More Daylilies-Part Two 2009

June 11, 2009 002 The daylilies are opening with great haste as we approach mid June. One reason for that is the visits to the daylily growers near us begin as soon as the season starts, June the first. Our preference is to purchase plants in bloom, to be sure what we are getting. This results in mostly early season bloomers with it trailing off later. While we have tried to add mid and late flowering varieties, restraint in not getting just the early ones is not being applied. Above is Reality from Sunshine Hollow. June 10, 2009 005 From the denizens of the Black Garden is Soot Storm, passalong from dear neighbors Mae and Mickey. June 10, 2009 007 From the miniature group is Siloam Jim Cooper, from Sunshine Hollow. This one is an excellent bloomer, covered in flowers. Also one of the first purchases, so the plant has a large root system, even though it has been divided several times. June 10, 2009 017 Sometimes the name tags have been lost or misplaced, or there never was one in the first place. From daughter Semi, she claims this to be tagged Rosie Meyer, but research disputes that. So Not Rosie Meyer? it will be. June 11, 2009 003 In the same category, but mixing up the naming a bit is Non Stella. When we first moved back to Tennessee from Texas in 2000, neighbor Mae had me come over to their large garden with my shovel that fall and dig a clump from each of their daylilies, twenty-five in all. Plastic grocer’s bags were labeled with a marking pen with the names on the metal stakes for each piece. The above was in the bag with actual Stella D’Oros. It is a vigorous grower and has been spread at the lower end under the tall pine trees with the Annabelle Hydrangeas, a good mix of orange and white. June 12, 2009 004 Noticing that most of the daylilies were dark colored, the search began for the perfect white one. White Opal is on the short side and rests at the edge of the steps leading from the garage into the garden of white/yellow, from Sunshine Hollow. June 12, 2009 006 Savannah Art from Sunshine Hollow has a watercolor appearance and is a favorite here. June 12, 2009 008After the planting of the twenty-five daylilies from Mae and Mickey all together on the hill newly cleared of unwanted trees surrounding the multi trunk silver maple with the roots ground two feet below the soil, new purchases were planted willy nilly around the property. It was as if we were blindfolded and spun around, shovel and daylily in hand to decide what would go where. This has resulted in some of the daylilies being moved many times, always in full bloom of course, because that is when the error of the planting site would become apparent. Poor little Lullaby Baby has been moved the most of all. She now resides with the miniature group, for she is a wee thing, and has finally been in the ground a whole season to be able to produce substantial and happy flowers. From Sunshine Hollow. June 12, 2009 011 As a more recent purchase, after seeing the error of my ways, Dance Ballerina Dance has benefitted from never being moved. From Sunshine Hollow, this one is part of my search for the perfect orange. June 13, 2009 034 Excitement here in the Fairegarden began when seedpods formed on some of the first daylily plantings. Some seedlings appeared in the gravel paths, other seeds were planted in specific spots to be watched. Research told us it would be five years before flowers were produced on these seedlings. Most seemed to be the venerable Pardon Me’s offspring, but this one looks like Emperor’s Dragon. We are naming it Emperor Baby. Welcome to the garden, young one. June 13, 2009 035 Also the result of insect pollination, planted next to Emperor Baby, both thought to have been seeds from Pardon Me is Red Baby. This one does not look like the assumed parent either, with an orange rather than green throat. Very interesting. The seed pods will be properly labeled this year with the plant name from which they are gathered. But with so many cultivars and flying insects visiting them all, who knows what we might end up with? Stay tuned for more. To read the previous post from the 2009 beginning of daylily blooms, click here. For a list of all the daylilies grown here a new page has been created and can be accessed on the sidebar at any time, just under the ad for the best ice cream in the world from The Hop, or click here.

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  1. lynn says:

    Oh France, I would love to stroll through your garden at the height of daylily blooms…what wonderful colors you have! From this post, we only have in common ‘Lullaby Baby’, a new mail order I planted last fall. Savannah Art would be a favorite for me too! Is Oakes Daylilies near your neck of the woods? I’ll post my ‘Eenie Weenie’ soon so pop over for a visit. More pictures, please!

    Hi Lynn, thanks, I am so glad you are enjoying the daylily posts. They are really for my own records more than anything else. Oakes is about an hour from me. Daughter Semi and I went up there one year and decided we could do better closer to home. The prices are better at Champions and WAY better at Sunshine Hollow, and much more convenient. I see Eenie Weenie is on the list at Sunshine Hollow. I might have to obtain one for the mini bed. Thanks for the idea. There are already several photos in the next post folder. Yesterday I bought Ada May Musick and Semi gave me Little Grapette. The collection grows. 🙂

  2. RainGardener says:

    Beautiful Daylilies. Emporor Baby is a gorgeous color. I really am going to have to get more! Add to wishlist!

    Hi RainGardener, thanks. The parent Emperor’s Dragon is quite stunning also, with more ruffle to the petals though. The seedlings blooming is very exciting for me, not knowing what will be produced.

