Three Things Wednesday*

The first thing is this Oriental Lilium ‘Salmon Star’. It is being engulfed by Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ foliage which will have to be moved. I completely forgot about this late planted lily, a gift from offspring Semi for my birthday in late April. The color is luscious and will be better appreciated next year when it most likely will bloom at the same time as the other Orientals here. Despite horrible heat and drought, it still looks pretty good, if small in stature.

The second thing is this sweet visitor to the secondary blooming after deadheading Echinacea purpurea flower, a member of the brush footed clan for their tiny, hairy but useless for walking peds, a Variegated Fritillary.

The third thing is another appearance by our tomato eating friend, a male Eastern Box Turtle. We first became acquainted last month as I was cleaning up the out of control tomato patch. I am glad to see he was not traumatized by that encounter with the gardener, for he held his ground as the camera was pointed in his face this time. To read his story click here-Turtle Reds. A sundried yellow pear tomato is in the lower left corner of the image. There was fresher fare for him nearby.

And because we cannot count, you should see what happened when I was invited to select six plants I could not live without, click here-The Six Degrees Of Favorite Plants-SL Blogathon to find out, we end with this heart warming shot of offspring of offspring Semi, LTB, who stayed at the Fairegarden Arms this past weekend while his parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. Kitty was mighty glad for the extra attention he got from our guest. (LTB is growing so fast.)

*It really should be Three Things Thursday, of course, a fun meme invented by Cindy of From My Corner Of Katy, but since the posts here are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, this will have to do. Do feel free to join in on the correct day!


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20 Responses to Three Things Wednesday*

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Good Morning Frances. I am up even before you this morning. Great to have your post to read. That lily is gorgeous. What fun it is to find the turtle in your garden. He doesn’t look too happy with that camera in his face. Handsome dude. Speaking of handsome dudes that little fellow petting the cat is a handsome dude too. I know you had fun this weekend with him around. Cheers.

    Hi Lisa, thanks for being such a loyal reader and your comments are a highlight! You are an early bird! I am still gulping down the coffee to try and focus on the laptop. LTB is so fun, if tiring. The energy level is off the charts! πŸ™‚

  2. Carol says:

    The turtle held his ground? Frances, did you expect he would try to run away like a rabbit? Well, anyway, good job on this one. You weren’t too far off on the count!

    Hi Carol, thanks. In our last meeting, the turtle took off like a bat out of heck! I tried to follow him with the camera but he went into the brushpile behind the fence. I am a very good counter, except on the blog! πŸ™‚

  3. The colours and pattern in your turtles shell are amazing. But the look he is giving you, positively evil!

    Hi Deborah, thanks. He is quite handsome I think. Funny you should say that about the look, I felt he was smiling at me! πŸ™‚

  4. James Golden says:

    Thanks for posting on Cosmos Cosmic Confusion. Confusion about height or not, I want this in my “annual meadow,” an area I let do what it wants with self-seeded wildflowers. I like that orange.

    Hi James, thanks for visiting. Those orange cosmos are a super addition to the summer garden with that brilliant color. It will stand out well in your lovely meadow and be tall enough to show up! πŸ™‚

  5. Cindy, MCOK says:

    Frances, I’m glad you joined in. That turtle is giving you stinkeye for sure! That is a precious shot of LTB and Kitty. Big AWWWW!

    Hi Cindy, I am so happy to join in this meme, even if it is the wrong day! I thought the turtle looked glad to see me. He should be since I give him so many tomatoes on which to dine! I loved that shot of LTB and Kitty too, just had to show them both off on the blog. πŸ˜‰

  6. That’s such a sweet shot of the grandson and kitty. I’m glad your turtle came back for a photo op.

    Hi MMD, thanks so much. I love that photo, might even print it out to frame! I was surprised to see the turtle when I went up to the veggie patch, and glad I was holding the camera! πŸ™‚

  7. Jenny B says:

    Salmon Star is a star in the garden–or of your post, anyway. I can’t resist a freckled face, and lilies are no exception! I know why your box turtle has such an affection for tomatoes–because they match his eyes! I think you should name him Big Red. Awww, kitty is getting some lovin! LTB is indeed growing so fast–it would probably embarrass him to be told your bloggy friends think he is handsome, so don’t tell him I said so. πŸ˜‰

    Hi Jenny, thanks. Salmon Star is really gorgeous, the color is wonderful and I like freckles too. Big Red is a good name for him, those eyes are really something! LTB is really growing, that’s for sure. He would beam like a lighthouse to be told he was handsome. He gets a lot of that! πŸ™‚

  8. Leslie says:

    All wonderful shots in their own way but the fourth is surely the best.

    Hi Leslie, thanks. I agree. πŸ™‚

  9. chuck b. says:

    Picture of grandson with cat is priceless.

    Half my lilies have blooomed, and the other half are holding out.

    Hi Chuck, thanks. We think so too. I wonder what is up with those holdouts? I would suggest a feeding if you haven’t already.

