Thanks For Your Support And Friendship

I just want to thank each and every one of you wonderful Blotanical members for the friendship and support you have offered since we jumped with both feet into the world of the blogdom. Faire Garden and Blotanical began at close to the same time last year and have ridden the waves together. My life has been enriched from the reading and meeting of so many fellow garden lovers since that beginning. Winning the Blotanical awards for Best US Blog and Blog of the Year is a fantastic honor. May I now take this moment to thank Stuart, for he has worked so very hard to bring this community together. And I wish to thank all of you who voted for me, and also thank all who voted for the other nominees in all categories. We are all winners!

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  1. Debi says:

    Congratulations, Frances!!! Well deserved, I must say! (…and your pink muhly grass looks SO much better than mine so I’ll add an extra award – the Pink Muhly Award – LOL!)

    Hi Deb, thanks, you are so funny! It has taken years for the pink muhly to look like this, and the light has to be just right to get a good shot of it. No shot has been as wonderful as it is in person, however. Just like the whole garden. But I humbly accept the pink muhly award, thanks! ;->

  2. Zoe says:

    Many congratulations on the Awards, Frances, they are well deserved. I read in an earlier post that you are feeling beneath the weather; hope things pick up soon.

    All the best,


    Hi Zoe, thanks so much. I do hope to be above the weather soon and hope you too are feeling well.

  3. Cinj says:

    Congratulations on the award! It’s well deserved. I’m enjoying blotanicla and all of the great people I’m meeting there too.

    Hi Cinj. thanks. I enjoy blotanical and use it frequently and have met so many through it’s pages too.

  4. Cameron says:

    Congratulations! I love visiting your blog.

    Oh thanks, Cameron. That is so sweet.

  5. And the big winner is….. again, the most generous and delightful Frances at Fairegarden. Congratulations!

    I saw a smart and cute young business woman at the Extravapaloozathon last night. Alas no awards for me. Hope you are back on your feet soon.

    Hi Christopher, thanks, you are too kind. I voted for you and you did well to be nominated so many times, too. That was a great way to get out there and mingle! I’m proud of you. That description can only be Mrs. Brokenbeat. Mr. Brokenbeat had to open at The Hop this morning since the Mrs. had belly dancing classes. HA

  6. tina says:

    Of COURSE you won, I am wondering why not in the writing category too but that will wait for another year I guess. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Tina, thanks so much, you are such a source of support and friendship, and it is much appreciated. But how about our Gail??? Best post and best newcomer and with her posts not even showing up! And congrats on getting your own In The Garden posts showing up on Blotanical too. Hooray! Cheers all around!

  7. Racquel says:

    Congratulations Frances! You are most deserving of both awards, I enjoy reading your posts daily. I love that Pink Mulhy Grass too, it’s a keeper. 🙂

    Hi Racquel, thanks so much for those kind words, much appreciated. The muhly thanks you also. ;->

  8. Congratulations! Hope you are better soon.

    Hi Donn,a thanks. I see you have also moved to wordpress, welcome! I have updated your link on my blogroll.

  9. tina says:

    I already left Gail a congrats. I had to go to Blotanical to find the winners. It is not something that is publicized yet. I thought the voting ended today so I had no idea. The seeds arrived yesterday-THANKS! Now how do I plant them? You said you plant the bellacamda now?

    Hi Tina, there does not seem to be a big hoopla about the awards, even on the site it doesn’t show on every page. I thought it would be on the news page, maybe later. What I do with the belamcanda seeds is make a trench about one half inch deep and sprinkle them in and cover them. I have planted them under a bush for protection, and right in the same bed where they will grow. The important thing is to plant them where you won’t accidently dig them up over the winter, they go completely dormant. It is so late that they probably won’t show until spring anyway. They look like baby tiny irises when they show, very cute. I let then get several inches, may four tall then transplant them where they will grow, full sun good drainage. Good luck!

  10. Gail says:


    Congrats, my dear friend! I am so pleased for you! Really pleased! You have a fantastic blog! The best! I had to rip this computer from another’s hands to post this! Note to self~ Get a laptop! Gail

    Hi Gail, thanks so much. I appreciate you getting physical in order to leave this comment. You are to be congratulated as well, winning in a place where your posts are not even showing up. That is a strong following of readers and voters!

