Transformed By Light

Every morning as the earth turns to meet the sun, there is a miracle in the garden. Life itself is a miracle and everything about it, but seeing the miraculous transformation from darkness, blurry colors and indistinct shapes into the sharpness of daylight never ceases to amaze me. The volunteer seedling we have been coddling, Heuchera ‘Faire Piecrust’ greets the new day with the Japanese maple, Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Crimson Queen’ joining in.

The garden is full of shadows and spotlights. Watching the illumination slowly move across the sloping terrain is better than any movie or television program.

Hues become brilliant with the help of the slanting rays of the sun.

I revel in it, standing, sitting or kneeling with the camera clicking as the magic plays out before the lens.

It is humbling and exhilarating.

Spent blossoms of Sanguisorba become masterpieces of high art.

A weedy path lined with blue fescue becomes an airplane runway, with sparklers waving on each side, directing the eye to the darkness at the end, waiting to be lit up.

Bolted red mustard gone to flower, ready to be pulled and tossed onto the pile in the compost bin gets a stay of execution for one more day.

It knows my weakness. I am a pushover for the visual gallery wrought by morning light.


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18 Responses to Transformed By Light

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What a lovely stroll through your garden this morning while I sit here listening to the Robins singing the morning chorus. With your lens you have captured the feeling I often get when meeting the morning sun in the garden. Have a great weekend.

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much. I do enjoy your company and that of the birds, especially singing ones! You too have a great weekend.

  2. indygardener says:

    The morning light is magical in the garden, illuminating so many corners and cubby holes in the garden. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

    Hi Carol, thanks for visiting. There is nothing to match that light, in my eyes, anyway. The promise of the day is limitless then.

  3. Gail says:

    Dear Frances, Good morning starshine! I loved seeing the garden lit by the early morning sun this morning~it was just what was needed to start my day off…Everything, is brilliantly and gorgeously illuminated. xoxogail

    Good morning back at you, dear Gail! The sunshine on the garden always makes me smile. This was a particularly beautiful day.

  4. Stunning, Frances. I just did the same thing – walked around the garden enjoying how different everything looks in the morning light.

    Hi Heather, thanks. I am glad to hear you enjoy the morning illumination as well. There is magic in it.

  5. georgiafromga1 says:

    Your morning reverie was just the lift I needed this morning, Frances. How splendid to see such beauty through your eyes. Our gardens offer us so much pleasure in so many ways.

    Hi Geogie, thanks. You are so right, the gardens help to keep us happy, thank goodness.

  6. gittan says:

    Oh, Frances… There are so much beauty in this post! I love to see the garden both in the morning and the evening sun, it’s magic!
    Kram gittan

    Hi dear Gittan, thanks for visiting. The low light at both ends of a day are something to take time and behold, especially in a garden.

  7. Layanee says:

    I love the morning light which you have captured beautifully.

    Hi Layanee, thanks for reading. I do love mornings, especially sunny ones.

  8. Your photos are magical! There is something special about morning light, moreso than evening light. Just wonderful.

    Hi MMD, thanks so much, high praise from such a gifted photographer as you!

  9. Turling says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can only imagine you out there lying on the ground to get some of these shots. Must be quite the sight.

    Hi Turling, thanks thanks thanks. It is getting more difficult for me to get in some of these positions to photograph the garden, or I should say more difficult to get up!

  10. Ginny says:

    It is indeed miraculous and magical and leaves me in awe every single morning. This is the hardest thing about having an away from home job – not being able to spend the morning in the garden. I do grab by 10 or 15 spare minutes and spend them there, though. Your photos are wonderful.

    Hi Ginny, thanks. That is exactly the way I feel about each new day, it is a miracle. I hope you are getting enough morning garden time, maybe on the weekends?

  11. Love the imagery your delightful phrasing conjured up in regards to the photo featuring the blue fescue. Time for me to play the broken record in my head that says, “you and your blog really are such a treasure”!

    You are so sweet, Michaele, thank you for those kind words. I appreciate your readership!

  12. Lola says:

    A most thrilling stroll through your garden this a.m. I do love how the garden looks first light of day. So fresh to start the day off. It all seems magical.

    Hi Lola, thanks. Fresh, yes, and magical. Each new day is so full of promise.

  13. Karen Bell says:

    You’ve Done It!!! You’ve Captured what it is to be a True Garden Lover!!! Your photos are truely works of High ART!!! I am your BIGGEST FAN!!!

    Hi Karen, gosh, your kind words are much appreciated! Loving gardens is something many of us share.

  14. Absolutely stunning photos of your garden! What an inspiration!

    Hi Karin, thanks so much. The mornings are so wonderful, my photos do not do it justice.

  15. I’m a fan of morning light and evening shadows. You’ve captured the jewels sparkling in your garden.

    Hi Freda, thanks. It is the morning that sees me out in the garden. Darkness is not good on the rocky, steep paths here.

  16. sequoiagardens says:

    What can I say, Frances… For a while I have felt staid in my photography, recording at the most basic level what is happening. Needing to go out and ENJOY the camera. You have reminded me what photography should mean to the photographer. This is one of your most beautiful posts ever! Jack

    Hi Jack, thanks so much for those kind words. I know exactly what you mean about simply recording what is happening in the garden. Getting down underneath the foliage, however your body can manage that is fun and rewarding, I never look at the shots as they are taken, but take hundreds then go load them on the computer. Then look at them, grab the camera and go take some more from different angles or perspectives. Anything goes!

  17. Fleur - What House? says:

    I have an East-facing garden, which isn’t great, but in the mornings the light coming in over our terrace is beautiful, we love it and sit out in the morning with our coffee and coissants to welcome the day. I also have planted Heuchera and it is nearly flowering now, it shoots up so quickly after its dormancy over winter. Our acers `Bloodgood’ are just starting to unfurl their beautiful and delicate leaves, and I cannot wait to enjoy them in the next couple of weeks with what I hope will be more morning sunlight as we move into summer. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs.

    Thanks Fleur, your garden views do sound divine! The morning sun is the best wake up vision there is, in my opinion. I removed the spammy link, that is a no no here, hope you don’t mind. But your comments are welcome.

  18. Ingrid says:

    francaise::::beautyful garden ……INGRID

    Hi Ingrid, thanks so much!

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