Daylily Finale

Finally the finale has come to the daylilies growing here at the Faire Garden. We have been waiting patiently for them to finish up since the last post on June 30. Click here to read Daylilies Part Two. Daylilies part one was posted June 20. Click here to read that first installment. The normal bloom period in our zone 7 plot is the tail end of May with Pardon Me going about to the end of July. That is a nice long time, but we are heavy on the early bloomers here, with just a scattering at the end. Most of the daylilies have been done for quite a while now. I have been trying to add more later blooming varieties and those will be shown in this post. Above is a deformed Pandora’s Box. I had mentioned it as a no show in part two, but it did send up a bloom right after the post was published, it just wasn’t right due to the drought at that time. The lack of rain did affect the show this year and trying to find a good bloom to photograph on each variety was more difficult that usual. The rest of the photos were taken during the month of July. They are shown in the order of bloom time.
Elrod Pink is a daylily that was on the property when we arrived here. If anyone knows it, please let me know. But there are so many named cultivars that are similar to each other it is nearly impossible to pinpoint a name. It would have been prior to 1980, I believe, maybe even older than that since this house was a rental for many years before we purchased it.
Despite the drought, this little mini, Red Cadet, a gift from daughter Semi purchased at Champion’s Daylilies near her home, put on a good show with lots of the small blooms perking up the black garden edge where the minis live.
Trahlyta from Sunshine Hollow. This is a true late bloomer and usually one of the last ones to open.
New this season from Champion’s is Brocaded Gown. I needed a good yellow late season and this is a pretty one, nice and tall with lots of ruffles.

Bought at the same time as the yellow above is Fairy Tale Pink. I like the green throated daylilies of all colors.

New this year from Sunshine Hollow is Ida’s Magic.

Same exact plant, Ida’s Magic on a cloudy day.

From neighbors Mae and Mickey, Princess. I love this color.

Also from Mae and Mickey, Gay Cravat.

On a sunnier day, the same plant Gay Gravat.

Another gem from M and M is Lusty Leland. This looks like a species double to me.

Last year’s purchase from Sunshine Hollow, Palo Duro Canyon. This is a dusky orangey browney one, looks good with the orange butterfly weed nearby.

Elrod Peach, an inherited one. Always a late bloomer and my favorite color of the Elrods. Wish I knew the name, anyone?

Just to show that Pardon Me is still blooming, this shot was taken in late July.

The newest addition from Eshleman’s Nursery in Pennsylvania is Unique Style. Because that part of the US is a couple of zones colder than here in Tennessee, this may not be as late a bloomer in my garden next year. But the yellow edged in rust called my name out loud. Note the green throat.

The latest bloomer in the garden, Classic Rose, sent up several deformed flowers due to the drought. This was the plant, from Sunshine Hollow, that I was waiting on to bloom so I could wrap up the daylily post. I didn’t want people to think this is what the bloom looked like normally.

The waiting paid off. After several days of pop up showers the buds are now producing flowers that look like this. This photo of Classic Rose was shot August 1.

There were several daylilies that did not bloom in my garden for one reason or another. Daughter Semi saved the day by taking pictures of the missing in action ones growing well in her garden. Thanks for the help, Semi and happy birthday. This is Rosemont Firebrand from Mae and Mickey. The clump was too large and was dug up and cut into many pieces to help fill in her steep hillside. It seems I gave the whole thing to her, for it is not in my garden anymore, at least not yet. Rarely does every single piece of root get dug up when moving or dividing a daylily. Sooner or later that little piece left in the ground will grow a new plant and produce a flower. I hope.

Same situation with Chamonex. Good work, Semi.

One more, Ahoya. I may have to dig up pieces from these three and bring them back to my place.

What a pleasant surprise! Siloam Jim Cooper is reblooming! There may be several others that send up new flower stalks with the rain we have been having. New fresh growth is seen on many of the plants that were thought finished for this year. There will be updates if any more begin again. It is looking promising. That would add some nice bright colors to the late season show. A big Thank You to the rain gods.

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31 Responses to Daylily Finale

  1. Katarina i Kullavik says:

    Frances, your daylilies are amazing! And you’ve got 73 varieties – that’s impressing! What’s also impressing is ‘Pardon me’ – this variety I’ll be on the look out for…pretty and blooming throughout the season…perfect!

