Postcards From Asheville, The Fifth Fling

If you wonder what draws people to come to Asheville, North Carolina, whether to visit or more permanently, here are a few reasons, out of scores…
Above: From Bonnie Brae, the summer home of the famous Bulbarella.

The View.
Above: From The Biltmore Estate.

The Art.
Above: From the Peter and Jasmin Gentling Garden.

Above: From the North Carolina Arboretum.

Above: From Wamboldtopia.

….Unbound By Convention.
Above: From the Christopher Mello Garden.

Some people, like the group of Garden Bloggers who met up in May of 2012, come to Asheville, NC for the friends.
Above: Lisa of Greenbow and Christopher of Outside Clyde, renewing their friendship.


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26 Responses to Postcards From Asheville, The Fifth Fling

  1. zen sutherland says:

    Beautiful and diverse set of shots! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Thanks Zen. It was fabulous, and Asheville performed above and beyond expecations!

  2. Layanee says:

    Oh, Lisa looks lovely and Christopher is da bomb! I missed them and Asheville but am looking forward to reading all posts on the event.

    Thanks Layanee, oh how we missed you in Asheville! Lisa was stunning every single day, but That Hat was a standout! Christopher pulled it off masterfully. I look forward to reading the posts about this fling, as well, and writing a few more as time allows.

  3. bikegarden says:

    Wonderful photos, Frances!

    Thanks Susan!

  4. commonweeder says:

    Frances, I thought of you all – all weekend. I am looking forward to all the Fling posts to enjoy some of the beauties vicariously through wonderful photos like yours. I was at our Annual Plant Sale – a huge! success this year – and my own garden in North Carolina temperatures.

    Hi Pat, thanks. I am glad to hear of your successful plant sale, way to go! There are already lots of photos of facebook on the fling page. I am wondering how that will affect the blog postings this year. Watch for both, I would say!

  5. Looks wonderful..sorry I had to miss it!

    Hi Donna, I am sorry, too. This was the high point, literally!, of fling.

  6. Sorry that I couldn’t make it, but pre-wedding events for stepson consumed my weekend. I’ve been enjoying the posts on Facebook and now the blogs. Glad y’all had a good time!

    I am sorry, too, Freda. Maybe one of these days things will work out that you can attend a fling and we can meet in person!

  7. Looks like a spectacular weekend! I am so sorry I missed going and meeting everyone! I had family obligations that weekend and wasn’t able to make it. Can’t wait to see & read more about all the weekends events.

    Hi Karin, thanks. Yes, spectacular is a good word for some of the fling stuff, some was more low key but just as enjoyable. We had a wonderful time visiting with each other and seeing the gardens.

  8. Valerie says:

    Hi Frances: We can count on you to give us a good view of all the events. One day I hope. Valerie

    Hi Valerie, thanks. I hope you can get a good idea of the fling with all the posts that will be written. I took fewer photos than usual due to being involved with the details of running this show. Do try to attend if at all possible, I think most folks who did will tell you it is worth it!

  9. Pam/Digging says:

    Frances, I enjoyed the scenery, the art, the creativity, and the gardens, but most of all the people. My thanks to the Asheville team for putting together such a great Fling!

    You have summed it up well, as usual Pam. Thank you for having the brilliant idea for garden bloggers to meet in Austin in 2008!

  10. Lola says:

    Oh Frances, what lovely pics. of scenery & the people. I’m so glad you all had such a wonderful time. I sure wish I could have been there.

    Thanks Lola, it was lovely, the gardens and the bloggers. We did have a great time.

  11. Frances you have found the secret to taking a decent picture of me. Profile view from a distance. Thank you and thank you for all your hard work in making a successful Asheville Fling 2012. The ice cream was great.

    I have taken several shots of you that were decent over the years, Christopher, mostly full frontal, but this one is special for so many reasons. You have pulled off the difficult task of running a fling with grace and aplomb, it was an honor to help in some small way.

  12. You’ve captured it beautifully, Frances. You and the team did an amazing job and I had a wonderful time sharing all those great sites with everyone.

    Thanks Diana. Now I appreciate the work you all did in Austin that much more. There are a lot of details to get people moved around and fed.

  13. Linda says:

    Frances, could you tell me who all was there so I can check their blogs for pics.

    The blog links are on the sidebar of the official fling blog, link at the top of my sidebar, Linda.

  14. Dee says:

    It was a fabulous trip Frances. I’m so grateful I came, and that all of you worked so hard to get us there. I had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, sat with even more lovely people, saw some gorgeous and cool gardens, and I loved every minute of it.

    Hi Dee, thanks. I am so glad you came, too, and everyone else who attended. Asheville was a wonderful host/hostess. The ice cream was especially good! HA

  15. Your photos are stunning, and it looks like a blast! Maybe one of these years I won’t have any conflicts. My son graduated on Saturday–otherwise I would have been there!

    I hope you can attend a fling sometime, Plant Postings, they are the best!

  16. Loved meeting you Frances, you are as wonderful in person as you seem on your blog. I much enjoyed the Fling and am appreciative to all of those responsible for putting on such a fun event. Already looking forward to the next time. Your post really gives an idea of all that was wonderful about the trip.

    Hi Donna, thanks so much, I loved meeting you, too! I am glad you enjoyed the fling experience, it is sometimes hard to get across the feeling of camraderie that exists among the garden bloggers, whether they are ones you are familiar with or new. All one big happy family! I hope to see you in San Francisco!

  17. skeeter says:

    you Forgot to the Post Card of the Ice Cream from the Hop! Toot your own horn girl as your son is such a sweet one. Hum, from mama or from tasting all that sweet goodness they make? Oh well, toot your horn girl….

    Hi Skeeter, you are so funny! It was great to meet you in person, finally, and the Saint is truly a Saint! I have to admit to taking way fewer photos at this fling than normal when I am simply an attendee. I hope someone got a shot of some ice cream!

  18. Linda says:

    I’m sick I could’nt be there……had a commitment in Chicago (which was a good thing) I intend to make it next year……. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics ! As Skeeter says…….. “toot your horn, girl!……”

    Hi Linda, I am sorry you couldn’t make it, everyone seemed to enjoy Asheville very much. Skeeter is a hoot, her self!

  19. Rose says:

    Beautiful photos to entice would-be visitors, Frances. But I’m not sure any visit could top this past weekend–thanks to you, Christopher, and all the other organizers for such an incredible experience!

    Thanks Rose. It was a fine fling, I believe. Christopher did a fabulous job, the greatest burden was on him, for sure.

  20. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    It is always fun to receive postcards from someone’s trip. You have captured some beautiful shots from the Fling. It was great fun. Lots of beautiful inspiring gardens. It was great fun to see you again too.
    P.S. I must say it was the best time. You and the rest of the team did an outstanding job getting things arranged. It seemed like it went off without a hitch. The people of Asheville are so nice. A great place to visit.

    Thanks Lisa. I loved seeing you again and thought your hat was particularly darling! These flings have lots of little details at the last minute to attend to, but I feel it went well. Asheville is wonderful, we love it!

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  22. Really nice postcards Frances. They show what fun we all had. And thank you for all your hard work on the Fling. I’m glad we got a little time to chat too.

    Hi Jean, thanks. Asheville showed us its best and the bloggers seemed to respond favorably. I was happy to get a dance with you!

  23. Thought I had commented on this post. hmmm. Great shots, think my favorite is the lantana with the mountains in the background. What a great weekend.

    Thanks Janet. Maybe it was on facebook? That lantana shot is a favorite of mine, too. I am glad you enjoyed Asheville and your first fling.

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