Under The Weather

Things have turned a little upside down here the last couple of days, literally.
The ruby chard is still producing huge leaves ready for the saute pan.Yesterday, Friday, when I awoke the room or me or both was spinning violently. I sometimes get a little dizzy when I sit or stand up too quickly, a result of lifelong low blood pressure. But this was different, I could not right myself with the world and felt my stomach lurching in protest.
The crossvine, Bignonia capreolata ‘Tangerine Beauty’ is stretching across the arbor nicely.I was crying and scared. I could not walk, stand or sit up. Luckily The Financier was still home before leaving for work to help me take care of private first thing out of bed business and get me back into bed. This condition is known as vertigo, and I was having a bad spell of it.
The view coming into the circle drive of our house shows the gaura blooms fluttering in the wind with the delightful pink muhly grass in the background.After several hours of bed rest I was able to get up and move about the house a little. I tried to fire up the computer but the screen made me feel very disoriented and I could not look at it, let alone do any blogging activites. Sigh. It is still difficult to keep my brain level as I am typing this. Make it short, Frances.
Getting my Gandalf staff that was made during a Lord Of The Rings moment when the third movie came out, a dead pine seedling with a crystal wrapped in the roots as the top, I was able to go out and sit very still on the deck and then up into a chair in the midst of the garden. At least I was able to watch the butterflies and birds enjoy the habitat that has been created for them. Not allowing myself to slip into self pity here. Snap out of it. This will pass. It better or we are getting out the wand. And by the way, that is not what we consider making it short, F.This is the chief suspect of the cause of my ailment, the sprinkler. We continue here in Tennessee to suffer from lack of rain. The garden is drooping and the sprinkler was set up in position. I had been watering some hostas that were divided and moved to the corner of the daylily hill under the Japanese maple with the hose before hooking it up to the sprinkler. I kinked the hose by bending it, being too lazy to go down, turn off the water, then attach the hose and go back down to turn the water back on. When I released the kink my head was about two inches from the sprinkler and it sprayed me hard in the left ear. I got wet but thought no more about it than that. After researching vertigo online, sometimes there is too much medical information on these sites, I saw that my condition could be caused by everything from brain tumor to just getting up too quickly. Ear trauma as a cause rang a bell and the hard water shot into my ear seemed like the culprit. At least I hope that is what it is. This morning I am able to manuever around the house and hope to get out into the garden some too. Driving a car is out for now, so no trips to pick up a few pansies. There will be naps and reveries, very little blog reading, and some college football watching. If this condition has not improved by Monday, a trip to a physician might be in order. Wish me a good drying out of the left ear.

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  1. Lola says:

    Oh dear Frances, I really sympathize with you as I have Vertigo too. Nasty stuff. Mine, there is no warning, just pops up & I’m very sick. Can’t raise my head even. No driving, no walking, no sitting up, no nothing.lol
    I hope you feel much better very soon.

    Hi Lola, thanks. I am so sorry you suffer from this horrible condition. I cannot imagine having this following you around ready to strike. Have you noticed certain triggers for it? It is the scariest feeling of helplessness and vulnerability imagineable.

  2. Cameron says:

    Frances, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling so bad. I empathize with you as I’m also one with very low blood pressure. I hope it is just the water shot in the ear problem, but please take care to rule out anything more serious. Another dizzy gardener, Cameron

    Hi Cameron, thanks. Dizziness is bad enough but this is debilitating, you can do nothing but be. If not for the sprinkler incident, I would already have contacted the doctor, and may yet.

  3. Rose says:

    Frances, I do hope this passes and you are feeling better soon. I hate not feeling well, and being dizzy can be quite frightening. I hope the water in the ear was the culprit, which means you should recover soon. In the meantime, rest; this is a good excuse to just sit in your lovely garden and enjoy it! (I am becoming enamored of that pink Muhly grass!)

    Hi Rose, thanks. I am really not able to do much of anything, it is weird to not be buzzing around doing gardening and other chores. Not fun. About the muhly grass, maybe you need to see a few more shots of it to finally fall for it. ;->

  4. walk2write says:

    Sorry you are under the weather, Frances. When the kids were small and prone to ear infections, the doc told me to pour a capful of rubbing alcohol in their ears after swimming. I’m not sure if that advice still holds true today (docs change their minds so much), so you might want to consult WebMD or some other reliable site. The alcohol dries out any residual water and prevents infection.

    Hi W2W, thanks. Daughter Semi has gotten me some ear drops that contain alcohol and The Financier will be bringing them home when he returns from hi Saturday golf outing in Knoxville. I couldn’t go and miss seeing Semi and LTB.

