Art Of Seattle 2011 Fling-Day 2

The beauty of photo archives, when those stored pixels become the most precious, shines most in the depths of dreary winter.

Seeing images of the lush and vibrant gardens of Seattle, Washington during the Garden Blogger’s Fling in July 2011 triggers a flood of sweet memories.

Pictures of people and places fill the mind to overflowing with fondness.

January seems the perfect time to share what was not already shown in previous posts about this fabulous trip. (Links to all Seattle posts are at the bottom of the page.) AND… if you are curious about 2012 Fling, check out this link also found at the top of the sidebar, to find out about Asheville 2012.

It was a whirlwind of activity, so many incredible gardens and views.

Looking back through the images that called out to the camera, “Shoot us, point and click here!”, what stands out is the art of it all.

Plaques and statuary, metal and glass, special plantings and hardscape, they all whistled and stomped to get our attention.

It was on the second day that we visited the private hilltop paradise of Michelle and Chrstiopher Epping, photos 1-5, and the serene, secluded spot of superbness of Denise Lane, photos 6-7.

Onward to the Bellevue Botanic Gardens, photo 8, and then to the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park, where just before my camera ran out of batteries, photo 9 was shot, featuring the Divine Mr. McGregor’s Daughter on a piece of interactive sculpture.

Even the non-fling activities, like shopping and dining, held art for the eye and palate. (A teapot made of spoons on the wall of the Anthropologie store caught the eye of the clicker.) If you have never been to a garden blogger fling, check out this page for more stories from the Fairegarden perspective, or visit the official fling blog mentioned earlier in this story. We have seen private and public gardens beyond the imagination, and even better, met other bloggers from across the world in person, forging friendships to last a lifetime.

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15 Responses to Art Of Seattle 2011 Fling-Day 2

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    I love the picture of the “ruins”. How wonderful to be able to visit gardens all across the country and be inspired by what you see.

    Hi Sue Ellen, thanks. There were so many beautiful gardens in Seattle, but the Lane Garden with the ruins was certainly one of the prettiest, with lots of art and gorgeous plantings. We save our pennies each year to be able to attend. Asheville is driving distance from where we live, so there will be funds left over to….buy plants! HA

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I must say that these sculptures make me want to shop for the garden. The hand rail with all the detail is wonderful. The ruins are fab too. I could see that in my garden. 🙂 It won’t be long and we will be wanting to start building and planting again. I hope to go to the Asheville Fling this year. I am busy making plans with Beckie and Rose.

    Thanks Lisa. The beauty of the photo files in winter is never overestimated. Oh goody goody, I am giddy at the thought of seeing you, Rose and Beckie again! I do so hope you can make it!

  3. Dee says:

    Beautiful art. Beautiful folks. That’s two of the thing fling is about. Loved taking this look back.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. It was wonderful to see you again. I do look forward to Asheville to meet up with old friends and make some new ones, too.

  4. Looks like a great trip. Reminded me that I need to find out about the Buffalo Garden Walk in July. Really want to go to that this year.

    It was, Heather. We did love the Buffalo fling and seeing those fantastic neighborhoods full of gardens. Hope you can get there.

  5. commonweeder says:

    What a beautiful review of the great times we had in Seattle. The city and the gardens were so beautiful – and the company and conversations were sensational.

    Thanks Pat. Seattle was truly beautiful and seeing you again was a high point!

  6. Gail says:

    Frances, So many fond memories are brought to mind when I see your images…It was a great time. However did I miss that fab rusted tree! I want one! xxoogail

    Thanks Gail. It was great, wasn’t it? So much wonderful art, lots of ideas there.

  7. Leslie says:

    Great memories…and I love seeing things that I totally missed…or had at least forgotten about. Thanks for this chance to reminisce!

    Thanks Leslie. It was great to see you again in Seattle. There was so much to see, impossible to not miss a few things. Thank goodness for the photo archives. Especially in winter!

  8. Inanna says:

    Frances are there any parts of the Ashville Fling that a non-blogger can participate in…plant sales or anything? I would sooo love to be there!

    Hi Inanna, the first thing that comes to mind is that you begin blogging! But Asheville will welcome you with open arms 365 days a year. The public gardens, Biltmore, nurseries, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. will be very glad to see you.

  9. Christina says:

    Frances, thank you very much for this delightful post! It certainly helps to get through the winter :-)! The sixth photo with the columns just blows my mind away. It is amazing what people are able to do in their gardens. So much beauty! Even though I will never be able to garden on that level, seeing photos of gardens like this one motivates me to go out and do the best I can in my own.

    Thanks Christina. Some of these gardens had been professionally landscaped with high end materials. The columns are in that category. Still plenty of inspiration for home gardeners on limited budgets, though.

  10. michaele says:

    Love the photos you’ve shared in this post and as soon as I click send, I will take a fun trip through your other links. I was out in Seattle a few years back to help attend to a relative in difficulty and just didn’t think to take some time to seek out local gardens….dumb. dumb me. One should always do a google search for what’s available to visit whenever travel is concerned. Ironically, once things were settled in Seattle, my husband and I headed further north to Victoria, British Columbia and did spend a day at Butchart gardens which is nearby. I can’t rave enough over how stunning that public garden is…it has to be seen and experienced to believe.

    Thanks Micheale. I hope you find some things that interest you in the 700+ posts in the archives. Lucky you to get to go to Victoria. The logistics of passports, etc. was too much for our blogging group to be able to go, but some folks went over on their own and raved about it. It is a good idea to google the public gardens available whenever traveling, for sure!

  11. Rose says:

    Winter is a great time to sift through the old photo files and forget about the dreary landscape outside. These are fantastic images, Frances; love the first of the leaf or leaf art, and even the spoon teapot is so creative! I am so looking forward to Asheville–hotel reservations have been made!

    How grand, Rose! I am excited to think about our reunion! Can’t wait!

  12. Art indeed!

    Thanks Donna.

  13. Lola says:

    An enjoyable trip you did have. I love that rust tree. Sure wish I had one like that.

    Thanks Lola. There was so much to see at all the gardens we visited in Seattle. Thank goodness for the digital camera.

  14. Awesome! It is so refreshing to see photos from the garden during the peak of its beauty when we are in the midst of winter.

    Thanks Sage Butterfly. Photos that seemed less than stellar at the time they are taken become pretty dang pleasing during winter! HA

  15. That forged railing and post is fantastic, I don’t know how could I have missed seeing it and the delightful metal birdhouse sculpture. The teapot brings back fond memories of shopping with you and Semi.
    So I’ve been elevated to Bette Midler’s level? I’m so honored. ;^)

    Simply divine, Miss MMD! HA We did so enjoy our shopping and dinner together in Seattle with you, my friend. Very much so. Maybe there will be a repeat in Asheville?

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