White Feather And Tree Peony Et Al

april-1-2009-001-2The White Feather hostas are arising from underneath the Garnet Japanese maple to the right of the pond.april-1-2009-003-2Last year we wrote a post creatively titled Tree Peony And White Feather. Click here if you wish to travel back in time to read it and compare the differences to this story. There are more details about both the hostas and the peony in the older post. I just reread it myself for the first time since it was written. Do any of you bloggers go back and read older narratives? Since blogging began at Fairegarden in December of 2007, there are now posts written during the bloom times of the same plants a year later. Interesting to compare them.april-1-2009-063-2There were no windflowers last year, Anemone blanda. That is because there was a rock on top of the patch of these diminutive beauties that was just recently moved. Lo and behold what crawled out from under that rock.april-1-2009-041-2There was not a shot of Narcissus ‘Geranium’ since the daffodils were grouped into mid and late bloomers for separate posts in 2008.april-1-2009-018-21There were no photos of the lilacs, Syringa vulgaris opening because there were no flowers last year. The curly willow trees that were creating too much shade for sun loving lilacs to bloom, not to mention blocking the satellite dish, were downsized last summer allowing for bud formation on the lilacs.april-1-2009-010-2The white tree peony at the end of the knot garden is showing white petticoats around a few of the buds.april-1-2009-011-2It will be a few more days of warming sunshine that will cause the flowers to swirl their skirts open like provocative can can dancers.april-1-2009-070-2The tulips had a post of their own too. Click here if you are interested.april-1-2009-072-2But none of the photos of Tulipa ‘Silverstream’ contained someone peeking back at the camera.april-1-2009-077-2Tulipa clusiana ‘Lady Jane’ looked pretty much the same.april-1-2009-068-2Tulipa ‘Little Princess’, co-planted with T. Little Beauty, which opens slightly later, was not shown with a wildling violet. This does give some perspective on the names including the word * little* though.april-1-2009-045-2Before we say adieu, this Muscari ‘Valerie Finnis’ will be showcased in this happy planting with white violas and Heuchera ‘Citronelle’ in the front stoned faced raised planter backed by blue star junipers. The Muscaris were moved from the driveway edging of the pink muhly grass last fall for they disappeared amidst the light straws of last years blades, even when those were cut to six inches tall. Tall Alliums were planted with the muhly along with astilbes for the spring interest this year. We shall see how that works out. Valerie approves of her moves.april-1-2009-035-2It was such a nice day that Kitty was allowed out to accompany me around the garden. He responded by attacking the deck railing with ears back and eyes flashing. This was a good way to welcome my favorite month of the year, April.

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  1. Joy says:

    First … I LOVE Kitty ! .. the ears back and eyes flashing is perfect (very much a Halloween kitty and that is PERFECT !)
    White Feather hosta ! I am amazed to see it in your garden Frances .. I had a friend more south here in Ontario, she loved the picture of it in the catalog .. ordered three (quite pricey at the time) and it flopped on her .. our winters might have been a bit much for it but the show they had in the summer was not great either. So well done girl !!
    Mr. Spider .. what a great shot : ) I guess he will be charging a nominal fee next time .. perhaps a few autographs if he is in a good mood ? LOL

    Hi Joy, Kitty says thank you very much. It is Hazel, the black long hair that is Halloween personified though. These hostas were not cheap, a gift from daughter Semi, and last year they were not nearly as white as they are now. They will change to plain green later, but maybe they need to mature a bit to get that white new growth, or the weather has to be just right, who knows. This year’s show is a pleasant surprise. Mr Spider looks kind of scary, talk about Halloween! HA

  2. linda says:

    Oh my goodness Frances, your garden has really come alive, and is looking gorgeous. Your photos are beautiful, love the spider shot! I’m glad you found your windflowers! I found some surprise lilies sprouting under some stepping stones I added to the garden last summer. I thought they might be under there, so I started checking when the others came up. They’ve been moved to a better spot, and I hope, like your windflowers, they’ll recover and bloom later this summer.

    Your early April looks like our late April/early May. Seeing everything coming alive in your garden is so exciting – it won’t be long now here, and I can hardly wait.

