More Muhly

Beginning in November in the Fairegarden, after the first frost…

…The filaments of the pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris become even more vivid.

The hue blends well into the seasonal surroundings.

Without the sunlight shining through it, the color darkens, it is referred to as the purple bruise stage.

Then the sunshine returns, turning the color wheel back to bright.

This is when we run for the camera.

As surely as all parties must end, the pink will fade to match the colorlessness of semolina pasta.

It will still be attractive, without the pretty pink, catching ice crystals and snowflakes, offering movement in the least of breezes, until the final collapse in January when it will be cut to the ground to begin growth again in spring. The memories of the pink muhly are sweet, captured in pixels lest we forget.

Speaking of lest we forget, on this day in 2007 Fairegarden the blog went live. It was life changing in the very best of ways. Thank you to all readers for four wonderful years. xxxooo to you all. ♥

Lest we forget, too, this is also the anniversary of The Day That Will Live In Infamy.


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  1. Frances, congratulations on your blogging anniversary 🙂

    Here is to 4 more wonderful years!

    Love your Muhly images … I can not get enough of them Fairegarden and Muhly will forever be entwined in my minds eye.

    Thanks, dear Karen. I so appreciate your help when the switch was made from blogger to wordpress, trying times! The muhly is still pink along the driveway, it has had a great year.

  2. Layanee says:

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. Sometimes you get more than you give but in this case, you have given so much. Muhly envy continues.

    Thanks Layanee. I have gotten way way more than I have given from blogging, for sure, like the chance to meet you and so many other nice folks!

  3. Wendy says:

    Amazing! If you should find yourself with ample leftover seed, I would love to see if you would be willing to send me some seed in return for the postage? I simply MUST have this in my garden.. it’s absolutely beautiful! 🙂


    Wendy, Thank you so much, I love it, too. I don’t collect seed, but, recommend that folks buy a few plants and divide it each season! I purchased mine from Lowe’s, many years ago. Look for it in the fall, when it begins to bloom. I saw it at the Asheville Lowe’s this year at that time, shelves and shelves of it. No one was buying it! It has also been shown at online nurseries such as High Country Gardens, among others.

  4. Love the photos. Love grasses. Our garden is full of them and still needs more. I don’t believe your Muhly would survive here in the hills in coldest Shropshire in England.

    Thank you so much. Grasses are such an important element in every garden, no matter the style or location. Other UK gardeners have tried to find the muhly, it doesn’t seem to be available there, but would most likely grow only in the warm zones.

  5. Barbara H. says:



  6. My Kids Mom says:

    Happy Pink Muhly to you! ♫

    Thanks, Jill. The pink muhly makes a lovely song!

  7. Congratulations! I love your blog and your photos — that muhly grass is gorgeous! wish I could grow it up here in Connecticut! look forward to many more years of Fairegarden!

    Thanks Cindy, you are sweet to say that! Where you live, the muhly would be grown as an annual, until the climate changes some more!

  8. Frances, your muhly grass is the envy of all. Seeing your photos of it never fails to thrill me. Happy blog birthday. And many Faire returns of the day!

    Thanks, Helen. I am happy you aren’t getting bored with the muhly photos. They are done for the year, unless there is a pretty snow covered photo op. Soon it will be cut down and we will wait until fall for the big show.

  9. Leslie says:

    Happy blogiversary Frances…I’m looking forward to the next four and more! The muhly is always such fun to see…I wish I could see it in person.

    Thanks Leslie, you are sweet! I would love for you to see it in person, November is a good time!

  10. Joan Reis says:

    Frances, the pictures of your muhly grass are gorgeous…could we see what it looks like in the spring and summer before it blooms?

    I’m moving some of the garden to drought tolerant plants that play well with others. Would the muhly be a good candidate?

    Thanks Joan. The muhly, where hardy is quite drought tolerant once established. It needs water the first few months to get it settled in, as do many other xeric plants. When not in bloom, the muhly looks like a two foot tall ordinary grass, nothing special about it at all. I will look for photos when time allows and post the link here.

  11. michaele says:

    Hi, there, I have become an avid reader of your blog just recently. Your photos are always stunning and the personal tone of your commentary is so engaging…in other words, I am a fan! I had to step into the sunlight and be a commenter to wish you a Happy Blogirthday. I am also an enthusiastic Pink Muhly evangelist and love for people to see it in its glory. Your glowing clumps do it wonderful justice and if I wasn’t blessed with my own generous amounts, I would be experiencing great lust.

    Thanks Michaele, for coming out into the daylight! I am so glad you have the pink muhly, as well. Such a wonderful plant for those who live in its growing zones. I appreciate your readership!

  12. Laurie says:

    Mulhy still looking great.
    Congrats on your anniversary. You
    have been the most dependable blogger
    over four years.
    Let’s also remember that the 7th is another
    anniversary…Pearl Harbor.

    Hi Laurie, thanks for reminding me. Not that I forgot, but each year these two anniversaries have very different meanings for me, pulling me in two directions. It will always be so, but the blogging should be celebrated, I believe. Like the child who was born on September 11. I have added the link to FDR’s speech before congress to honor Pearl Harbor.

  13. commonweeder says:

    I can never get enough muhly. And I congratulate you on your blogoversary. No date should be off limits for personal celebrations.

    Thanks so much Pat, I appreciate your support, very much so.

  14. Happy four years!! I am in love with that pink cloud of lushiness. Can’t wait for mine to rival yours!

    Thanks Janet, I appreciate you! I can’t wait for you to get that stand of muhly, too.

  15. Lona says:

    What a beautiful show it puts on Frances. Yours is so fantastic. I plant to wee ones this year and cannot wait until they get bigger and bloom like yours.

    Thanks Lona. May your wee ones will grow to be show offs, too.

  16. Norma says:

    I comend you on your blogaversary as well!!! I LOVE this muhly grass – not to mention your photography! My grass has about faded out, but it does seem that it’s been prettier this fall than previous falls. I will divide and spread mine out more in the spring of 2012.

    You and your blog have provided many hours of enjoyment and entertainment for me!! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you, Norma, for those kind words of support. It makes my efforts worthwhile to think of readers like you. Glad to hear of the good year for your muhly, too. It must have been the fall rains, is my theory.

  17. Lola says:

    Congratulations on the 4. Think I read almost all the 4. Enjoyed every one. Love that muhly.. Can’t wait to see mine in bloom.

    Thanks, Lola. You have been visiting since the beginning, I believe. I hope your muhly gives you great blooms in the near future.

  18. Rose says:

    Congratulations on your four-year blogaversary, Frances! I remember the first time I visited here I was hooked by your beautiful photography and the witty prose; thanks for sharing your wisdom and beautiful garden with us all these years.

    I was going to write a short ode to the Muhly, but the poetic muse has gone to sleep for the night, I’m afraid. I’ll just have to say “love it, love it”!

    Thanks, Rose. for you loyal readership and commenting! I always appreciate your thoughts. That’s okay about the ode, although it would have been an excellent and clever piece of poetry, I am sure.

  19. Pearl says:

    Oh my goodness!! I just realized I must have some of that in my garden. How far North is it hardy? I’m in Zone 5.

    Hi Pearl, that is great! It is hardy to zone 7, I could not grow it in my former zone 6 Tennessee garden, but anything is possible. I have a friend in Central PA who has some tucked into a protected spot where it has grown for several years. Lucky you!

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