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After reading
this piece last week by Frank Rich in The New York Times, about the new Pixar movie “Wall E” I was primed and ready when offspring Semi, her offspring LTB, age two, and I went to the big multiplex in Knoxville to see it. I knew what to notice from reading Rich’s review and was expecting something wonderful and earth shattering. I don’t go to the movie theatre much, and so this was a big deal for me. We were way early, the halls to the various screening rooms were still closed. We chatted for a while and were happy when the lights came on the marquee showing the movie names and times. We gave our tickets to the usher and had our pick of the seats, we were the first ones in. We took our places in the middle of the middle row of the room, front row of the second level so we could put our feet on the railing. We pulled down the armrests and watched the previews, waiting for the feature in excited anticipation. The big Disney castle came on the screen and the state of the art sound came alive. The story began and we were enchanted by the character of the little trash compactor Wall E as the ground was laid for his big adventure to save humankind from a fate that seems all too near right now. I don’t want to say anymore about the story, but only want to persuade anyone reading this post who loves nature and green growing things to go see Wall E. Go with a loved one, many loved ones, complete strangers or alone, it doesn’t matter. Just go.
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  1. chuck b. says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the movie and came away so terribly disappointed.

  2. Frances, says:

    Ah, the sweet sound of San Francisco rings in my ears.

  3. Cinj says:

    LOL! Kids want to see Wall E too. I’m laughing because I like the same row for the same reason. I usually pick the end right by the exit though. So it’s good? Maybe I’ll spend some of my birthday money to take the kids.

  4. Frances, says:

    Hi Cinj, do go. I have to say that I got more out of the movie than anyone else in the theatre with us, that showing anyway, I bet those kids hadn’t read Frank Rich’s opinion piece. It just pushed my ripe for the pushing buttons.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You aren’t the first one that I have read that loved that movie Frances. I will have to drag DB to the theatre soon. Thank you for the review. I wondered if it was as good as some have said. It must be true.

  6. Frances, says:

    Hi Lisa, I thought it was brilliant but the Financier might not have liked it as much, that’s why I went with Semi and LTB, we have the same taste in movies. ;->

  7. Gail says:


    We had dinner at a friends house and they were raving about the movie! Now you are loving it, too…Mr. I Don’t Blog and I might have a date to this movie. Thanks for the recommendation.


  8. cindee says:

    My son and daughter went to see the movie. I didn’t see it yet. I will have to go to see it soon(-: Glad you enjoyed it so much(-:

  9. Frances, says:

    Hi Gail, I did love it, and you might too, Mr. I don’t blog might not be as enthused, but let’s hope he is a good sport about it.;->

    Hi Cindee, Hope you enjoy it too.

  10. ourfriendben says:

    Okay, Frances, you’ve convinced me! We usually rent movies, but I guess it’s time to actually get up and go. (When I do, though, I take that elitist back-to-the-wall seat at the very back. Guess I don’t like the thought of folks staring over my shoulder!) Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Frances, says:

    Hi Ellen, wherever you sit, I hope you enjoy it. You might want to return to a childlike state when in the theatre. That always happens to me. ;->

  12. gintoino says:

    I’m very very curious about that movie. It hasn’t arrived in Portugal yet (14th of August is the date) But I really want to go and watch it

  13. Rose says:

    I’ve heard mixed reviews from people who have seen the movie, although my granddaughter loved it. I think some people just don’t get the message of the movie.

  14. garden girl says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Frances! This would be a nice outing to take my grandson on. He and my daughter just moved back home from the east coast, and I’ve been checking out things for us to do together.

  15. Frances, says:

    Hi Gintoino, I don’t know your taste in movies, but even though it is a children’s story, there is something there for the adults in the audience too. The character development and lush backgrounds with attention to detail were things that impressed me.

    Hi Rose, you are right, not everyone will get or agree with the message. But gardeners will.

    Hi Linda, going with a child is great, have fun with your family.

  16. Phillip says:

    I see a lot of movies (usually by renting them from Netflix) and a friend has highly recommend this to me. I’m not that big on animation but I will eventually see this.

  17. tina says:

    This seems to be a big hit this year and I will for sure take go with my family when I see it. Thanks!

  18. Bobbi says:

    I loved your boot photo! I have a shoe garden at my house – it contains about 2 dozen of my children’s old shoes and boots filled with different plants. It’s a great oddity in our neighborhood!

  19. Skeeter says:

    The boot is classic! I may have to drag the Saint out from under his Home Theater System to see this one. We rarely go to the theater so this would be a nice treat for us. I love the popcorn too! LOL.

  20. Frances, says:

    Hi Phillip, I can appreciate your lack of zest for animated films. Most are too simple or aimed at an intelligence level below ground. But my all time favorite movie is the original Fantasia, no talking needed to tell the stories. This one is without dialog for the most part also. Hope you enjoy it when you do view it.

    Hi Tina, I can’t guarantee that the men will enjoy this like I did, but think you might.

    Hi Bobbi, the shoe is from the movie, one of many cool touches.

    I Skeeter, I fear there will be husbands cursing this post. Maybe they will like it too, I hope.

  21. Eve says:

    Love the boot. I did one a few years back with an old work boot, apryed painted a copper color, but that one is more to my taste today.

    I am probalby the only woman who will go by myself to a children’s movie. I went to see American Tale. No funny looks at all. We all just appreciated the cuteness of the movie. I will go see this with someone or not, but I know “action, thriller, movie lover, DH” won’t go with me. He still talks about the time I drug him to see Benji. LOL

  22. Frances, says:

    Hi Eve You are my kind of gal. I love intelligent kid’s movies too. You will love this one, and I agree it is better to go alone than go with someone who won’t enjoy it. My boot is really a bedroom slipper, LOL.

  23. semi says:

    What a great movie. Makes me proud to be a gardener. I hope ltb will see the big picture!! We had a great weekend! love semi

  24. DP Nguyen says:

    My sister went to the movie and thought it was really good. I just think the characters are cute.

    That mint in the shoe in the picture, my parents grow that and we eat it with many of our Vietnamese meals. It’s delicious.

  25. Skeeter says:

    We drove past the movie theater this evening and I asked the Saint when was the last time we went to the theater to see a Rated-G movie. We thought and decided it was a Christmas movie a few years ago. Then he asked why. I told him why and he said he had heard it was a good movie. We discussed how funny some animated movies are as there are hidden jokes for adults that children will not get. He never said we should go or not. I will see if he remembers this conversation this weekend by asking me to go with him. He did say something later on about Date Night… Ah, I can smell the popcorn and butter….

  26. Frances, says:

    Hi Semi, the weekend was one of the best ever, I agree. LTB already is a gardener so we know he will get it. Thanks for everything. love.

    Hi DP, you could have a feast with the amount of perilla that is growing here. He have the green also, I never planted it so don’t know where it came from. The taste is a little strong for me, maybe cooking tames it a little. The characters are well developed in this film, lots of nuance to them.

    Hi Skeeter, from your description maybe The Saint will live up to his name. ;->

  27. lisa says:

    My coworker saw this movie and enjoyed it as well. From her description of the plot, it sounds like a great movie to introduce children to the concept of caring for our planet before it’s too late. We need more of those kinds of films! (Heh, some of her scene descriptions made me want to read Brave New World again! 🙂

  28. Frances, says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks. It was a mix of 2001 A Space Odyssey, Brave New World, and lots more. I look forward to seeing it on dvd to check out the little details.

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