Semi Does Seattle

On a recent trip to Seattle, Washington to meet up with fellow garden bloggers and see some fantastic garden sights, number two offspring, youngest daughter Semi, accompanied me.

Semi is not her real name, in case you were wondering. All of the Fairegarden offspring chose nicknames for themselves when I first began the blog, in December 2007. Semi chose her name from a reference in the first blog post, click here to see it, to the semi-adults that helped plant the first trees and shrubs when the property was first purchased for them to live in while attending the nearby college. She has always been interested in flowers and gardens, especially so now that she has her own home and family. Semi is seen here at the Center for Urban Horticulture with Carol of May Dreams, who is dressed in her favorite color, green.

Some people asked Semi if she was bored with the garden visiting and constant chatter of the garden bloggers, but she loved every minute of this astounding trip. Armed with her camera, she was taking photos of plants and flowers just like the rest of us. Shown above, Semi is in the Denise Lane garden with the iconic Doric columned water feature. Hey, I thought you were taking photos, not looking at your phone! (Sorry, the Mother in me kicked into gear.)

She enjoyed seeing the vintage travel trailer, the Lil Loafer, in Lorene Edwards Forkner’s Urban Hillbilly Chic garden.

Semi captured the traditional pose of Layanee of Ledge and Gardens and me taking each other’s photo during the flings. We began doing this in Chicago, did it again in Buffalo and continued in Seattle. This was at Kate Farley’s breathtaking garden.

Semi and I wandered the paths at the rainy Bloedel Reserve, in awe of the majesty and magic that garden had to offer.

Semi’s photos were often of things I had missed, like this container of sweet succulents at the Michelle and Christopher Epping garden. She was particularly enamored by the green pinecone-like plant. Does anyone know what it is? Added: It might be a Crassula of some sort.

In addition to garden visiting and bus riding, there was some shopping done. She even found a store named after her!

In addition to garden visiting, bus riding and shopping, there was some fine food and drink consumed. Semi even found some young women closer to her own age than my cohorts with which to share some libations. From the looks at the drinks on the table, they did not go thirsty. From left, Semi, Anneliese of Cobrahead and Shayna of Botanical Interests. Cheers, girls!

Plan A had been that we would go together to get tattoos as a memento of our trip. Mine was to be a toe ring and she wanted her son’s name on her upper torso. As luck would have it, toes are not a good canvas for tatt ink and the schedule did not leave time for the side-trip anyway. Not to be deterred, Semi left Bainbridge Island early, thanks to fellow flingers Debbie and Wendy, caught the ferry back, without us!, took a bus to the chosen parlor, got the body art and returned to the hotel in time for dinner and to show us the result. All of this traveling around Seattle alone was slightly worrisome to her mother, but it turned out okay.

We had a most wonderful and event filled trip. We arrived home tired but happy and with loads of photos to help us remember our time in Seattle. Many thanks to Helen of Toronto Gardens who took this shot of us on the bus, it may be framed! And many thanks to the organizers who allowed the non-blogging Semi to join in the fun. We do appreciate you!

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  3. I knew I knew the off-spring had chosen their unusual names themselves, but I’d missed the fact that it was their BLOG names. I’d sort of assumed that it was a sort of complex New Age Fundamentalism stroke Truly-Crazy-Family phenomenon and pictured name-giving ceremonies… well I won’t explain publicly how I’d pictured them… 😉 You seemed such a NORMAL family for such oddness. Guess the joke is on me! 🙂 🙂

    HA Jack, normal is a relative term!

  4. Carol says:

    We loved having Semi along with you. She fit right in with everyone. I’m glad she had a good time and I hope she’ll return for future flings.

    Thanks Carol. She did so enjoy meeting you all. Asheville may be doable for her, and we will need her help in herding the cats, er bloggers around.

  5. Gail says:

    Dear Frances, It was a treat to meet Semi and have time to really visit with her. She is a dear. Love your photos, they’re wonderful captures of the gardens and Semi; but the portrait Helen shot is gorgeous. Framable for sure! Have a good weekend and please give Semi a hug from me. xxoogail

    Thanks Gail. Semi was so pleased to meet you and everyone. Helen is a maestro with the camera.

  6. joey says:

    A memorable adventure for sure, Frances, and lovely photo of you and Semi.

    It was, Joey, thanks so much.

  7. Valerie says:

    How wonderful that your daughter enjoyed the fling with you this year. Mother and daughter bonding is a good thing. She was brave to go back and get her tattoo by herself. I got a small rose on my ankle a few years back and I still like it. The last pic of the two of you is indeed framable and what a lovely one it is. V

    Thanks, Valerie. Semi and I have taken many trips together, but this one will be remembered with fondness and photos. She is more than brave, and loved every minute of her time alone in the big city! Your tatt sounds lovely. Ankle is the spot I am thinking of adding some new body art.

  8. Layanee says:

    Semi is way more than semi precious! She is a lovely woman, interesting, talented and nice like her Mom. I enjoyed our conversations. She did seem as intent on picture taking as the rest of us. Thanks for the link love and I will be posting soon on the Flingers of Seattle. Love that picture. Very frame worthy.