  5. ourfriendben says:

    Mercy, Frances! I too have very low blood pressure, and have had dizzy/fainting spells all my life. When I stand still, my knees lock, cut off circulation, and phoom! Next thing I know, I’m looking up from the ground. Nothing like the constant threat of melodrama to make you popular with your friends. I suggest taking a gentle blow-dryer on the very lowest setting to your poor ear and seeing if it provides any relief. Meanwhile, go slow and keep us posted!

    Hi OFB, I am so sorry to hear that. I have only fainted once, when daughter Chickenpoet called us in Texas to tell us she was pregnant. I just went down in slow motion, like the movies. I did use the blow dryer trick, had never heard of that and think it helped with the wet feeling. Good one, thanks!

  6. tina says:

    I usually check my blog and respond there before visiting all other blogs, but when I saw your comment about being ill I had to come by and say I am so sorry! And hope you get well soon-and here’s to that left ear drying out soon! With no lasting effects. I missed ya yesterday when I saw you did not post and was wondering what was up. Best wishes for a speedy speedy recovery. The garden and the blog will be okay and still there when you are back up again:)

    Hi Tina, thanks for coming over. The blow dryer will be used until the ear drops arrive. I had so wanted to work in the garden today, the garlic arrived from Seed Savers. But it will wait for me.

  7. Brenda Kula says:

    Well, that’s a real bummer! I’ve never had that, but I do sympathize. I scare myself to death sometimes looking up things on the internet. That old adage… A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. But go to your doctor, and then you’ll know and can get it properly diagnosed and treated.

    Hi Brenda, thanks for your concern. You are so right about the internet info, they always include the worst case scenario, nearly always death, even for a hangnail.

  8. Racquel says:

    I hope you feel better soon Frances. Just take it easy & don’t stay on your feet too long. We’ll keep you in our thoughts & prayers for this to pass soon. Vertigo is not a fun experience. I get it sometimes if I stand in one position too long (like when I had to stand in formation in the military) and I will literally pass out. It’s from having severe inner ear infections as a child. The scar damage in my ears always is a source of interest to my doctor.

    Hi Racquel, thanks. I am sorry to hear of your problems too. The interest of doctors is not usually a good sign. I am doing a lot of sitting and laying with lots of pillows to prop up my head. The best thing is the blow dryer, is feels good to have that warm air in my ear. I’m sure I will be back to normal soon.

  9. Cosmo says:

    I hope the water is the culprit and that your balance returns quickly–you did a noble job of getting your post out despite your dizziness. Beautiful pictures–I love the gaura. Feel better soon.

    Hi Cosmo, thanks and welcome. I am now getting used to doing things with some tilting to the left and right and grabbing hold for support. The computer is the biggest challenge. Typing is easier than scrolling to read blogs. The gaura is looking great and seems to be putting out a new flush of blooms, even though it has been blooming since spring.

  10. linda says:

    Oh my gosh Frances, this sounds rather scary and very unpleasant! I sure hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Hi Linda, thanks. You are right about the scary part and it is unpleasant. I am so glad you are up on blotanical. We missed you.

  11. Shibaguyz says:

    Get thee to a physician! Don’t mess with this stuff, seriously… even if you are feeling better on Monday, get in there and let them check everything out. Better safe than sorry, our gardening friend. Until then, our thoughts and energies will be with you.

    We well…

    Hi Guyz, thanks so much. I am truly going to the doctor for I am still dizzy and disoriented, though not as bad as the first day. I appreciate your concern and support.

  12. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    So sorry to hear about your dizzy spell Frances. There is also a condition, I forget the medical name, that can cause this too. If it persists you can go to a ENT and have them figure out the diagnosis. If it is loose rocks in your ear the problem can then be corrected with an Epley maneuver to put the rocks back into place. In the mean time it can be very uncomfortable. I hope it passes soon. Lovely garden pictures. Be careful with those sprinklers.

    Hi Lisa, thanks. I am going to the doctor as soon as possible to see what he says can be done. I like the sound of the Epley, it makes me think of the Heimlich. My sprinkler efforts will never again include the kinked hose.

  13. I hope this passes quickly. I enjoyed seeing those first few pictures. Taking photos of the undersides of plants is beautiful.

    Hi Jill, thanks. The light was just right with the chard as I was walking around with the camera. Lucky once again.

  14. Patsi says:

    Sorry to hear about your vertigo.
    I went a year straight waking up dizzy and going to bed dizzy and having to go to work …stinks. Still get it on occasion.