    Hi Linda, thanks, it is really buzzing around here, the bees, wasps, etc. were out in full force yesterday for the first time this year. The whole place was humming. Good deal for your surprise lilies, I love those. Some years they bloom better than others, for unknown reasons. My garden is a coming attraction for your own, maybe? πŸ™‚

  3. gail says:

    Frances, I am in awe of your garden this fine April day! The photos are fantastic and everything looks beautiful…Geranium, the lilac and the little spider in the tulip…wow! Let’s hope we have a a little break from the rain so we can see the tree peonies bloom. I remember putting a patio umbrella over mine one year! Have a sweet day! gail

    Hi Gail, thanks so much. It promises to be rain free for a few hours anyway and I hope to get a couple of things done. It is cool enough that the tree peonies will hold off for a few more days I think. Well below freezing forecast for Monday night!!!! Get the blankets ready.

  4. Janet says:

    Good morning Frances, I love that white peony. Very lovely. I like the idea of planting the allium in with the muhly…good interplanting.
    I am amazed that your garden is so far along. When is your last average killing frost? My hostas are up about 2 or 3 inches and the maples are just starting to unfurl their leaves. Our last frost date is April 10. — zone 7b

    Hi Janet, thanks. We shall see how the allium works, I needed something taller that would bloom after the tulips, etc. The foliage looks real good right now and the muhly is just starting to grow. I am hoping the grass foliage does not hide the allium flowers, Purple Sensation and Drumstick. We are zone 7a, but close to 7b. The other hostas are just barely out of the ground. I don’t know what is up with these. April 10 is our last frost date too.

  5. Oh, I must find that White Feather hosta Frances. Do you remember where you got it?
    Your kitty is so cute. I can just imagine its excitement to find some other cat had marked its territory. Seeing the little spider peeking at us is a treat too. Great pictures.

    Hi Lisa, thanks. Semi bought the white feathers for me last year, I don’t remember whether she mail ordered them, but think so, from Van Bourgienden possibly. She may not remember either. HA They do turn solid green later on, this is their big deal, in early spring.

  6. Randy says:

    What stunning photos!Some of them look like you had to lay on your belly to take them. LOL
    The light on the daffodil is incredible!

    Hi Randy, thanks. Let us just say that I am fairly flexible still, although getting up can be slow. πŸ™‚

  7. Monica says:

    Fiona does the exact same thing to the back of a wicker chair I have outside. πŸ™‚ A neighbor always brings me some tree peony flowers–they are huge–but it’s a bit early for that yet, here. Also love the little tulip visitor and the windflowers–aren’t they sweet? Glad the rock was moved. Also glad your lilac is blooming. My friend’s has buds!

    Hi Monica, thanks. Kitty was glad to be outside with me, and was kind of showing off. The weather was so nice and warm and the sun was perfect. I thought those windflowers were gone, haven’t seen them for several years. Glad to know they will wait patiently for the doofus to move the rock off of them. HA I love the lilacs but they don’t usually last long here for it gets warm too quickly and fries them. This is a cooler wetter spring, we hope the flowers will last longer.

  8. Barbara says:

    Oh Frances, your garden is just an enchantment in April. And, I appreciate your crawling around on your tummy to get all those wonderful shots. Between the light and the blooms, you’ve really got me thinking about what’s to come. Today it will be 60 & I’ll be able to start to take some of the leaves out of the outer beds – can hardly wait.

    Hi Barbara, thanks. And thanks for cheering me up with your oven rant, it was priceless! So glad you will be able to get outside too. It sures makes one feel better.

  9. Dave says:

    Great shot of the spider! It is interesting to see the difference between last year’s post and this year’s. Your cat seems to be having fun!

    Hi Dave, thanks. And thanks for reading last year’s post. It reminds us how different the weather can be from one year to the next around here.

  10. Frances,

    What glorious spring photos! Your kitty is doing what cats do! πŸ™‚ I do go back and read old blog posts to see what “time” the plants were in bloom.


    Hi Cameron, thanks. I go back and look at the photos for that info, but seldom read the whole thing. I did this time, surprised at how much narrative was written. It reminds me of looking in the mirror, to read what I have written. πŸ™‚

  11. tina says:

    What a good picture of Kitty! Looking a lot like spring there and those hostas look so pretty!

    Hi Tina, Kitty says thank you. I love seeing all the hostas poke up, and these have been much whiter than last year.

  12. Diana says:

    I just love those Tulipas, Frances. I bought 3 of my own this week and they are going into the ground today! They are in little peat pots and blooming and I will find them a safe little spot where the deer can’t eat them. These are the only kinds of Tulips that we can grow here in Central Texas, so I am excited about them. Having only started my blog in July 07, I am interested to check back and see what was going on at the same time last year! I thought our Mountain Laurels were early but when I looked up last year’s post on the blog, we were only 3 days ahead, so it was very educational. I’m sure there are more ways for me to put that info to some productive use!