  2. Linda Lunda says:

    I WANT THEM ALL!!!! GIVE ME…. NOW!!! PLEASE!!!! :o)!

  3. Titania says:

    You had a great show in your garden with the Daylilies.All are beautiful. The colours, ruffles, minis, doubles, spiders give me daylilies any day!

  4. Perennial Gardener says:

    They are all so lovely. But I am particularly interested in the ones that seem different colors in different lights such as Ida’s Magic. How interesting!

  5. Frances, says:

    Hi Katarina, thanks for stopping by. Pardon Me is the best bloomer of the group by far. I have seen daylilies for sale with the label Pardon Me that are not that daylily, so be aware of what it should look like. Shorter stalk, deep red with a green throat. All others are imposters! ;->

    Hi Linda, you are so funny and sweet. Thanks. You Spacecoast Starburst and American Revolution are very lovely too. ;->

    Hi Titania, thanks. It was a good year despite the drought and no shows overall. There is something enticing about those blooms, isn't there?

    Hi Perennial, thanks. Maybe that is the magic of Ida's Magic, it changes colors? It is a beauty.

  6. tina says:

    They are so pretty-with some funny names too. I like the Cadet Red best I think;)

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I too need to add some later blooming daylilies Frances. I just love your collection. They look so full of color. I need more color in the garden at this time. Sigh… is a gradeners work ever done? Thank goodness no. 🙂

  8. Gail says:

    They are beauties Frances! It seems that the newer developed daylilies are indeed later blooming. My late bloomers have bloomed out but I really haven’t any recently hybridized. They really do add something special to the late summer garden. Pardon me is fabulous…How tall is the scape? Any recommendations for my garden?


  9. Jan says:

    Lovely daylilies. These photos make me want to buy more esp. the pinks. The daylilies around here have been finished blooming at least two weeks, but I did notice yesterday that my Plum Tree daylily is putting out a new scape. Daylilies are just amazing.

    Always Growing

  10. Skeeter says:

    Wow, I never knew there were so many different types! Amazing…
    Do you have them labeled in the garden or do you have the names memorized? I am just in awe at how many you have!

  11. Frances, says:

    Hi Tina, thanks. Red Cadet is a good one, it fits two categories, black and mini. Thanks again Semi.

    Hi Lisa, thanks. Of course a garden can never be finished, how sad that would be! For the last couple of years I have been trying to add late season perennials to the garden for more color. The yellow rudbeckia and heliopsis clans are good, but not very dramatic. Right now the mauve phlox and echinaceas are holding court, but more color is still needed!

    Hi Gail, thanks. Pardon Me may be coming to live at your house soon. It is about two feet tall in bloom. Do you have sedum Matrona?

    Hi Jan, thanks. I am hoping for some rebloom too. Most of mine have been done for a while, just that silly Classic Rose is so much later than the rest. More rain would help with that.

    Hi Skeeter, thanks. I have charts with the names listed and have tried to put labels by the plants several times but they always get lost. This year I got taller white plastic stakes with a new better marker to write with. I still have to be vigilant about the tag coming out of the ground. This morning some varmint was digging around the newest daylily, Unique Style and the tag was down in the gravel path. That does not help getting track of who is where!

  12. Dave says:

    Quite a show! They all look great, but would be better in my garden. 😉
    Time to start collecting daylilies!

  13. Bobbi says:

    What wonderful daylilies you have! I really liked the Ida’s Magic!

  14. Crafty Gardener says:

    It would be a delight to walk through your garden when the daylilies are blooming. Such beautiful colours.

  15. Frances, says:

    Hi Dave, they would look great in your garden. Most people are more than willing to share too, since it improves the blooming once they are large enough to divide. One word of advice, put them all together, not one here, one there. I am in the process of moving mine closer for bigger impact.

    Hi Bobbi, me too. That is a new one from Sunshine Hollow that I couldn't resist. I do need some of the newer forms and colors out now, just for design purposes you know. ;->

    Hi Crafty, thanks. Daylily season is something we look forward to every year. I need to do a better job of dividing, watering and mulching. I have been lax. Blogging helped me to see that. ;->

  16. Gail says:


    I haven’t any Sedum Matrona but upon looking up her photo I think we could be good friends! The Autumn Joy sure looks pale next to it! We need to make a trip to Bennett nursery in Huntsville Alabama next spring! I hope the garden has some bloom when you visit!


