your greens Frances. I always turn green when I see that someone can grow maidenhair ferns. I have tried them in several places in the garden with no luck. I like this green idea. I will get out today to get some green pictures.

  11. Wurzerl says:

    Dear Frances:
    What a interesting idea! There are so many varieties of green, some with a yellow element or others with a little blue in it. Together with the different leaf forms it’ s a very important, no, the most important thing in a garden!!!
    I love like you the wonderful fern!
    Have a great weekend Wurzerl

  12. Frances, says:

    Wonderful, Gail. I can’t wait to see your green.

    Hi Ken, nice to see you again. It’s been too long. ;->

    Hi Lisa, I know that you have lots of green. Have you tried the maidenhairs in a container? Mine in the troughs far outperform the ones in the ground. Drainage must be key.

    Hi Wurzerl, thanks for visiting. Thinking about green and the textures and colors has been a new experience for me, a good one too. You also have a nice weekend.

  13. shirl says:

    Fantastic Frances – gosh you’re fast 😀

    Great display of leaves from your garden. Loved the rosemary with the Scottish moss below. Well I would wouldn’t I? I love moss as you will know 😀

    I love your tiny ferns too. I’m also a fan of them. Oh… I wish the rain would stay away and the wind would die down so I can get out with my camera too 😀

    This is really a great theme for a posting isn’t it? I spent a while on Blotanical last night passing the word around. Thanks for joining in. Have a great weekend 😀

  14. Frances, says:

    Shirl, you are the one to be thanked for letting us know about this great idea. We all have green leaves in our gardens, no matter what climate we live in and they deserve to be showcased. I wish I could do the videos with music like you do, maybe someday. Yours are positively brilliant.

  15. Skeeter says:

    Green is my favorite color in the house! I have different shades of green everywhere! Our yard is filled with green also… Love that green…

  16. Frances, says:

    Hi Skeeter, love that green. I have quite a bit too, more of a gray green though. The color of our bedroom paint is Mystical Green. Who could resist that? ;->

  17. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    How funny about this meme & my last post was on my Clematis leaves. (I showed only one non-green one.) There is a beauty to green leaves. Good thing too, as the woodland garden is rapidly becoming mostly that now.

  18. emma townshend says:

    I agree, if only we could do videos like Shirl!

    I absolutely love your rosemary topiary. I mean, I love the whole post, but that really caught my eye. Thanks so much for taking part. I love seeing what everybody else has, and I thank Shirl for getting on Blotanical because it just never occurred to me that it could be such a popular thing! I thought i was the only one who liked leaves… What a lesson i’ve learned!

  19. Frances, says:

    Hi MMD, you are so ahead of the pack, aren’t you? Your clemmie leaves were unusual, I didn’t know there were so many different ones.

    Hi Emma, thanks so much for doing this, it’s such a good idea. Shirl did a good job letting people know too. Good all around.

  20. tina says:

    Just curious, How does one go about letting others on Blotanical know about this new idea? I didn’t receive any info on my Blotanical plot.

  21. Frances, says:

    Hi Tina, Shirl left me a message on Blotanical’s My Plot about this with the url and I jumped on it. Feel free to do a post, anyone and everyone is/are welcome to do it. It really should be on June 30, I was early.

  22. Rose says:

    The Joe-Pye foliage is really striking. Great idea!

  23. chey says:

    Beautiful greens Frances! I absolutely love your hypertufa planter and plantings.

  24. The Garden Faerie says:

    Frances, I too love foliage. Beautiful shots! I’ve also become enamored of shrubs over the years. I still love colorful flowers, but I also appreciate foliage a lot.
    ~ Monica

  25. Frances, says:

    Hi Rose, Thanks. The Joe Pye is almost ready to bloom, and will carry us on into fall, a great and noble plant.

    Hi Chey, thanks. I think it is nealy time to make another trough planter, don’t you?

    Hi Monica, thanks. Age and the wisdom that comes with it has made me appreciate shrubs more too. If they happen to flower, that is a bonus. Someday I will plant a new garden of shrubs, grasses and super low maintenance perennials, like echinacea that needs little care and looks good for four seasons.

  26. tina says:

    Thanks Frances.

  27. susan harris says:

    Nice! Inspiring photos, and giving me the idea to put marbles and other cool stuff IN my hypertufa next time – thanks.

  28. Frances, says:

    Hi Susan, thanks for visiting. I tried the marbles in the hypertufa because they were sitting in a pot where I was making the thing so just put them in to see how it would come out. Lots fell off, but I put so many in that some stayed. I would do it again, really pushing them down into wet cement. Shells would be good too.

  29. Dave says:

    Lots of green! I like your mum shot. You managed to get real close to that one.

  30. Frances, says:

    Hi Dave, thanks. Sometimes I use the zoom, that really gets me close ;->

  31. Karen Hall says:

    Great greens and wonderful texture Frances.
    Warm regards

  32. Frances, says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the green. Texture does become more important when there is less color. Good point.

  33. joey says:

    Green is my signiture garden, Frances. A lovely, peaceful post 😉

  34. Frances, says:

    Hi Joey, thanks for visiting. Your garden must be very zen like, with good use of the color green.

  35. Northern Shade says:

    I liked the green collection. I especially loved the miniature forest created from rosemary and scotch moss in the planter. It’s very creative and striking.

  36. Frances, says:

    Hi Northern Shade,welcome and thanks for visiting. The rosemary forest is a favorite here too. Your leaf display was fantastic!

  37. Dee/reddirtramblings says:

    Hi Frances, Wasn’t thinking about green leaves during the hot summer a lot of fun? Love your beautiful plants. The garden looks so lush.~~Dee

  38. Frances, says:

    Hi Dee, thanks for fighting with blogger to comment, it ate one of my comments this morning on another blogger blog even. I would never have thought of this topic without Shirl and Emma, silver, red, or yellow leaves maybe, but not green. We had a little rain over the weekend, things have perked up a bit. Thanks for the kind words.

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