    Hi Diana, thanks. Good deal on your tulips, may they live long and prosper! It is nice to see the dates we posted about certain things blooming, and what we wrote about them too.

  13. commonweeder says:

    Your kitty bears an amazing resemblance to our Miss Holly. We got her from the shelter and I once asked our vet if she thought Holly was a Russian Blue. She looked at me, sighed and said, I think she is a very nice cat. She is. Beautiful photos. We started at about the same time and I do go back to re-read. The result is a resolution to more frequent and complete picture taking.

    Hi Pat, Miss Holly must be a beauty then. I love them all, but the solid grays have a regal look to them. The number of photos that I take since starting to blog has increased beyond counting. It used to just be for record keeping purposes. Not anymore. πŸ™‚

  14. SAM says:

    Frances, I love your alternative universe! All the photos are amazing, but I especially like spidy looking back. Were you freaked out when taking this photo?

    Hi SAM, Secret Aging Man, love your moniker and welcome to the alternative universe. Thanks for the kind words. I am not afraid of spiders, but do not take my photos with my eye to the viewfinder, using the LCD screen held away from me so was not as close as you might think. I took several shots and he kept moving closer to the edge, coming towards me. That was the closest, I don’t know what would have happened if he decided to jump onto the camera though, probably just flick him off. HA

  15. Lona says:

    Your spring garden is so pretty. You have o much in it. I love the tree peony.I have never saw one in bloom before.The big white buds look like it will be beautiful. Would love to see a picture when the buds open.

    Hi Lona, thanks. There is a great variety here. I don’t know if we will get a photo of the white one in bloom this year or not, rain can spoil the blooms and keep me from taking pictures too. Rain is predicted for the next several days. You can go to the older post link to see it is bloom last year. It is quite lovely, if short lived. The blooms, not the bush, it is very long lived.

  16. Daphne Gould says:

    Wow you have lilacs already? They are gorgeous and one of my favorites. They usually bloom here around Mother’s Day. Mine didn’t bloom until May 30th since it is a late blooming one.

    Hi Daphne, the lilacs usually open around the first week in April here, and last as long as the weather stays cool. Sometimes it is in the 80s and the blossoms just fry. I pick them to bring inside when it is hot, this year is cooler, hooray!

  17. lzyjo says:

    You have such a lovely collection! The violas and muscari look particularly charming together.

    Hi Izyjo, thanks so much. Valerie is looking good in her newer surroundings. She was too light to show up amongst the muhly grass.

  18. Silvia Salix says:

    That lilac is stunning! I can almost smell it… *sigh*
    Love the white violas combined with grape hyacinths, makes a lovely cool setting.

    Hi Silvia, so nice to see you here! The lilacs are a true harbinger of spring, with that scent and beautiful blue. The mix of Valerie Finnis and white violas turned out much better than expected. That is sort of a dark corner, the lighter colors help it become more of a focal point.

  19. Stacey says:

    I just happened across your blog, and am really enjoying it! Beautiful spring photographs!! All your flowers are wonderful. I look forward to coming back to see more.

    Hi Stacy, thanks and welcome. So glad you liked what you found. πŸ™‚

  20. Kitty is pretty.

    The tree peony looks perfect ‘pulling’ up by the old fence. Do you guard against slugs and snails for the hosta(s)?

    Your photos are terrific.


    Hi Rob, thanks. I do think those types of fences make good background for any type of planting. Our hostas are not bothered by slugs and snails, but other things sometimes are, in particular the primroses in late winter. I have tried all kinds of methods, trying not to use the slug poison, including the last couple of years, rings of dryer lint around each plant. The only thing that really works is warmer weather. Our summers have been quite dry, and the hostas don’t like that any more than the slugs.

  21. Catherine says:

    It looks so pretty and sunny there! Everything here seems to have gone back into their holding pattern. We had snow yesterday and now rain. Your peonies look so pretty! I just came across that hosta in a plant catalog last night, it’s very pretty.

    Hi Catherine, thanks. It was sunny yesterday, not so much today. Rain in the forecast and freezing temps Monday night. Winter just doesn’t want to give up. That hosta was not as white last year, its first, this is a pleasant surprise.

  22. Phillip says:

    I love that hosta. This reminds me to check my red tree peony. I don’t think it has bloomed this year.

