Sea Creatures-Vacation 2009

July 22, 2009 beach old cam 039 (2) A recent vacation to the Isle Of Palms, South Carolina included the sighting of sea creatures large and small. This tiny crab greeted us the first morning at daybreak as the camera made its first trip to the shore. July 23 2009 Allan 010 (2) Starfish were washing up in the surf by the hundreds. We were busy on the rescue mission, sending them back from whence they came. Offspring of offspring Chickenpoet, MA holds one for a portrait before returning it to the ocean waters. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Chickenpoet) July 23 2009 Allan 098 (2) MA again inspecting a found shell with seaweed attached. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Chickenpoet) July 22, 2009 rob 181 (2) The population density, or lack thereof, of the beach was amazing. Sea creatures Chickenpoet with offspring MA and GA look for starfish, crabs or anyone else in need of saving while LTB shows the Fairegardener a shell he found. (Photo courtesy of Semi) July 22, 2009 rob 089 (2) Fishing is part of the beach vacation tradition. Offspring Gardoctor is the master fisherman, catching two at one time. A policy of catch and release is followed. (Photo courtesy of Semi) July 23 2009 Allan 051 (2) The Financier also enjoys trying to outwit the fish. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Chickenpoet) July 23, 2009 rob 065 (2) This little stingray was caught and released by The Financier, very gingerly. (Photo courtesy of Semi) July 23 2009 Allan 068 (2) The game of baseball is a common theme amongst the offspring and their offspring. GA winds up to burn it into the waiting mitt of Gardoctor. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Chickenpoet) July 22, 2009 rob 146 (2) A very famous sea creature was spotted as the male Fairegarden clan members enjoyed a night out at the local Charleston Waterdogs baseball game. Yes, Spongebob Squarepants was in attendence, much to the delight of LTB. (Photo Courtesy of Mr. Semi) July 24, 2009 rob 006 (2) On the final night of rest and recreation a surprise birthday cake was presented to the soon to be entering another decade Gardoctor. As he did when presented with an iced cake upon turning three, he dug in face first, with gusto. (Photo courtesy of Semi on the timer just as the sun was setting) From left: LTB doing his Elvis impersonation, Mr. Semi, Semi, Frances behind MA doing his group photo cutup face, Gardoctor, Mr. Chickenpoet behind Ms. Chickenpoet, GA with icing on his shoulder doing his turtle face and The Financier. Sister of The Financier, Lynn had already left for a long drive home. Missing in action were Mr. and Mrs. Brokenbeat, who had to tend to the selling of ice cream at The Hop in Asheville, North Carolina.

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25 Responses to Sea Creatures-Vacation 2009

  1. Darla says:

    Beautiful sea creatures and the land creatures look pretty good too!! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all….

    Thanks, Darla. I know the vacation photos are not exactly garden material or particularly interesting to the casual reader. I appreciate your kind remarks, we did have a wonderful time.

  2. Nicole says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all. And what a variety of sea creatures, indeed.

    Thanks Nicole. It is a delight to share the beach and ocean with the denizens who live there. The starfish phenomena was a first for us. The little feet tickled our hands as we gently returned them to the water.

  3. Janet says:

    Great vacation shots. Love the starfish! That was a good sized one.

    Hi Janet, thanks. That was one of the larger ones. We had never seen them do that before, but have found sand dollars by the hundreds in the sandy bottom at about waist level water nearby other years.

  4. marmee says:

    family vacations are the best. we love going to the beach too. usually sanibel island, fl. we’ve had a few stay~cations recently. so happy you had a wonderful time…your family is delightful. love the sea creatures too.

    Thanks Marmee, I agree completely. The beach is our favorite destination, something for every family member, young and old.

  5. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I love exploring the beach. What finds!

    Thanks Donna. Lots of gifts from the sea this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Catherine says:

    There is a lot of interesting sea life there! We usually see starfish in tide pools here, not just washing up on the beach. I bet the kids loved it. Of course Sponge Bob would’ve been a huge hit with my little one too!

    Hi Catherine, thanks. We were all amazed at the starfish, something we had not encountered before. Mr. Semi said that Spongebob was more of a draw for the crowd than the baseball game. HA

  7. Dawn says:

    Oh, I could use a good vacation right about now, beautiful pictures, sounds like fun for all.
    Ltb is so cute, I’ll bet I know how he got that cast….I say with a humming tone to my voice.

    Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting. I can highly recommend the beach to lose your troubles. He broke his foot climbing up an embankment at the lake with loose rocks. A large one fell on his little footsie, poor thing. He is a bit reckless sometimes. He should have taken the steps up, like his parents did. They will insist on it from now on, although he probably will be more cautious now.

