Fowl And Family

This past weekend we traveled up the interstate highway system to upper east Tennessee to the menagerie of offspring Chickenpoet.  She shares her home with many furry and feathered friends, not to mention spouse and her own offspring.  One of those , M.A., is turning ten years old.  It hardly seems possible that it has been that long since I was in the delivery room with  camera in hand to record that momentous occasion.  The words *Mom, I’m going to kill you!* were new to the doctor delivering the child.  (Sorry Chickenpoet, I will remove that line if you wish ) ;->

We arrived bearing gifts, including an unbirthday gift as written about in Poor Richard’s Almanac .  On the front deck was a large wire cage containing baby chicks singing a chorus of feed me, hear me, love me, rescue me!  One little fellow,name of Wild Thing, shown in the top photo was singled out for having a crossed beak, not a good thing in the world of chickens.   Of course that means we love him even more and he will get special care from the tender hearted Chickenpoet.

Inside Casa Chickenpoet cockatiel Bird Daniels, rhymes with Jack Daniels, holds court.  You may remember that he accompanied us on our beach vacation this year and is considered a full voting rights member of our clan.  He kept us busy scratching him under the chin and would travel along the back of the couch and nip your ear if you dawdled with the scratching duties.  The Financier was assigned this task.

Anyone bemoaning the state of the leaders of tomorrow as not being in touch with the outside world of nature, look no further than the boys of Chickenpoet.  Shown here is younger brother of birthday boy M. A., G. A. with his pet turkey, age four months, Proud Mary.  How many times have you seen a child hugging a juvenile turkey?

Not only is G. A. an animal lover, he also is a gardener.  Shown here is his crop of tobacco, yes the kind for cigarettes.  There is an allottment system for the growing and selling of this crop and his plants will be added to his paternal grandfather’s harvest.  If this is not correct, CP, let me know.

Also seen in the area of the chicken coop was this pelargonum that doesn’t need flowers to be beautiful.

Now we get to the meat of the story, the birthday celebration wrestling match.  G. A. , M. A., LTB (the small legs and offspring of Semi) and our offspring Semi (feet being tickled into submission while being held down by the boys) willingly continued this tradition.  It is a bit of a free for all in this clan, and that’s the way we like it!  Especially being able to view from the safety of the couch.

Playing well the part of younger sibling, by a mere fifteen months, G. A. swoops in at just the right moment to blow out the birthday candles before the one being honored can get the breath out. Fight ensues, to be broken up by Dad. *Whoever is hurt go to your room!* This is the playbook we should have followed when raising our four offspring. You have to be able to take it if you are going to play rough!

The smiling faces of the rowdy younger set of the Fairegarden clan ham it up for the camera. Ya gotta love ’em! And we do.


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  1. ourfriendben says:

    What a priceless post, Frances! Talk about photos that speak! they’re all great, but that one of G.A. blowing out the candles is just marvelous. You’ll have to print it out and save it for an appropriate occasion (like his 21st). Bird Daniels looks so dashing, too. But my favorite is the one with G.A. carrying Proud Mary. It brings back fond memories of my own beloved Tulip the Turkey, who used to visit us every spring and fall here at Hawk’s Haven. We miss her!

    Hi OFB, you are an early bird too! ;-> Thanks. I guess it shows what a city girl I am to think no one had a pet turkey before. Tulip the Turkey. It boggles the mind. Those boys are a laugh a minute, actually the whole scene at Chickenpoet’s keeps us laughing during the whole visit, a good thing.

  2. Gail says:

    They are quite the handsome crew Frances. You are fortunate to have all your chicks so near. What a great life they must all be having, chickens, turkeys, gardening, and growing up with their extended family. I loved spending time with my cousins. My sisters and I have many delightful memories.

    Hi Gail, thanks. We do know and appreciate how lucky we are to be close enough to visit and return home in one day, but we made that happen not without sacrifices. The life at Chickenpoet’s place is exhilarating and exhausting. There will be many memories that these children will share over and over. Our four already love to talk about the times they had growing up as a wad of humanity as we moved about the country. We are beyond blessed.

  3. Chickenpoet says:

    Thank you so much. I love the post and all your info is right on the money. I can’t wait to show the boys. I laughed alot. I was a good visit and I am glad you all were entertained.

    Much Love, Chickenpoet

    Hello my dear Chickenpoet. I am glad you approve, I never know if what has been written might hit a nerve, but the whole day was pretty funny, even the incident at the restuarant. ;-> The boys might like seeing themselves in the blogdom, hope so. Lots of love,

  4. nancybond says:

    What beautiful boys. 🙂 And the chick is cute, too.

    Hi Nancy, thanks, we certainly think they are a handsome lot. All the chickens, babies and adults are fabulous. They are distinguished and hold themselves so erect. I could do a pictoral of them like Martha Stewart. LOL

  5. linda says:

    Aw, your grandsons are adorable Frances! Boys sure can be rambunctious! Having raised all girls, I find my 5-year-old grandson’s antics both adorable and exhausting!

    Hi Linda, thanks so much. Exhausting is the key word here. I had two girls first then the two boys. I don’t remember them being like that, but I was much younger then. I do remember being tired. LOL Five year olds are a perfect age, I bet yours is the love of your life.