    Hi Phillip, thanks. I have watching my red one also. The white is much more mature and always blooms first. Then there is the younger one that has yet to bloom, but it is growing!

  23. Brenda Kula says:

    I love that spider looking at the camera. Well, I don’t love spiders. You know what I mean. I have never heard of those hostas. Learn something new from you blogging folks all the time. My hostas are just now starting to come up. For awhile I thought they were goners.

    Hi Brenda, thanks. I don’t mind spiders, and this one had pretty blue eyes, or blue somethings. HA Our hostas can look awful or even disappear completely by the end of summer. I was happy to see them return and hope we get enough rain for them to last longer this time around.

  24. layanee says:

    Magic! Please send it this way with the paintbrush! Love the opening shot.

    Hi Layanee, thanks. It is coming your way, maybe in May?

  25. Your shot of the little spider is so great! It puts me in mind of a couple of movies (Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets” and “LOTR: Return of the King.”) I don’t need to go back to re-read what I wrote last spring, as I remember how I tempted fate & got slapped down with that late April freeze. Your Tree Peony shows so much promise. My fingers are crossed for mine to have blooms this year.

    Hi MMD, thanks. I shudder at the spiders in those movies, but was reminded of LOTR with this shot too. You have been commenting on my posts since the beginning, so you can see what you were thinking a year ago. HA I have one tree peony that is supposed to be purple that has never bloomed, cost $40 for a six inch stick. It has grown though, I have it some black Kow composted manure and extra water last year. They do like a lot of water and feeding while youngsters. No buds on it, but more leaves. Good luck with yours too.

  26. teza says:

    (… one sec,the nephews are mocking me for referring to your H. ‘White Feathers’ as being divine!) but truly it is! I was looking for it and had to settle with one called ‘Outhouse Delight’ from Plants Delight Nursery…. not even remotely comparable, but I did read that the greening is natural for the photosynthesis process throughout the season? I was concerned because the white didn’t last more than a month at best before reverting! And the Anemone blanda, how divine as well! I guess I should just say your garden itself in all of it’s parts is DIVINE!

    HA Teza, thanks. And thanks for bearing the ridicule of youngsters, no matter their age. πŸ™‚ I agree that the hosta is divine, but it is true that within a month it will be all green. Such is life. Right now it is special and deserves to be featured. Maybe a follow up photo as it turns to green will be posted to show what to expect. It is much whiter this year than last. I need to plant more of those little anemones next fall, and not put a rock on top of them, they are so small anyway.

  27. Jean says:

    You’ve really got a lot going on there Frances! Isn’t it nice to see blooms showing up after you’ve done the right thing (e.g. giving those lilacs more sun)? Looks like Kitty was probably happy for spring weather. Those White Feather hostas are really neat. Do they stay colored like that later on in the season? No, I don’t have the option to look back at my old posts. At least not yet. I have to wait til July. πŸ™‚

    Hi Jean, thanks. It is nice to see those lilacs bloom, and those trees were way too large for that space anyway. The white feathers turn all green later on. I am not sure how long they stay white, but do know that they are whiter this, their second year in the ground, than last. After July you will have fun looking back at what was in bloom and what you had to say about it, and what others had to say as well! πŸ™‚

  28. Lythrum says:

    I love the color on your anemone, they are some of my favorite plants. πŸ™‚

    Hi Lythrum, thanks. I need to add more of those. Though small, they are long flowering and tough, obviously.

  29. I like to see what’s blooming in your garden, because I know in another few weeks, the same will be blooming in my garden north of you.

    Hi Carol, thanks. Whatever brings you here, I am always glad to see you. πŸ™‚

  30. Patsi says:

    I’m in heaven…looking at all your beauties.

    Hi Patsi, thanks. It looks like spring has sprung for you as well. Good deal.

  31. Kathleen says:

    Oh Frances, when I grow up I want to have a garden like yours. I can’t imagine how many hours you’ve put in (and continue to put in) to create the masterpiece that exists at Faire Garden. I’m always taken aback by the beauty. Good thing you moved that rock ~ the wind flower was definitely a worthy find. Tree peonies are on my wish list but I don’t know if they’d find my climate amenable or not? I am happy to gaze at yours tho. Love it all, including your adorable attack cat!