  11. Congratulations, Frances. You have a wonderful blog, and I voted for you.~~Dee

    Aww Dee, thanks so much. I really appreciate that. Your blog is also wonderful. ;->

  12. Lola says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, FRANCES. I enjoy you blog very much.

    Hi Lola, thanks so much for your loyal support.

  13. Rose says:

    Congratulations, Frances–you are well-deserving of both awards! And how fitting that you used the pink Muhly grass in the background…

    I must tell you that I was disappointed when the nominations came out that I couldn’t vote for your “Midsummer’s Eve” post for best post of the year. That was my all-time favorite! Now that I know a little bit about “picks,” I will go to Blotanical when I read a really great post.

    Hi Rose, thanks. I believe Stuart based the best posts category on the ones with the most picks, actually a good way to do it. I am flattered that you liked the Midsummer’s Eve post so much. It was one of my favorites too.

    It took me forever to draw that heart around and add the script to the muhly grass. Good practice for future drawings with the laptop pad. HA

  14. linda says:

    Congratulations Frances! Your blog, and your garden are always inspiring.

    Hi Linda, what a nice thing to say, thanks so much.

  15. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You are most welcome. Your awards were most deserved.

    Hi Lisa, you have been a regular visitor here since the beginning and I am very appreciative, thanks so much.

  16. Many congratulations, Frances! Well deserved! I LOVE that first photo greeting us this evening with the heart. Very sweet!

    Hi Kathryn, thanks for that. I need lots more practice with the free hand drawing on the laptop, but it was great fun.

  17. Titania says:

    Dear Frances; thank you so much for your visit. I hope you are feeling better now and that nasty vertigo has disappeared. I have updated your new url on my bloglist.

    Hi Titania, you are very welcome and thanks for updating me. I am being shameless in leaving the new url in comments on the posts of others. ;-> I am feeling better now, operating at about 80 %. Congrats on your award also, much deserved for your great blog.

  18. ourfriendben says:

    Hi Frances! Stuart now has the winners’ announcement up on everyone’s home page at Blotanical, and hopefully will soon follow with your (two!!!) awards to display here at Faire Garden. I can’t think of anyone who deserves them more. I am so happy for you!!!

    Hi OFB, what sweet sentiments, very much appreciated. Thanks for letting me know about the announcement. I am not sure if there will be anything to display on my sidebar more than the pretty badge. I seem to remember reading that there would be something to put on My Plot at Blotanical, but who knows? It will be an honor to display whatever he has come up with.

  19. skeeter says:

    Congrats Frances!
    Well deserved for a great fun read and beautiful pictures each day!

    Hi Skeeter, thanks for all the friendly support you have given me. So glad you enjoy the offerings. ;->

  20. Your blog is a winner Frances, your worth it.
    Many warm cratulations

    Hi Ken and Carina, thanks so much. I do hope Ken is recovering nicely. Good job on carrying forward, Carina.

  21. Robin says:

    Congratulations on your Blotanical awards! You are most deserving of the accolades. I remember when you first began your blog and knew from the get-go that you were a winner!

    Hi Robin, thanks so much. I remember your kindness in telling me how to avoid those spaces that blogger likes to insert, I was ready to give it up! Your photos and stories always touch me, thanks for your friendship.

  22. ewa says:

    Congratulations Frances 🙂

    Hi Ewa, thanks so much.

  23. great blog… just wanted to say congrats 🙂

    Hi Nawlins Dawlin, great name BTW, thanks so much and welcome.

  24. Congratulations! What can I add? Ah, I know, if there had been a category for blogger you’d most like to party with, you’d have won that too. Well done!

    Hi MMD, thanks! We may get our chance. ;->

  25. Sunita says:

    Wow! Thats fantastic, Frances! I’m so happy for you.

    Hi Sunita, thanks so much, it is a great honor.

  26. carolyngail says:

    Late to the party, Frances but just now got back on to Blotanical and saw the awards. Congratulations on these two outstanding honors. I’ve enjoyed reading your many interesting posts.

    We hope to meet you in Chicago next year.

    Hi Carolyn Gail, you are not late at all, this party’s still rockin’. Thanks and I do so look forward to meeting you also. The date for the Spring Fling is set for anyone reading this, May 29-31 2009. More details at Mr. McGregor’s Daughter.

