Color Wheel

Red and green seem to


mean there is


change coming soon to


us all.


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  1. fairegarden says:

    Testing to see if the comment link is working.

    Hi Frances, it does seem the comment link is there right now, but some blogger users are not seeing it. I have posted a help plea in the forums to see what is going on. Anyone having problems, please let me know. You can leave a comment on the blogger blog post Moving Day. Of course if you are reading this that means you can see the comments so never mind. My blog is possessed! How appropriate for the season!

  2. Gisele says:

    Indeed, it feels fall is in the air in East Tennessee. When are you coming to Knoxville to have a tea/coffee/juice/water with me?

    Hi Gisele, I will have to see when is a good time to visit you. I can’t wait to see your garden. I will leave a comment on your blog once a date that is good for me is set. Our weekend involve watching Penn State football games right now and our usual schedule of going to Knoxville on saturdays is on hold.;->

  3. Gail says:

    Wonderful header Frances! I am loving this whole new look! Gail

    Hi Gail, thanks. Don’t get too attached to it though, it will be changed frequently, part of the fun.

  4. tina says:

    Those are such beautiful pictures. The new blog shows them off well! You should go have tea with Gisele soon and let us know how much fun you’ll had!

    Hi Tina, thanks. I do plan on meeting with Gisele and seeing her lovely garden. You can be sure there will be a posting about it when it occurs.

  5. Racquel says:

    Beautiful pictures Frances. I love your header with the Pentas.

    Hi Racquel, thanks. I will be changing the header a lot to match the post until I tire of that. Part of the fun at wordpress. Have you had any comment issues with blogger users?

  6. Cameron says:

    Ooooo! I don’t have words for these beauties. You’ve left me speechless…and that doesn’t happen often! 🙂

    Hi Cameron, thanks. Speechless is not a good thing for a blogger! ;->

  7. Richard says:

    This is a test comment from a forum volunteer.

    Hi Richard, thanks for trying to help. When I look at it, everything is okay. Sheri at support said that it is the home page that doesn’t show the comments. I do not have a seperate home page that I know of. The straight url takes me to the most recent post. Also, what do you think about the font size? Any recommendations?

  8. layanee says:

    Great shots, love the pokeberry! I have recently seen quite a bit of the variegated pokeberry. Worth consideration for the garden don’t you think?

    Hi Layanee, thanks and welcome to the new site. I have only seen the variegated pokeberry at Nan Ondra’s Hayefield and maybe her posts at Gardening Gone Wild. It is so invasive here, it would be like trying to sell variegated dandelions! LOL

  9. Richard says:

    Frances, the font is still a little large for me, especially on the 23″ monitor I use the majority of the time. On my PC laptop, which is a 14″ screen at 1024×768 resolution, it is still too large for me. I would put it to your readers and see what they have to say though.

    Hi Richard, I have made it smaller and will continue to experiment with it. Thanks.

  10. Skeeter says:

    The comment link has been at the top rather then the bottom of the posting. Maybe that was the issue… Wow, I can sure see the letters I am typing! Great…

    Love the orange and bluish purple colors together…

    Hi Skeeter, it seems the comments are either with the title or at the bottom so always check both. Glad you like the colors, but they might change, who knows? ;->

  11. nancybond says:

    I can see your comments just fine…and I really like the larger text!! But then WP folk probably wouldn’t have a problem anyway? I simply adore the morning glory blue with those orangey berries — I think it is my all time favorite combination of colors in the garden. 🙂

    Hi Nancy, thanks. I told them my readership appreciated the larger fonts, but don’t want it too large to show on a screen either. Finding the right size might take some more tweaking. We lucked out with the morning glories, they are all volunteers and are growing all over the pyracantha which is so loaded with berries it is like an orange wall fifteen feet tall.

  12. DP says:

    What great color and beautiful photographs! T hose berries are so pretty and so is that bright blue flower!

    Hi DP, thanks. I won’t ask you if the font is big enough for you to see, but do you think any of it is too big?

  13. Frances, I approve of the larger font. It works well on my laptop!

    Hi Carol, thanks. It was your comment about the small font for comments that started me changing more than just the html for the text. I have now paid for the privilege of being able to change every color, font and anything else if I only knew what everything else was! LOL It is well worth it to me to be able to change this stuff and it is fun too. But not fun at all when there is a problem with people being able to leave comments. I may have had it too big in the beginning to fit is all I can figure out. Glad to hear it works on your laptop though. You are my bellwether!

  14. Frances – what an amazing look you have to your blog now! Love the photos and the header image

    Hi Karen, thanks so much. You are such an artist I do consider that a high compliment. I will be changing the header image and maybe the font colors for a while just for fun. Hope you enjoy the surprises with each post!

  15. jodi says:

    Congratulations on your move to wordpress, Frances. Looks lovely, and you’ll have lots of fun, I’m sure.

    Hi Jodi, my friend, I am so glad to see you here. I do hope you are feeling better although it looks like Bloomingwriter is in good hands with Leggo and the typing cats at the helm when you are down. Thanks so much, so far fun might not be the work that best describes the learning process here, but it is interesting. Get well soon!

  16. Siria says:

    Hi Frances! I love the way you change out your header. I have loved each one you have done and it is such a surprise when I go to your blog and see a new and beautiful header. Your photos are so gorgeous. I think the fonts are looking good. One of the problems the first time I came to check out your new blog in wordpress was the spacing between each line. On my computer the lines seemed like they were running into each other and so it was difficult to read. Now it is very ledgible and I love all the colors on the black background.

    Hi Siria, thanks. That was problem number one when I tried to make the font larger by inserting html code. I didn’t realize that the spaces also had to be made bigger too! I purchased the upgrade to change the stylesheet and now I don’t have to put the code into each paragraph, whew, so much easier and for $15 a year, worth it to me. Changing the header is very easy, choosing which photo to use out the hundreds or more that I have it the hard part. ;-> Keep watching!

  17. walk2write says:

    Frances, those morning glories seem to glow from within like there is some internal light source. Are your fairies working overtime again? Your trials with getting the blog just right remind me of my work in the garden: planting, ripping things out, trying something else…I do like the text size better now. It’s much easier on the eyes. Everything else seems perfect too.

    Hi Walk2write, thanks so much, glad you are able to read it easily. That is the goal. The morning glories that are the darkest colors do seem to be lit inside, it is wonderful, isn’t it?

  18. Beautiful pictures.
    I just wich to say hi and grat to you new blog, it looks nice.

    Hi Ken, thanks so much, glad you like it.

  19. Rose says:

    I am seeing the change here, too. The colors of autumn are beautiful, aren’t they?
    Wow, Frances, you have been a busy blogger lately! I haven’t had much time to read posts this week, so I did go back and read your earlier ones this week, but won’t comment on all them. Enjoyed the younger set at Fairegarden; Grandma should be proud!

    Hi Rose, thanks. Our leaves have not really started to change big time yet, another month for that. I have been busy fixing technical problems for the last two days, not a fun way to spend the precious daylight of these gorgeous days. Grandma, GG, is very proud of her brood! ;->

  20. Pretty berries! Do you have any more? I’ve started a meme on autumn berries because I love their glowing colors.

    Hi MMD, I saw your berry meme and have been thinking about it. There are some berries out there, and many shrubs have been planted for their berries that have not produced yet, too young. I will do something and let you know. Great meme.

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