    Amazing you can still write.
    There are meds that can help but they make you tired.

    Best Wishes

    Hi Patsi, thanks. I am sorry to hear about your dizzy spells too, it does stink. I am worried about the side affects of meds, but if that is the only thing that will help it might have to happen. Writing is a strain, but I have a laptop and can hold me head very still, that helps.

  15. Barbee' says:

    Frances, for some reason I cannot see the text of your post: red text on black background. Is there some trick I should know to do to make it so I can see it? I tried it in both Internet Explorer and FireFox. But, this red in writing my comment, I can see very well; it is lit up. The other is dark and sinks into the black. I gather from the other comments that other people had no problem with it. Also, in reading comments learned you had or are having vertigo! Must be something going around. I totally lost it when going down the stone steps and would have gone sprawling on the rocks if the helper with me had not grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto my feet. Scary!

    Hi Barbee, when I am up to it I will see what I can do about the color you are seeing. It is not what I see but have fooled around with so many things on the css code sheet on wordpress that your feed is getting one of those weird changes I made when seeing what affected what. The color is different on every tab as I am writing, but the main url shows what I want it to.

    I am sorry about your vertigo spell, it is so scary and falling is a big concern. Glad you were saved by your helper.

  16. skeeter says:

    All I can say is you sure are dedicated to get a blog up while sick! I am crossing fingers for an ear spray being the culprit but you should get to the doctor to have it check out.
    I know I am one to talk… I had two bad dizzy spells last fall once while blowing leaves here in GA and once three days later while in Nashville, TN playing tourist for the first time in about 20 years! I have not had a dizzy spell since nor did I get to the dr about it. Strange how those things come and go. I have ear issue with mountain travel and air plane rides also so maybe an inner ear issue inherited from my grandmother which had ear issues… Enough about me.. Get better soon!

    Hi Skeeter, thanks. Getting the post up was much harder and it isn’t much of one. I am going to the doctor and see what he says. I am better but still have to hold on to things to get around, not acceptable, and cannot garden!

  17. deb says:

    Frances, feel better soon. That sounds just awful. Hopefully, it will be short lived.

    Hi Debbi, thanks, it is not fun. I appreciate your good wishes.

  18. Dave says:

    I hope you get to feeling better. I think that is also called swimmer’s ear. I’ve never had it but it doesn’t sound like fun. Get yourself checked out if it continues!

    Hi Dave, thanks. It has something to do with the water in my ear, I am sure. I am going to the doctor, the condition is continuing.

  19. Lola says:

    Frances, I have no warnings at all. Every time I’ve had it I tried to figure out if there was a certain thing or something that triggered it. Nothing. I have noticed that there is some moisture that has collected in my ear from sinus drainage. Even now I can turn my head a certain way in bed & I start to feel the dizziness so I just turn my head back the other way. I always had low blood pressure until I put so much weight on. Now blood pressure is almost on high side. I take antivert for it. Everyone is different so please do see a doctor. I know what you mean about the helplessness. Let us hear.

    Hi Lola, thanks for sharing your story. I am going to the doctor. My daughter Semi brought me something called Dry Ear that is drops. I had her put them in last night, but am still holding on to things to get around. This is getting old.

  20. Cindy says:

    Sending you get well wishes from PA. I hate the whole dizzy/fainting thing.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I hate it too.

  21. Connie says:


    My husband had an extreme case of vertigo about 7-8 years ago. It lasted for almost a month but
    fortunately ahs not recurred. Basically they said that probably when he was jumping around
    playing volleyball the little dendrites in the inner ear broke off and were floating around.
    This is what causes the vertigo. With time the pieces dissolve or are flushed out etc.
    He was given head exercises to do which helped. I was very worried at hte time. I thought he
    had aaad a heart attack (he has a heart condidtion) because he had collapsed on the floor
    by our bed and couldnt get up. Anywya, even though it was severe, he had a complete recovery. Here’s hoping it will be the same for you.

    Hi Connie, thanks for sharing this story. I feel that it was not just the water in the ear but the force of it may have damaged those dendrites. I am hoping the doctor can tell that without a bunch of tests at the hospital. I am hoping for a complete recovery too.

  22. nancybond says:

    Well, I certainly hope that YOU are not under the weather, m’dear! Congratulations on winning the Blotanical Award for Blog of the Year! Well done! 🙂

    Hi Nancy, thanks so much. In my condition I had forgotten about the awards. What a thrill. And congrats to you also!

  23. Pam/Digging says:

    Frances, I hope that by now you are feeling much more level. What a scary situation.