    Thanks, Layanee, you are too sweet! I can’t wait to see your photos, you are a genius with the camera.

  9. These times together are so precious. Glad you got to share it with Semi.

    Thanks Heather. Precious is an apt term for it.

  10. Cindy, MCOK says:

    I’m so glad I got to meet Semi and delighted that she enjoyed her time with our eclectic tour group! I caught her giggling a few times at our antics!

    She loved meeting you and everyone, Cindy. Glad we got to meet up at the airport, sort of break her in gently to what was to come in Seattle!

  11. So she did make it back in time to get her tattoo. I’m so glad Semi came. She was a delight.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. She did make it back, but missed the Dragonfly nursery and Proven Winners presentation. She would have loved those blackberry martinis.

  12. Oh nice that she was able to go with you. I know it was a grand time for all.

    Thanks Janet. I was unsure of how it would be with her there, but it was indeed a grand time!

  13. Pam/Digging says:

    What a priceless photo of the two of you — you should definitely frame it. I really enjoyed meeting Semi after reading about her all these years. I’m glad she had a good time seeing the gardens and the city.

    Thanks Pam. The photo Helen took is a treasure. Semi loved every minute of the fling.

  14. Anneliese says:

    I’m really glad Semi was able to come to Fling with you this year! I really enjoyed spending time with her, and, yes, our drinks were quite tasty.

    Thanks, Anneliese! She enjoyed your company, and the drinks, as well!

  15. I too enjoyed getting a few moments to chat with her, she’s a dear one.

    I cannot thank you enough for helping her get back to shore, Debbie. One thousand hugs to you!

  16. Kathy says:

    As roommate to you both, I was amused at the mother-daughter interactions that went on incessantly, and very impressed that Semi never once said, “Yes, mom . . .” in that tone of exasperation that daughters use with their mothers. I might have seen her roll her eyes. Might. But I think silence is her weapon of choice.

    HA Kathy, we loved having you share the room with us! You were like a second mother and we enjoyed that. Glad you thought something was cute. She rolls her eyes, all my kids do. Passive aggressive is her weapon of choice, and she wields it well.

  17. Racquel says:

    That’s nice that you were able to bring your daughter along, sounds like you both had a wonderful time. 🙂

    Thanks Racquel. I was happy to have her as a travel companion, she loved every minute!

  18. What a sweet post and great photo by Helen! Sorry I missed seeing that tatt in person too! 🙂

    Thanks Jean. Helen is a dear and I want to thank her for sending me that photo early on. The tatt came out nicer than I had expected. He changed her drawing somewhat, for the better.

  19. Lyn says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and those gardens look so beautiful. I’m going to check out the blogs you linked to and hope to add to my blogroll.

    Thanks Lyn. Seattle was amazingly beautiful. My blogroll is so long, but full of goodies if you ever are looking for some new blogs to check out!

  20. Kudos to Helen for a great shot. You should print & frame that, you too look so sweet. It was a pleasure to meet Semi, she’s a lot of fun. I hope that when my daughter is grown, she’ll want to take trips with me. You two have a wonderful relationship.

    Thanks MMD. She so enjoyed meeting you and everyone. She and I are both very lucky to be able to travel together and have a good time with no arguments. We will be printing that photo, for sure.

  21. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your Semi is precious. She looks like a younger version of you. What great memories you have made together. I think it adds so much to a trip when you both take photos. It sure shows that we all look at places different, see different things. Have a great weekend.

    Thanks Lisa. We are lucky that we enjoy each other enough to take a trip like this. I have used some of her photos for the blog posts! You too, have a wonderful weekend, what is left of it.

  22. Semi says:

    Our trip was so much fun!! The gardens were magical like something out of story book!! I loved seeing all the private and public gardens in Seattle. I had so much fun meeting everyone and talking to all the ladies about their interesting blogs and lives. But most of all spending time with you was the best. We can add this to our best trip list for sure. Thank you for everything, I will remember it forever. Lots of love Semi

    Having you with me for this fling made it extra special and wonderful, my dear daughter. Yes, best trip list, for sure.
    Much love,

  23. Lola says:

    I’m so glad you had a companion on this wonderful trip. Loved all the pics, But the one to frame is precious. I thought it was of sisters. A list of best for sure.

    Thanks Lola, you are too kind.

  24. Rose says:

    How wonderful that the two of you could share this experience together! I would imagine blogging friends were thrilled to meet Semi, too, after reading about her here through the years. I enjoyed seeing more of the sights of Seattle, including the vintage trailer–thanks!–but the last photo of is definitely the best of all, a precious memory.

    Thanks Rose. It was wonderful to share the blogging world with Semi, she enjoyed every minute of it. Helen’s photo is a treasure to us.

  25. Shyrlene says:

    What a GREAT post – 1st: sharing a virtual tour for those of us so far away and 2nd: sharing the wonderful faces of fellow garden enthusiasts/garden bloggers. Thank you!

    Thanks, Shyrlene. These blogger flings are such great fun. I wish everyone could attend at least one of them to see for themselves.

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