    Hi Kathleen, thanks so much. I think your own garden is quite grown up. πŸ™‚ I love working in the garden, any garden where I happen to be living. We have moved so many times that I have not had the pleasure of seeing trees mature, etc. Nine years here is good though and the plantings have filled in enough that the weeding is not the same task it once was. Tree peonies are very cold tolerant, it is the heat they dislike so you might be able to grow them. Kitty thanks you for acknowledging his scariness. HA

  32. Just beautiful Hosta! I don’t think I’ve seen these before. Your garden continues to inspire me, Frances! As always, happy gardening!

    Hi Tessa, thanks. The white feather hostas were shown in some catalogs a couple of years ago and now are not even in them. Maybe people were disappointed that they are only white for a month or so then turn a nondescript green. Happy gardening to you too, those are some big seedlings!

  33. Victoria says:

    Frances, I am literally speechless with admiration. It looks beautiful. (And I love Kitty!)

    Hi Victoria, thanks so much, and Kitty expresses gratitude as well. I was thrilled to read that you have been to the TN Overhill district. We live right in the middle of that area. You should have dropped by! πŸ™‚

  34. Frances, I swear I can smell your garden’s fragrances from here! What a treat…and how lovely to see Kitty out protecting you from dangerous railings. They can’t be trusted, you know (railings, not kitties).

    Hi Jodi, thanks from Kitty and from me. There are many sweet smells in the garden right now. The strongest is the patch of self sown wallflowers under the garage deck. I walk by there so often and always turn my head to look at them when the fragrance raps me on the nose with a smile.

  35. It’s wonderful isn’t it, that your garden is never the same. It doesn’t matter if you have changed anything, nature will do it for you.

    Kitty could be a fully paid up member of the Bliss team, wouldn’t you say? πŸ˜‰ They all have spring on the brain too.

    Hi YE, we agree that Kitty looks so much like your pure breds, even though he is just a Tennessee farm cat. I am still reeling from listening to Tommy, right behind you, I feel the glory! HA The gardens are never static, even if we haven’t changed a single planting ourselves. Seedlings appear, things grow or dwindle, it is ever changing. Love it.

  36. Racquel says:

    White Feather Hosta makes a nice companion to the Garnet Japanese Maple. That combo of colors is striking! Looks like the changes you made in the garden brought you more spring bloomers this year. Change is a necessity sometimes. πŸ™‚

    Hi Racquel, thanks. This is the moment for that vignette, when the maple has not completely leafed out to block the view of the hostas from the lower paths. Once the hosta turns green, it doesn’t really show up much with all the other stuff around anyway. It seems gardens are little moments of glory, before that time passes and something else draws our eyes. The spreading of the daffs is certainly time well spent. So glad you did yours. πŸ™‚

  37. Carol says:

    Frances… Your garden… how lovely… and breathtaking photos! It is hard in a way to see you living in what will be… but knowing all the plants I love are alive, abundant and flowering there, gives an early delight, when it is not so lush and bright in color here. I am indeed following you in my wilder later state of bloom. Sweet kitty!

    Hi Carol, thanks so much. I understand what you are saying, seeing the life just ahead here that will be happening soon there. Your place is much much wilder though, even with the wildness of Kitty here. πŸ™‚

  38. Sweet Bay says:

    Great pictue of the spider on the tulip! I love it!

    Hi Sweetbay, thanks. He surprised me when he came closer. πŸ™‚

  39. Frances,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- and yes! No trays next year πŸ™‚

    Hi Tessa, thanks. There are several things that will be done differently next year. Life is learning. πŸ™‚

  40. Meems says:

    Hi Frances,
    I remember last year’s post well… the title indeed creative and “memorable”. So many great photos in this post… the hosta is especially pretty due to its light coloring in contrast. The maple hovering over it adds to the stunning vignette you’ve created.

    Your garden is coming alive in full fashion… the tulips all so ‘faire’ in their glory.

    Glad you made room for the lilacs to bloom… very pretty, too.
    Happy gardening weekend to you.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

    Hi Meems, thanks, you are so sweet. I wonder how many realize white feather is a hosta before reading about it? Lots of life here now, but frost warning for a few days next week. In a dither about what to cover, the past has shown that the important things here are the Japanese maples with the young tender leaves. Save the maples! is the battle cry.

  41. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I can’t wait to visit your garden to see what’s up. It is always a treat. I bought a tree peony this year already blooming and was wondering when they actually bloom. Thanks for info as always.

    Hi Donna, thanks. I am in awe of your buying a tree peony in bloom! I have never even seen for for sale that was large enough to bloom, at any price. Good luck with yours. Our two blooming sized ones bloom early to mid April, but we may be a tad warmer here.