  6. tina says:

    Ah, they are so sweet! And a big Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! No, I have never seen a boy hug a turkey:)

    Hi Tina, thanks. And if anybody would have seen such a sight, I figured it would have been you. ;->

  7. Those baby chicks took me back to when we had fowl here at RDR. I love this stage of their care. Congrats on your grandson’s birthday and thanks for letting us into this portion of your world.~~Dee

    Hi Dee, thanks. I have never had chickens myself, but love visiting them at Chickenpoet’s place. Hers are all fancy ones. The baby chicks are all blue and green egg layers. Those eggs are beautiful and delicious!

  8. Racquel says:

    What a nice birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to the b-day boy! I’ve never seen a boy hug a turkey either Frances, lol. It’s great that they are exposed to nature & gardening at an early age. Gives them an appreciation for the earth. 🙂

    Hi Racquel, thanks. They are an outdoors bunch, and I am so glad for it. It is easier to love the earth when you are interacting with it all the time. They really don’t think about it now, but will as they get older.

  9. Skeeter says:

    Happy belated birthday to the cutie pie birthday boy! The chicks are so adorable and a pet turkey how cool is that! And all I had was a dog and stray cats I fed, a turkey would have been more fun to have.. lol… Look at all that Big Orange! Go Vols… tee hee… Around here they would say Go Clemson…. lol…

    Little boys are a riot for sure. I went back in time last night. I had a dream that I was back home in TN working at the Day Care center where my 5 year old nephew was enrolled in my class. It was nice to see the young tot again and without all those tattoos his 28 year old body now sports. Ah, the memories of way back when… I missed so much in those kids life by leaving home but thank goodness for computers and pictures to capture the days I missed… And yes, your grandsons will adore their child hood photos later on in life. I made photo albums of their (nephew and nieces) lives and presented them to each of them on High School Graduation day! The looks on their faces as they turned each page was priceless to me…

    Hi Skeeter, thanks. Yes, the big orange is alive and well in Semi and Chickenpoet’s families since they married into native Tennessee families. Since I married into a Penn State family I completely understand the dressing of young ones in the favorite colors, whatever they may be. ;-> You sound like an excellent aunt and I am sure they love you dearly. We wish we could see more day to day stuff of the Chickenpoet group but the two and one half hour drive is just a little too far for that. We do see the Knoxville living Semi family at least once a week and that is good.

  10. DP says:

    What cute little boys! And those chicks are just precious. Makes me want to go to the fair and buy a chicken and a rooster so I can have little chicklets running around!

    Hi DP, thanks. Those chickens are so cute for real. The little peep peeps is sweet too. Someday maybe I will get chickens, but for now enjoy my grandchickens!

  11. Cameron says:

    Wonderful post! It makes me smile! 🙂 I have two cockatiels, so I understand about those being family. cameron

    Hi Cameron, thanks. Smiles are always good. Two cockatiels, how wonderful! Do they keep each other company or still want so much human interaction? Bird Daniels is pretty spoiled!

  12. Siria says:

    What a fun day for the kids and adults! Family is so special and those kids are so lucky to have each other to grow up with. What a beautiful family you have Friances! (and yes…no post yet)

    Hi Siria, thanks. We are very lucky in so many ways, and we are very thankful for our family. (Whenever you are ready!)

  13. Daphne Gould says:

    It’s funny. I grew up with turkeys. My mother raised them and geese and ducks. But I never picked them up. They were so huge that they scared me a little. I didn’t mind being near them, but I would never hug them.

    Hi Daphne, thanks for the trip down memory lane. They also have ducks, they get hugged as babies, not so much as the big quackers! LOL If you were like me as a child, I was kind of puny. G.A. is not puny and not scared. He has been holding baby chicks since he was in diapers. I was pecked by the chickens at my grandmother’s house trying to collect the eggs, and was scared of them for a long time until Chickenpoet started raising them. They are so beautiful.

  14. Brenda Kula says:

    Oh, I miss the chicks of my youth. Their soft downy heads.

    Hi Brenda, they are so soft, aren’t they?

  15. walk2write says:

    You have a wonderful family, Frances. My immediate family does not mind being shown on my blog, but everyone else in my family protests loudly and hides whenever I show up with a camera. I am curious about why Chickenpoet wanted to kill you. Did you fib to her about how easy childbirth is?

    Hi Walk2write, thanks, they are wonderful and love to see themselves. This is all the family we have and I hold them tightly to me. As for the childbirth story, I believe she was not happy with the location of the camera at the time. A few of the more revealing photos were destroyed. It was the doctor who said *Hey Mom, get a picture of this*, as the head was crowning. Too explicit in retrospect, but there were some great shots too. HA. We laugh about it now. Childbirth easy? That is not the truth and I am not a good liar. ;->

  16. Barbee' says:

    What a delightful post and fun comments. Frances, thank you for sharing your family and their lives with us. It was so fun reading about it all. What a joy!

    Hi Barbee, thanks. I’m so glad you enjoyed hearing about our clan and their hijinks!

  17. semi says:

    What a fun trip. I love seeing all those chickens with the different feather combos so pretty. My fav was the little white turkey giving CP what for when she was holding LTB and feeding the other. Cracked me up! Love semi

    Hello there dear Semi, so glad to see you here. The chickens are so beautiful. They do talk or squawk at our Chickenpoet. I think I was playing with Bird Daniels when you two were out there. LOL
    Love, Frances

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