  27. commonweeder says:

    Congratulations, Frances! Your blog is so beautiful and you are richly deserving. I also just learned about Picks and will use that in future. Hooray and thanks to Stuart too. Keep well!

    Hi Pat, thanks so much for those kind words. I also thank Stuart for his hard work ethic, he must spend very much of his free time on Blotanical, tweaking and improving it for us all. I am better now, thank you.

  28. Anna says:

    Congrats!!! You are a kind and thoughtful person. Love to read your blog!!1

    Why thank you Anna, those a sweet words.

  29. Patsi says:

    New to Blotanical so I had a little trouble navigating. But voting was easy to do.
    Always a joy seeing your art. Your blog is a friendly place to visit.

    Hi Patsi, what a nice thing to say, thanks so much. Blotanical has lots of nooks and crannies. Trial and error clicking on this and that will show you some fun places there. I do appreciate your support.

  30. Siria says:

    Hi Frances! I am so excited for you!!! I have been out of town and just checking what I missed while I was gone and found you won two very deserving awards!!! Congratulations. I did vote (for you and Gail) before leaving town and am so happy to see you both won. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to it every day. I hope you are also feeling better soon. Vertigo is NO FUN!

    Hi Siria, thanks, it is pretty exciting to me too. And how about our Gail? ;-> I appreciate your loyal support and am waiting patiently for you to join us in the blogging world. As for the vertigo, it is still there but at a low level so that I am functioning, just not up to my normal fireball level. LOL

  31. Pam/Digging says:

    A big congrats on your wins, Frances! You’ve developed a huge following in a very short time with your excellent blog. You deserve those awards.

    Hi Pam, thanks, those are high praise coming from Wonder Woman herself, LOL. Just being in the same arena with you and the others was a winning situation for me. Congrats to you too.

  32. Philip says:

    Hi Frances!
    I have been away from my computer as my Mom had surgery, but she is getting better! Yay! I am happy to be back and check blogs. You received my vote! You deserved your awards. Congratulations!
    I am sorry I missed your post on vertigo. I am right there and wish you well. We think you are a fireball anytime! When you are not, your Blotanical friends are here!
    Warm regards,

    Hi Philip, I wondered where you were and missed your happy self. So glad your Mom is getting better, too. Good deal. Thanks for your friendship and support, you are a generous person with your praise and good will.

  33. As you know I’ve been so busy lately and I now find that I’ve missed the moving of your blog completely earlier in September. Oops! Well, I’m here now and let me congratulate you on winning 2 blotanical awards, Best USA Blog and Blog of the Year. Well done, Francis, and it’s so richly deserved too. 🙂 It’s nice to receive some form of recognition by your fellow garden bloggers for all the hard but fun work of creating your wonderful blog, isn’t it?

    Well, I’m off to change your address on my blogroll. Cheerio!

    Hi YE, so nice to see you here, thanks for coming over. Many congrats on your best European blog win also, well deserved, and your competition continues to grow too, making it all the more meaningful. ;-> You are so right that the blog doesn’t write itself, it is work, but so enjoyable and very addictive! Just ask my family!

  34. kerri says:

    Congratulations Frances on your 2 awards. You certainly do deserve them for all the hours of work you put into making your blog such an enjoyable place to visit. I always enjoy your sense of humor and your wonderful garden 🙂 I’ve had so little time to visit blog friends this summer and have missed most of what you’ve been up to, but I’ll catch up a little over the winter.
    I’m so sorry to read you’ve been under the weather. Vertigo is a horrible condition! I have a friend who has suffered from it. I’m glad to know you’re doing better, and hope you’ll be fully recovered very soon. Take care and don’t overdo.

    Hi Kerri, thanks so much and welcome to the new site, the alternative universe we call it. I can see why you have so little blogging time, what a magnificent property you have and all that canning, you are a master. We only did a few pickles this year and think we’re pioneers. ;=> I am a little better, it is up and down from day to day. Thanks for your good wishes.

  35. vegplotting says:

    What a lovely and inventive way of thanking everyone Frances. It thoroughly confirms why you’re so deserving of your awards 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Hi VP, thanks for visiting this post. I am much better but can no longer stand on my head or hang from the gravity boots! But I couldn’t do that before either. ;->

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