  42. kerri says:

    The hostas and hellebores under the Garnet Japanese maple make a peaceful and beautiful picture, Frances.
    Your spring garden is fair indeed πŸ™‚
    I adore the t. clusiana and ‘Little Princess’. And Kitty is obviously wild about being outside in the fresh air. He’s beautiful πŸ™‚
    Happy April! It’s bringing us showers today (downpours is a more apt description).

    Hi Kerri, thanks so much. The light was just right that day. The little species tulips are small but more reliable to return with blooms. This is Little Princess’ second year and they are much better than the first, that is not usually the case with tulips here. Showers are better than downpours, but all rain is good for us. We are hoping to escape yet another drought this summer so welcome all rain.

  43. Frances, Another lovely moment with your garden. And that Narcissus ‘Geranium’ is going on my order list–wonderful the way you captured it!

    Hi PD, thanks. That is a fine daff. Each stem is a bouquet, with many blooms per. It is fragrant as well. A good choice to add to the list.

  44. Dawn says:

    Oh, your garden is so gorgeous, Frances. I could move rocks all day and not find anything that beautiful springing forth from beneath it. Well done you!
    And I love your kitty. It must be nice to have such a loyal gardening companion and protector. I’m glad he’s keeping that wild deck railing in line. A fellow can’t be too careful these days. >^~,~^<

    Hi Dawn, so nice to see you, thanks. Not all rock moving here results in such a discovery either. HA Kitty is a sweetheart. He is my champion against wayward railings. πŸ™‚

  45. rose says:

    Good morning, Frances! I’m enjoying seeing all the lovely signs of spring in your garden today. I am in warm and very dry Arizona right now where wildflowers and cacti are in bloom, but I’m looking forward to the tulips and maybe the redbud blooming when I get back. I’m sure there will be a few linsey-woolsey days left in Illinois, though:)

    It’s nice to have a year’s record of blooms, isn’t it, for comparison.

    Hi Rose, thanks. I can imagine you soaking up the family and warm weather along with the wildflowers in Arizona. Hope all went well with traveling back, if you are home by now. It is nice to have the old blog posts to check back, for many reasons. πŸ™‚

  46. lynn says:

    Frances, you knock me over with all that beauty! Funny you topped your willow to get the lilacs to bloom and I topped MY lilac to let my roses bloom! I may be sorry now..lol. That hosta is beautiful!

    Hi Lynn, thanks. That is funny. Why did we plant those things so close together is the big question, what were we thinking? At least we can fix it. πŸ™‚

  47. Your tree peony is lovely, and it was nice to see the Tulips, Lady Jane – I had forgotten those – I had them in my last garden, but the best is that little monster glaring at the camera from the tulip, too funny!

    Hi Karen, thanks. He does look pretty scary, doesn’t he? I loved his blue markings.

  48. Krys says:

    Your garden is beyond beautiful!

    Hi Krys, thanks, so glad you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  49. Patsi says:

    Never heard of white feather hostas. But I guess there’s 100’s of varieties. Love the little tulips !

    Hi Patsi, thanks. This hosta was on the cover of a catalog a couple of years ago but hasn’t been seen since. Maybe the changing over to all green in a month or so was too much of a disappointment for it to remain in commerce. HA

  50. Okay, that does it! I AM buying ‘White Feather’! It has been on my short list since I first saw it and your photo did me in. They are gorgeous. I know they change later, but no matter, that white emergence is worth it!

    Kitty looks just like our Jilly! What a cutie!

    We have ‘Lady Jane’ too and they are up, but no signs of buds yet. It’s just a bit early here. They are my favorite tulips. Or maybe the fringed pink ones are… Anyway, I love them!

    Your photos are stunning!

    Hi Kylee, thanks. I agree, and think White Feather is worthy of a place in your garden. A month of that light coloration is the same as a month of bloom, and we don’t argue against any perennials that give that long a show. It is way whiter this year than last for whatever reason.

  51. Beautiful. Are you getting a freeze tonight? 29F for us tonight & 24F tomorrow night. All may be lost here.~~Dee

    Hi Dee, tonight and tomorrow night are the warnings here. I have covered the camellia in bloom with a garbage can and will cover the largest of the Japanese maples with frost cover. It cannot all be covered though. The seedlings are in the cold frame, a covered tunnel and the greenhouse. Many are already planted in the ground though. They are too scattered to cover. We are hoping the wind stays strong and the clouds cover us. I am so sorry if you have had losses, it is so disheartening. 24 is bad.

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