  8. Gail says:

    Frances, Everyone looks like they had a great time! The younger boys were busy finding and rescuing sea creatures….Was it storming out there? The beach looked nice and empty! Plenty of room for a family to play all kinds of ball games….Did you get any of the rain that’s falling? i hope so~ gail

    Hi Gail, thanks, we got an inch and a quarter late this afternoon, thankfully. No storms at the beach, it just was not a crowded spot, ideal for playing games that take a lot of room. We needed the bocce balls, it would have been a perfect place for them, but forgot to bring the bag. There was no boredom while there.

  9. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Gosh, I feel like I have been to the beach. Great outing with the family. So glad all had a good time. When I glanced at the baseball photo I thought there was a big clam on his “mitt” hand. tee hee…

    Thanks Lisa, for joining us. I looked back and saw the dark clam shell too, how funny you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. chuck b. says:

    A low population density beach vacation sounds like just the thing.

    Hi Chuck, yes, we need lots of space to fully enjoy the experience of a beach vacation. This one had plenty of room for us to spread out without bothering others. Perfect.

  11. Diana says:

    What amazing finds, Frances. We’ve never been that lucky — maybe we need a better beach than the Gulf Coast. I’ll have to show all these great creatures to my little one – she will love seeing photos of them all alive! Glad you had such a great time with the whole gang. What a treat.

    Hi Diana, thanks. The Carolina shores are very different from the Gulf in so many ways. We do like all beaches but this one was just fabulous. Hope your young one enjoys the creatures, ours really did. Especially the sponge at the baseball game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Frances, What a Wonderful trip you had! A perfectly gorgeous day and (ohmygoodness!) the ocean photos make me want to jump right in! I love all the ‘sea creatures!’ What an interesting starfish. ๐Ÿ™‚ You made some special memories.

    Hi Shady, thanks, we really did have a great time. The starfish were amazing, the way their little scillas or whatever they are moved them along, and tickled was a treat for the kids and adults too.

  13. lynn says:

    It’s evident in these wonderful photos how much fun you all had, Frances! Thanks for sharing with us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank YOU for reading about our vacation, Lynn. Glad you liked it.

  14. Jake says:

    I have never, on vacation to the beach before I moved to Florida and until now going to the beach a lot, seen any of those marine animals.


    Hi Jake, we had not seen starfish alive before either. The life in the ocean and shore is incredibly diverse, we love learning more about it and interacting.

  15. Beckie says:

    Frances, how fun it all looks. Wonderful that you could spend time as a family. And teaching the little ones about rescuing the starfish had to be special for them as well.

    Thanks Beckie, a wonderful time was had by all. Rescuing the starfish was their first thought. Chickenpoet is the most animal loving human ever born. To an irrational extreme sometimes.

  16. gittan says:

    Lovely pictures of the sea creatures Frances. It seems to me as a great family vacation! We did spend yesterday at Denmarks aquarium looking at all those creatures to, but it’s not the same as seing them IRL / gittan

    Thanks, Gittan. We love aquariums too, but love the beach more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. joey says:

    How delightful, Frances. You have a beautiful family and lovely memories. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Joey, thanks for visiting and those kind words.

  18. Tatyana says:

    Hi Frances! It is so nice to see all these water pictures! We came back from cool Alaska and are suffering now from an unusual for the PNW heat wave (90-100)! All the best to your big beautiful family!

    Thanks Tatyana. Alaska must have been beautiful and cool. Sorry to hear about your heat too. That is even hotter than here. My family thanks you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Rose says:

    Beautiful photos, and what a lovely family you have, Frances! My grandkids would be so jealous of that photo of LTB with Spongebob:)

    Thanks Rose. When we told the kids Spongebob was going to be at the baseball game, even the nine and ten year olds were pleased.

  20. Sue says:

    What fun! It’s probably good you didn’t figure out your email was taken over until you got home, so your enjoyment of your vacation wasn’t compromised. I think the photo of the stingray is my favorite.

    Living in Nebraska, we have only had one ocean vacation, and that was to the Outer Banks in North Carolina June of 2007. We loved the Ocean and the beach.

    Hi Sue, thanks. Growing up in Oklahoma, I did not see the ocean until in my twenties and was blown away by the power of it. When we lived in Pennsylvania, after I was married, we used to vacation in Nags Head in the Outer Banks. I still love that area.

  21. Semi says:

    What a great vacation! Ltb was so funny jumpin & dead man in the pool. I could live @ the beach! Painting in the morning was great to. Love u

    Hello dear Semi. We did get so much entertainment value from LTB. The dead man fall was just too much. Wouldn’t we like to peek inside that brain to see how he comes up with stuff?
    Love, Frances

  22. Great photos – it looks like you all are having a blast. I like the Spongebob photo the best.

    It was great MMD. Spongebob was a big hit with the grands too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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