Seattle Fling 2011 Day 3-Onward

The Fourth Annual Garden Blogger’s Fling in Seattle, Washington proved, once again, that this is an event for which saving your pennies more than pays off in ample dividends.

Day three begins with the faithful buses taking us to the West Seattle Farmers Market, with lunch on our own. Looking at the beautiful flowers and produce, we bought some freshly picked Rainier cherries that were mouth-meltingly delicious, made us hungry. We zipped over to Bakery Nouveau for a bite. It was hard to choose from the display cases which goodie from which to partake. Which, indeed? (Photo by Layanee.)

After the morning at the market, we were shuttled over to the private space of author and fling co-organizer Lorene Edwards Forkner. This garden was brimming with brilliant ideas of repurposing items with artistic flair.

Being late July, where the Fairegarden back home was suffering from heat and drought, the cool, wet climate of the Pacific Northwest was having a stretch of sunny, warm, 80 degree Fahrenheit summer weather. Seeing peppers grown in a tent of plastic was sort of shocking to this Southerner, but gardeners do what they must to grow stuff. It obviously works for Lorene.

A must see in Lorene’s backyard playground was the vintage trailer. Tricked out inside with wallpaper maps, bright fabrics on cushions and all around whimsical genius, we all could imagine spending quality time in this little hideaway. It would be a vacation without ever leaving the comforts of indoor plumbing just steps away in the house.

Kate Farley’s garden was next on our agenda, an explosion of color greeted us as we came around a secret entrance shaded with greenery. Alstroemeria surrounding complementary tuteurs astounded.

Visiting enchanting places and seeing old friends and making new ones, each city which has hosted the garden bloggers, Austin, Texas in 2008, Chicago, Illinois in 2009, Buffalo, New York in 2010 before Seattle have been chock-a-block full of once in a lifetime experiences. Layanee of Ledge and Gardens missed the first fling due to airline snafus beyond her control. She did make it to Chicago and it was there we began the tradition of snapping images of each other snapping images. May it continue for as long as there are flings.

The last stop of the day was the South Seattle Community College Arboretum/Coenosium Rock Garden. We have to admit that our aging body was dragging by then and we did not partake in all that was on offer. But there were comfy benches about and others to chat with, a very important part of these shindigs, chatting.

The plants for sale were behind locked gates, sadly, but a zoom with the camera showed the tag of a groundcover sedum we had greatly admired. From what can be seen, Raoul austra, the name of Raoulia australis was found thanks to the all-knowing Google. Alas, it is not hardy for me. Shooting plant names is sometimes better than writing them down in the little purse sized notebook, especially when one is tired.

A little nap at the hotel revived the intrepids enough to saunter on down to the very nearby shopping plaza for dinner and discussion of the day’s events. Flowers abounded and do you see that? 40% off! Tired, who’s tired?

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The page that contains all the posts about various garden blogger events we have attended can be found on the sidebar, or click here If you want more information about the meetup for 2012, in Asheville, North Carolina in May, see the icon at the top of the sidebar, or click here.


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12 Responses to Seattle Fling 2011 Day 3-Onward

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. That was a fun fling. I’m looking forward to Asheville!

    Thanks Carol. It is fun to walk down that path, via photos. Sure does trigger pleasant memories. Can’t wait to see you, and everyone again in Asheville, and meet some new folks, it is hoped!

  2. Dee says:

    What a lovely time we had. Thanks for the memories.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. It was certainly a trip full of wonderful sights and great people!

  3. You’ve had some fun experiences, Frances. I am thinking I might actually be able to make the upcoming fling in NC! Will be my first! My daughter graduates with her Masters right around that time so still not 100% sure, but I’m working on it;-)

    Thanks Jan. There will be postings on the fling blog and on facebook soon about the details of Asheville 2012 and how to sign up. Hope you can make it!

  4. It’s fun to relive the memories. I somehow missed that great rusted metal sculpture.

    Thanks MMD, it really is fun to see the photos and remember the fun times. There was so much to see, lots of it off the beaten pathways. That sculpture was by the bathrooms at the community garden. HA

  5. Michael says:

    More pastry shots please!!!!! What an enjoyable time you had. Thanks for the post!

    Thanks Michael, that place was most excellent! I love seeing beautiful food in cases while moving through the line to place an order. We did enoy Seattle!

  6. hope6309 says:

    Wow, beautiful. Will have to schedule a trip there some day. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Hope. Seattle was a wonderful place to visit, we had such a great time there.

  7. Cindy, MCOK says:

    That metal sculpture is fabulous! I need one of those. Seriously, I NEED one!

    You do, Cindy. It was exactly the type of art that is perfect for your corner of Katy!

  8. It looks like it was fun for all. I hope to make the next Fling and meet everyone. I was not blogging during the Buffalo Fling, but that is why I started, having met some wonderful bloggers at a couple of the events.

    Thanks Donna. I do so hope you will be able to attend the fling in Asheville. We might actually have met in Buffalo and didn’t know it. Stay tuned to the announcements on the fling blog, link on my sidebar and that of others, too. The time to sign up is drawing near, the hotel is already taking reservations.

  9. Rose says:

    Gardening, friends, and pastries–sounds like the perfect ingredients for a great time to me! Seeing the photos of plant sales reminds me to pack light for Asheville. I’m driving, so I want to make sure there’s room in the back to take some goodies home!

    Thanks Rose. Be sure and have some boxes or plastic tubs to keep those purchased safe and upright! We will be spending quality time at one of my all time favorite nurseries. Yippeee!

  10. Gail says:

    Take me back to Seattle! I had the bestest time ever and you keep reminding me of all the fun we had together. Great photos of you and Layanee! xoxogail

    Thanks Gail. Wasn’t it great to be in Seattle with all of our blogging buddies? Looking forward to fun in Asheville, coming up soon!

  11. Looking forward to meeting my e-pen pals.

    We can’t wait to meet you, too, Janet!

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