Mae Rain

may-3-2009-080-2There has been rain.may-3-2009-079-2It is right for the sky to be crying.may-3-2009-061-2For there has been a tragic loss in our neighborhood.may-3-2009-045-2One of the angels of our neighborhood has passed away. Originally written about here.may-3-2009-025-2She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.may-3-2009-008-2But her memory will live on in the many plants and flowers she so generously shared with one and all.may-3-2009-009-2Among them this orange iris, the color of her beloved University of Tennessee Volunteers.may-3-2009-065-2So please forgive us for feeling a little blue.may-3-2009-063-3Thank you, Mae, for your kindness and friendship. We promise to try and help Mickey in every possible way.
The comment feature has been turned off for this post. I appreciate all of your kind thoughts, but prefer to not have any comments on this story.
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