Moving Day

 Hello to all readers, new and faithful followers alike. We have made the plunge, jumping in with both feet, like before, into the world of the pressed word.

The title of the blog is now Fairegarden, one word. That will help me tell the difference which one is which, in case a return to blogger is decided upon. The new url is
If you would like to change the url in your blog roll to the wordpress one, please feel free to do so.
There will be new posts in the wordpress blog only from now on. The older posts, comments, awards and links will remain at the blogger site. Who knows, I may want to return there someday. But for now, WE HAVE MOVED!
(Sorry for shouting, but we had to get the message out!)
Thanks for reading and hope to see you  at

Fairegarden .

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15 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Am I the first to comment on the new blog? Yippee! Congratulations on the successful move. I hope this format works better for you.

    Double decker yippee, I can reply without it being a new comment! Oh happy day! Thanks MMD. Now I will try and add you to the blogroll. Wish me luck. So far I am unable to get any widgets up.

  2. Shibaguyz says:

    Congrats on the new space. We’re contemplating a similar move that will accommodate our growing needs for our blog space. Best of luck!!

    Hey there, Shibaguyz, so nice to see you made it over here. It is all new territory for me, but I love a challenge. I do need all the luck that can be wished, thanks.

  3. Joy says:

    Frances .. congrats on the move ! I think a few more of us are considering the same step .. but I think I will wait for the winter BLAHS ? haha .. to be able to concentrate more fully on “what the heck just happened” problems that might crop up ? Looking good though !

    Hi Joy, thanks. This was a scary move, and I am having trouble doing anything here, but will keep trying until it works out! Thanks for your support.

  4. Jan says:

    I am new to your blog, but I really have enjoyed your pictures and descriptions. I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but what kind of camera do you use ?! Your pictures are so clear and the colors are stunning; Christmas isn’t far away…I’m putting in my order now!

    Hi Jan, thanks and welcome! My camera is not a fancy one, I take many, many shots to get one or two decent ones that can be used in the blog. It is a Canon Powershot A720 IS. If I knew more about how to manually adjust the settings, life would be much easier! Merry Christmas!

  5. nancybond says:

    See? Now wasn’t that easy? 🙂 I think you’ll like your new home. Love the header, and I look forward to many, many more fairegarden posts!

    Hi Nancy, no it was NOT easy! I know that you know that too. ;-> But it was doable, by someone like me who is computer illiterate. I am just persistant and keep trying things until something works. I really would like to get some stuff in my sidebar. I thought the blogroll was there, but sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Sigh. Well, the writing, photo upload and posting is easy, and like you say so eloquently, that is the important thing. Oh and the comments, we do love the comments. Thanks so much for your help yesterday. You really have inspired me to make the move now rather than later. Your blog is so attractive, I do love your header photo.

  6. Gail says:

    Frances, It looks great! I am tickled pink for you! Love the header! Be honest…you know my skill level, can I do it?

    Hi Gail, thanks for all your listening skills. I have been doing a lot of trial and error and still cannot get the widgets up. Sigh. When I get more comfortable here, I can better judge the pros and cons for you. Hope Stuart gets that blotanical straightened out soon. My wordpress posts are still not showing up there. Sigh again. I am having an interesting time though. Out of my comfort zone, for sure.

  7. Philip says:

    I think the header is brilliant! Happy blog housewarming!
    Best regards,
    Hi Philip, thanks so much for your warming message. I am not very good with computer stuff or learning new stuff and this is all new to me. I am happy with the header, for now. I appreciate your backing!

  8. Skeeter says:

    Boy have I had my share of Moving Days in my past! LOL, at first I was thinking you were packing bags and taking off for a new house! Ha, silly me thinking such things. Duh, with what all you had to go through to get that pond, I doubt you will be leaving it any time soon….
    New home looks good….

    Hi Skeeter, well one day we will be moving, when it’s retirement time. We are counting down the years! LOL I am never sorry to leave one garden as long as I am going to another place where I can still dig in the dirt. Thanks, I hope to get the new home spiffed up as soon as I can figure out the nooks and crannies in word press. It is not as straightforward as blogger, they make you work!

  9. PGL says:

    I’m considering the same move myself Frances. I really like blogger but this standoff is getting ridiculous. I love your new header.

    Hi PGL, thanks. The header seems popular, but it might get changed with the seasonal change. There are pros and cons to the move to wordpress, and there is so much for me to learn. It is not as user friendly as blogger, that’s for sure, but if you are adept at computer stuff, it might be easier for you. We will follow you wherever you go!

  10. Jane Marie says:

    I feel like I should have brought a housewarming gift. Congrats on the move and good luck. Of course, we will follow you anywhere.

    Hi Jane Marie, your comment IS the gift, thanks for coming over! Thank you so much for those encouraging words. I am still learning how to do things around here, but feel that progress is being made. I appreciate your loyalty!

  11. Frances!
    I would like to say thanks for your quick answer about my translating problems, now I now that my shcool english is better than internet.
    Is thise a better site for bloging?
    I can see that outher members like to move to.

    Hi Ken, your english is so much better than the jibberish the internet provides, who is doing the translating there, not a human being! I can’t make the call yet as to whether wordpress is better, but it is getting easier for me to get around. The issue is with the problems on blotanical. That site sends many readers to Fairegarden and I enjoy the interaction there too. With the blogger posts not showing, it was distressing to think that one is working so hard and not getting seen by as many viewers as possible. Those who don’t participate in blotanical probably haven’t even noticed the troubles. Thanks for stopping by, we have missed you! And congrats on your garden award!

  12. Jan says:

    Hi Frances. I a very happy with wordpress and hope you will be too.

    Always Growing

    Hi Jan, thanks. The wordpress bloggers have nothing but good things to say, one of the reasons I switched.

  13. ourfriendben says:

    Congratulations Frances, and welcome to WordPress! Poor Richard’s Almanac has had a very happy home here, and I think you’ll enjoy the WordPress experience, too. But I don’t envy you having to try to move everything over!

    Hi OFB, thanks. You should know that the moving of the entire blog posts and comments from blogger was the easiest thing about the move. Only one click on the labeled ‘the magic button’ did the trick. WordPress so wants you to move from the other sites. I only wish they made the rest of the stuff that easy. I do think I am going to like it here. Thanks for your support.

  14. Crafty Gardener says:

    I’m trying out WordPress too, just haven’t got around to adding the blog to Blotanical yet. It seems that many bloggers are moving over.

    Hi Crafty, let me know your new url when you get it, if you make the move. It made my posts show up on blotanical after I fixed it in my plot on my blogs. Many are tired of the problems that blotanical has with blogger, when the wordpress has no problems that we know of. Worth the effort.

  15. Siria says:

    Hi Frances! I hadn’t checked your site in a few days and oh my….you have moved! Since I am not a blogger, but a blog reader (at this point anyways) I don’t know the benefits of one over the other, but it sounds like so many others are making the same move as you. I wish you well in your new home and am so happy to know where I can find you. By the way, I have been meaning to ask you the exact pronunciation of “Faire”. Is it like the French pronunciation, or do you pronounce the “e” at the end? (I do like to think of all the fairies at work in your garden). :))

    Hi Siria, thanks so much for following me here and being such a loyal reader, I appreciate it very much. You can pronounce the name any way you like, but I say it the same as ” Simple Simon met a pie man going to the FAIR”. ;->

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