  3. Janet says:

    It looks great! I am saving various purple and yellow bloom photos with the names of the plant…I snatched one from you–Emperor Baby. Planning a yellow and purple blooming garden for SC.

    Hi Janet, thanks. I have been wondering if you were planning a new garden yet, and when the big move is happening. Yellow and purple sounds great, but don’t forget the orange. 🙂

  4. Beckie says:

    Frances, you are so easy when it comes to new daylilies. 🙂 Of ocurse they are all beautiful and who can chose just one or 2?? I love the Emperor Baby- a color I have not seen before. I have one that id close to Soot Storm, but it is named Ruby ??. The last part of the name faded before I got it written down. Your searh for the prefect white and orange waswell worth the effort. Love both of them. My pass alonf Stella’s are blooming and I am seeing buds on some of my other daylilies-hopefully it won’t be long before I can show some photos of mine.

    Hi Beckie, yes, I am a pushover for the daylilies, even when I fully intend to purchase no more, they still keep coming home with me. Could your Ruby ?? by Ruby Whitmore? I have one similar with that name. Can’t wait to see yours. 🙂

  5. I just love the surprise of the daylily blooms even though not knowing their names.

    Hi Lisa, that would be fun, sort of like not knowing the gender of your unborn child. 🙂

  6. Patsi says:

    What a selection of daylilies !!
    So many different colors on just one flower is stunning.

    Thanks, Patsi, glad you enjoyed them.

  7. Gail says:

    Frances, They are delightful~named or not. Daylilies always make me smile and wish for more sunny garden space… I like the form and color of Non Stella…but, Red Baby is a close second. What’s the latest blooming daylily you have? gail

    Hi Gail, thanks. Many of mine are in the shade, including Non Stella, which you will be receiving to give a try. Hmmm, the latest ones are Classic Rose, Trahlyta, and the ever blooming Pardon Me, first to open, last to quit. Didn’t I give you some Pardon Me last year?

  8. Semi says:

    ohhh daylily babies how sweet! I like the pardon me baby! But of course they are all beautiful! I already want to go back to champions! I like not being at the beach when they are opening. One year I tried to make josh take pics, I got 3 pics. Maybe my dark one out back is soot storm. Love u semi.

    Dear Semi, thanks for all you have shared with me. This year let us make a list of what we each have that the other does not and rectify that, okay? I remember the efforts of Josh, HA. You do have Soot Storm.
    Love, Frances

  9. tina says:

    They are all so beautiful. Here mine are finally coming into bloom. I am like you used to be, still moving daylilies and all sorts of plants while in full bloom. I guess I haven’t yet learned to plant them in the right spot the first time:( One of these days. Reality is my favorite and what wonderful neighbors to share with you.

    Hi Tina, thanks. I think it is difficult to find the right spots for them sometimes, all that foliage when they are not in bloom tends to be messy. Grouping many together looks the best, IMHO. And how about those neighbors? Reality is a stand out, good eye! 🙂

  10. I love the size and the central medallions on all the Siloam varieties. Many of my daylilies are from my previous small garden and so I planted tetraploid rather than dips which are smaller scale to fit that space. I’ve got more room now but I fell in love with those delicate ones. And nothing like those deep reds and purples is there?!

    Hi Linda, I agree, all the Siloams are wonderful. I don’t know much about the differences, but make my purchases strictly by emotional tugs. I love them all, it is hard to choose when at these daylily farms with hundreds in bloom to choose from.

  11. marmee says:

    your daylilies are so wonderful…i have yet to plant any here…i left a bunch at our house in the city. i love the emperor baby and dance ballerina dance.

    hey i missed when you annouced the winner of the viola beauty contest. who won?

    Hi Marmee, thanks. I would imagine there are some wonderful daylily farms in your area, they love Tennessee. It is fun to buy them in bloom from the growers, you know exactly what you are getting. As for the Viola Beauty Contest, Miss Loueez won by a hair, er petal. The count was tallied after we returned home from Chicago. 🙂

  12. Hi Frances


    I’ve clicked through to see the list of daylilies, goodness me, to say quite a few is an understatement.

    Thanks for showing them.


    Hi Rob, thanks for checking out the list. At some point I might get them in alphabetical order. 🙂

  13. Joanne says:

    Gosh such a variety. You must have so much space. I find they take a lot of room.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Frances I really need to go to bed I am so tired but I couldn’t resist a quick peek at this when i found it on my dashboard. You never fail to disappoint. Such amazing photos and such lvely variety of flowers. Thank you. I will dream of flowers instead of weeds.

    Hi Joanne, do go to bed dear, and get some rest. The blog posts will be waiting for you, forever! 🙂 Our garden is not large, less than one third of an acre, the hill makes it appear larger, and there is just a smidgen of lawn.

  14. You say you were excited to see seed pods forming on the daylilies… Mine always form seed pods and I always pinch them off. If I leave them will I get more spread? I’m not sure why I thought I was supposed to snap them off.

    Hi Jill, when the seed pods turn brown and begin to open, I plant the seeds in the ground. Then wait. It will take years for a bloom, but what the heck?

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