Fireworks In May

Have you ever noticed that flowers look like fireworks?
(Geum triflorum)

Or is it that fireworks looks like flowers?
(Salvia scandens)

Once the fireworks glasses are donned, everywhere one looks there are rockets and starbursts.
(Celosia ‘Fresh Look Gold’)

There are fountains and poppers…
(Eremurus ‘Cleopatra’)

…and sweet sparklers.
(Filipendula vulgaris)

But while all of the blooms suggest arresting sky explosions, none surpass the oohs and aahs of the Allium family.
(Allium ‘Mt. Everest’)

White and purples and shades thereof burst into aerial blooms.
(Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’)

One species in particular best represents the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air more than any other.
(Allium schubertii)

Allium schubertii, with long and short stems from one half inch to eight inches in bloom and afterward giving the effect of foot long pyrotechnic points of light, are cause for celebration in the Fairegarden!


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16 Responses to Fireworks In May

  1. I love the alliums Frances, better than any man-made firework display.

    Thanks Janet, me too. They are also much quieter.

  2. Carol says:

    Ooh, Aah, those Alliums! Very pretty. I have some that will be blooming soon, too. Can hardly wait for the big show. Ooh, Aah…

    Thanks Carol. The alliums are ooh and aah worthy. Must plant more! Of course.

  3. Darla says:

    The fireworks copied the flowers I’m sure! Wonder display here.

    Thanks Darla. When I was looking up the names of fireworks, many were flower names like dahlia and chrysanthemum. Guess the pyrotechnic guys aren’t up to date of the taxonomy changes, eh?

  4. Gail says:

    Frances, Allium schubertii is da bomb! xxoogail PS The rest are pretty fantastic, too.

    It is, Gail. The flower heads will dry and last indefinitely indoors, too.

  5. Wendy says:



  6. commonweeder says:

    Those alliums are wonderful – and this year, for the first time, I will have some alliums, too. Can’t wait for the fireworks to begin.

    Good to hear that you will have your own fireworks, Pat. You might become addicted to them, like I am.

  7. Barbarapc says:

    The best part of Allium fireworks are those little seeds that grow up to be new fireworks in the making. Those geum remind me of the hair of plastic trolls I used to get when I was little. So wonderful to see all your blooms!

    Thanks Barbara. I agree, although it takes about five years to get blooming size plants from the seeds. I have done so with Christophii and have many blooming now, but think buying the bulbs is way easier. And faster. Good one with the troll dolls, you are right!

  8. Eileen says:

    I planted Schubertii last fall so I can’t wait to see it in the garden. We are supposed to really warm up next week, in the forties right now.


    That is great Eileen, about you having Schubertii. They cost more than some of the other large headed alliums, but are worth every penny and have returned more reliably that many of the other alliums here. We are having a chilly spell right now. Crazy weather.

  9. Valerie says:

    Beautiful Frances. What are the little blue grass like plants that are growing around your allium Schubertii? They really set off the plant. Hope I can find this allium to plant for next year. As usual, you have inspired me

    Thanks Valerie. That is blue fescue that was recently planted in the knot garden, so is still small. It is a great color of grass for any situation, but needs dividing every few years to look its best. I got the schubertiis from Van Engelen.

  10. ok, you have convinced me to get more Allium. Love the purple balls, the seed heads and structure.

    Thanks Janet, my job here is done, then. HA The alliums bloom at a good time in the garden, after the tulips/daffs but before the lilies and daylilies. They stand up nicely and dry well.

  11. Greggo says:


    Thanks Greggo.

  12. Oh, I love this post…flowers looking like fireworks! It is true…I’ve never thought of it that way and now I see it everywhere!

    Thanks Ronelle. I agree, many flowers suggest fireworks, if we adjust our mindset to see it. I was surprised how many really did have those shapes. It was fun, and easy to put this post together, with that as the object.

  13. ricki says:

    And the gophers leave the alliums alone, just as a bonus. Heaven help us if they ever develop a taste for onions!

    Hi Ricki, that is a great bonus! The Alliums deserve more attention, every bit as wonderful in season as the tulips and daffodils, coming right before the lilies here. We do love bulbs!

  14. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your garden looks so exciting with all those fireworks going off.

    Thanks Lisa. It is hard to know where to look, good thing I have a camera.

  15. town mouse says:

    Wow! Actually, I never looked at it that way but now that you mention it… Great photos!

    Hi Town Mouse, thanks. I hadn’t really thought about it either, but then found nearly every flower had a firework vibe, none more so that A. schubertii.

  16. Fantastic Garden and Photos! LOVE IT! I have just bought my first house and am working on getting a garden together. It is a huge project and I hardly know where to begin. I have planted a couple of plants that I dug up from my parents gardens… mainly I have an open slate and it can go anywhere. I would really like to find Ahmen from Yard Crashers to come make my yard beautiful… unless you are available 😉 This is one of my favorites of your pictures. I am going to have to find it for my garden – Allium schubertii. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Thanks Girl, and welcome! Good luck on your new garden, how fun to fill it with the plants you love. Might I suggest you read everything you can get your hands on about gardens and plants, books, magazines and blogs. Go to Botanical Gardens in your area to see what grows well there. I highly recommend Van Engelen as a source for bulbs, including the Allium schubertii. Remember there can be no such thing as too many bulbs.

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