    Congrats on your Blotanical Awards, by the way! You got the biggies, and you deserve them.

    Hi Pam, thanks. I am better but not well. The Blotanical awards are a happy surprise. Congrats to you also for your wins.

  24. Frances, you have had a tough time in various ways recently and my thoughts go to you.

    Congratulations on the Blotanical Awards – also on photographing the wonderful scrunchilly leafy at the top of this post and for growing the lovely fluffy pink grass.

    Be better (very) soon.


    Hi Esther, thanks so much. I am thrilled about the Blotanical awards, that is such a high honor. I will fix your link in the sidebar to show that our Esther is back in business!

  25. I don’t know how that turned into a ‘leafy’ !

    I need Martian typing lessons.


    Really, Esther? I think I know. ;->

  26. titania says:

    Dear Frances, I hope you feel better again, recovered from your vertigo which is nasty and scary. I wish you well.
    Congratulations on your award which you deserve. I am very happy for you.

    Hi Titania, thanks so much. And congrats to you on your big win, well deserved!

  27. Daphne Gould says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I can imagine that vertigo is no fun at all. I used to have dizzy spells as a kid from borderline anemia. I’m so happy that is gone and it isn’t half as bad a vertigo.

    And Congrats on your awards.

    Hi Daphne, thanks so much. I have always been a little dizzy, ;->, but this is different and no fun for sure. Thanks for your support.

  28. Kim says:

    I hope you are better soon. I used to work with a man who had constant vertigo, and I can imagine how difficult it is to deal with after watching him struggle. I hope you are free of it very soon and feeling like yourself again.

    I haven’t read about the awards, but I see from comments that you won some – congratulations! Any win you have is much deserved. I’m off to see.

    Hi Kim, thanks. That poor man, my heart goes out to him. I am going to see a doctor. Thanks too for your support. Blotanical is a large worldwide group of garden bloggers. Click on the badge on my sidebar to check it out!

  29. nancybond says:

    Frances, I was so excited about your award last night, I didn’t fully read your post and missed your vertigo. My Mom has Ménière’s Disorder and has to take medication daily to avoid the room-spinning vertigo you describe, so I know how awful it can be. Do take it easy and get that ear checked if it doesn’t improve. There are great meds that help.

    Hi Nancy,thanks, I could tell that you didn’t know, you much have been pretty excited yourself! Congrats to you, I am thrilled for you.

    There was Meniere’s disease in my family too, but before the medication was available. I am hoping that it is a one time thing from the trauma to my inner ear and it can get better. But even though I hate the thought of medication, I would gladly take it to be rid of this.

  30. Debi says:

    I’m late to the party but am sending you well wishes, Frances.

    Hi Debi, thanks. You’re not late, well wishes have no time limit. ;->

  31. Barbee' says:

    Frances, thank you for ‘fixing’ the text.. it is beautiful and very readable! Now, I have read the whole story. Sigh, so sorry about the inner ear business, but you did win an award (or more?) and that is about as good as receiving flowers. Now, I’m off to see the results of the contest. Get well soon.

    Hi Barbee, you are most welcome. I didn’t realize that the feed was a different color than what I see. The way I figured out how to do most of the changes on the fonts was by making each section of code that had a color number into that dark purple red color, then writing down what code was responsible for that item. I don’t ever see my own blog on a feed, so I didn’t know and you are the only one who told me! Thanks, it wasn’t supposed to be that color. I will try and not change it again! I am better today, thank goodness. I did win a couple of things and it was a real pick me up. ;->

  32. I hope that whatever’s wrong can be easily remedied, Frances – it sure doesn’t sound like fun. A person who blogs while unable to stand or move her head is one dedicated blogger!
    From the other comments, it appears that your dedication helped you achieve your goal.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Hi Annie, thanks for those good wishes. At least blogging was one thing that was able to be done, if not very well. I was quite surprised to win anything, considering the other nominees in my categories. Just getting into the top five was very gratifying.

  33. Jean says:

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. I have battled the same thing on and off for a number of years. My sympathies indeed. How you managed to write and put up those beautiful photos, I don’t know. I hope you’re back up to snuff soon and back in your garden. And congrats on your awards.

    Oh Jean, I am so sorry about that, it is hard to describe how horrible it is to someone who hasn’t experienced that feeling, so helpless. It was just stubborn Taurus will that got that post up. I don’t know how I did it either. I have found that holding my head as still as possible helps, no turning side to side or up and down. Like the models walking with a book on their heads, HA Thanks so much for the good wishes, and welcome.
    ps, so glad you were able to save your spider lilies.

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