  10. VW says:

    The red eyes on that turtle make him look like a scary fiend. Good thing he’s not too big! How fun to have your grandson visit. I’ve been hauling my kids over to grandma’s a house a bunch this summer. Grandparents are such an important part of a child’s life.

    Hi VW, thanks. Those red eyes are something, they don’t even look real! And what a good mom you are to take the kids to grandma’s. We do have a lot to offer those little ones, no matter the age. πŸ™‚

  11. Kimberly says:

    Hey, Frances! I love your three things…but that turtle is my favorite! I’ve a soft spot in my heart for turtles…not sure why. And I’m certain the photo of your grandson with a kitty is your fave!! πŸ™‚ Additionally, thank you for introducing me to Cindy’s meme!

    Hi Kimbely, thanks. I am so glad to share Cindy’s meme, even if it is on the wrong day. Easy and fun for us bloggers. I love the turtles too, even with those scary red eyes. I believe he was smiling at me, not scary at all, really. You are right about my fave! πŸ™‚

  12. Rose says:

    LTB is growing so fast! Kitty obviously enjoys his attention. The salmon lily is a lovely color. And glad to see your turtle is back, though if he is a male (how can you tell??) I guess there’s no chance of eggs unless he has a mate hidden nearby.

    Hi Rose, thanks. LTB is growing like a weed! The red eyes signify a male turtle. We had another last year with amber eyes, a female. I like to think they are a mated pair, romantic that I am. πŸ™‚

  13. Stacie Shepp says:

    HI there! You have a great blog! Love the name πŸ™‚ I love the beautiful photos. Especially the turtle! I was visiting your site because I wanted to invite you to join our new social network for gardeners at

    Let me know if you join and if you set up a garden.


    Hi Stacie, thanks and welcome. I will look into it and let you know if I am interested in joining.

  14. semi says:

    Salmon Star is gorgeous!! I hope mine blooms next year! Thanks again for watching LTB. I love the pic with kitty, it is one of my fav’s. Of course I also love Mr turtle, too cute!! Love you Semi

    Hi dear Semi, thanks for that beautiful lily! We loved having LTB, of course. He is growing so fast, right before our eyes. The turtle is cute too, there are two that we know of, male and female. We are hoping there may be babies about someday if not already.
    Much love,

  15. Dave says:

    Very cool turtle! I haven’t seen any here for two years. When I did see them last they were munching on leftover cantaloupe rind in the compost bin! The lily looks great too!

    Hi Dave, thanks. Your turtle might still be hanging around waiting for more cantaloupe! Maybe put a little bit outside the bin for them. It was nice to see a lily this time of year, but it probably won’t bloom this late next year. I love the color of it.

  16. Suzanne Holden says:

    Just love your garden and your blog! What good looking and fortunate turtles to be living and dining in your beautiful garden. Thanks so much for sharing. I am in north central Texas, and love my few animal friends who visit my yard. No garden beds yet, but lots of potted plants and some trees & shrubs planted in the ground of my rented duplex (I have a nice landlord). I always enjoy your great photos.

    Hi Suzanne, thanks and welcome. The animals in our gardens are so important, with roles to play in keeping the balance. I am glad you are able to have plants to tend in a rented space. (And a nice landlord is always good.) πŸ™‚

  17. Jennifer says:

    That is an interesting looking turtle. I love the color of his eyes!

    Hi Jennifer, thanks. Aren’t they almost supernatural looking? Research shows that the red eyes indicate he is a male Easter box turtle. I love him! πŸ™‚

  18. Gail says:

    Dear Frances, The lily is lovely, your off-spring give great gifts! Pottery, lilies and grandchildren! LTB is still adorable! The butterflies are sure a wonderful sight~I think they loved all the sun this summer, even if it’s been hard on garden and gardener. I am hoping you are getting the rain that cleared out of here this AM! xxxgail

    Hi Gail, thanks and so nice to see you back from your travels. The family has given me some very fine and much appreciated gifts over the years. They know what pleases me! The butterflies make my heart sing, and there are many of them this year. We did get rain, but not like you did. πŸ™‚

  19. Lona says:

    Hi Frances. Kitty looks quite happy having company to stroke its fur.A Box Turtle! There use to be so of them around here when I was a kid crawling around.Now I am lucky to see one a summer then it is trying to cross the highway and I am afraid someone will squash it before it gets across the road.Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hi Lona, thanks for stopping by. Kitty was very loving to LTB. It always helps once the grands got old enough to give a proper petting to the cats. We always saw turtles when I was growing up too. We lived near a large pond that supplied critters of all sorts into our yard. We usually see turtles a few times a year here. I worry about those guys crossing the road! You too enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

  20. One says:

    That turtle shot is a good one. I had a box turtle living in my garden for some time last year. Really enjoyed taking his photos.

    Hi One, thanks so much. This time when we came upon the turtle, the camera was in hand. That always helps! Glad to hear you have shared this wonderful experience. πŸ™‚

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