  17. HappyMouffetard says:

    What wonderful photos, with interesting commentaries with each cultivar. I, too, am amazed by the changes in colour depending on the light levels. Gorgeous!

  18. Frances, says:

    Hi Gail, good to know.;->

    Hi Happy M., thanks so much, your comment is appreciated. If I had not labeled each daylily as the photos were loaded into the computer, I would not have thought those were the same ones. Lighting is everything.

  19. Mr. McGregor's Daughter says:

    I also need more late bloomers. My Daylily show is coming to an end soon. Those deformed flowers are so strange. In drought years mine have either sent up only a few flowers or not bloomed at all, but never any deformed ones.

  20. Frances, says:

    Hi MMD, Classic Rose is the worst for having flowers like that but I think it blooms so late that we are always suffering from heat and lack of rain by August. Our weather has been less that perfect the last two years, let’s blame that.

  21. Jane Marie says:

    It’s always so much fun to look at someone else’s daylilies. I only have a few that you have, the rest are new to me. Our peak is always around July 7-12. I still have a lot of blooms because I have concentrated on late bloomers the last couple of years. I have gone as late as September with the last blooms haning on.
    Ida’s Magic is fantastic and Tralyhta is one I’ve seen on other blogs and have admired. I should be keeping a list.
    Thanks for showing us your daylilies.

  22. Frances, says:

    Hi Jane Marie, thanks for the kind words. Your daylilies are magnificent! Nearly every post is more and more daylilies. I’m so glad you commented here because when I went to your blog I remembered that you had given me the Arte y Pico award. I have finally put in on my sidebar with a link to you. Thanks so much, and sorry so late. I could not remember or find who gave it to me. There may be another blogger also, maybe they will speak up, I hope so they can be linked also.

  23. Eve says:

    I think my favorite is Pardon me. It is striking. I don’t know how you do it. I am giddy when just the few I have bloom. I wait patiently when I see that first bud.

  24. Frances, says:

    Hi Eve, thanks. The accountant in me is excited for the record keeping possiblilities with the daylily blooms. I have made lists and charts by bloom time, color, height and alphabetical, but nothing compares to the picture taking. Then I can look at them in the cold on winter and dream of summer.

  25. Rose says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, and to think you know the names of all of them! I’m partial to the pinks and peaches; “Princess” might be my favorite.

  26. Frances, says:

    Hi Rose, thanks. There are some on my list that I cannot find anymore, but they were all similar reds given by my neighbors. I’m not even sure they were different ones when they were dug in there expansive garden, the names were on metal stakes in their garden, but they all look like the same one to me. I like the pinks and peaches too, and Princess is the most rich color, good choice!

  27. Wurzerl says:

    Hi Frances!
    What a great post with daylilies!!!
    You have a wonderful collection in lovely colores. I love the “Unique Style”, “Princess” and “Ida’ s Magic” so much. Normally my daylilies walk is on top but a hail did destroy the blossoms. This is nature!

    Have a great week Wurzerl

  28. Frances, says:

    Hi Wurzerl, thanks, so nice to see you. I am so sorry about the hail damage to your pretty flowers. Maybe they will make more buds for a later show. Mine are trying to send out new buds on a few of them. I need to make a note of which ones do that.

  29. Leedra says:

    Love the daylily photos. I also have Pardon Me, but most of the others I don’t have. I notice you are Southeast Tennssee. Have you ever been to the Oakes Daylilies Festival in Corryton? It is great.

  30. semi says:

    What a show. I need to go get fairy tale pink. I love Princess it is a different shade of pink. We will dig you some Orange Velvet and Grape Ripples which are both still blooming. Thanks for the bday wishes and rock wall. Lots of love semi

  31. Frances, says:

    Hi Leedra, thanks for stopping by and welcome. We have been to Oakes but not during the festival. It is nearly two hours from where I live and there are great daylily growers much closer. They did have some great plants.

    Hi Semi, thanks and you are very welcome. The wall is a labor of love. I will certainly be glad to have Orange Velvet and Grape Ripples, too. love.

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