Sweet Intoxication

‘Tis the season…

…Of scents,…

…Scents overwhelmingly sweet in the early morning rain.

It is Trumpet Time, Lilium cultivars of the Chinese Trumpet class.

As the gardener/photographer tiptoes tentatively up and down the Fairegarden slopes, wearing a purple raincoat, the heady fragrance is nearly intoxicating.

She had better watch her step on those slippery wet rocks and not let the perfume go to her head. But what a way to go.

Color code for the featured Chinese Trumpet Lilies:
White-Lilium ‘Regale’, written about previously here.
Pink-Lilium ‘Pink Perfection’
Orange-Lilium ‘African Queen’
Yellow-Lilium ‘Golden Splendour’
The final photo shows this one and only this one African Queen that has reached a height of well over eight feet. It is a riddle as to what might be buried under that bulb to spur such growth. Whatever it is, Queenie loves it.


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12 Responses to Sweet Intoxication

  1. Mary McGrath says:

    Do you ever have to deal with lily leaf beetles? They are a scourge up here in Vermont.

    Hi Mary, thanks for visiting. If we have those lily beetles, I have not noticed them. We grow all sorts of lilies here along with all sorts of many other types of plants. There is not a single leaf that something is not taking bites out of. I ignore them, or squish the diners with gloved fingers.

  2. Meta says:

    Absolutely beautiful.


  3. indygardener says:

    The scent of rain alone would probably send me over the edge right now.

    Hi Carol, the rain did enhance the experience, especially since I had been gone for several days and the garden was dry when I left. All around a good morning.

  4. I think I breathed in a little more deeply just looking at your beautiful photos.What a sensory delight it must be to weave among your tall beauties. My regular oriental lilies haven’t opened up yet but I cheated the other day and bought a pot of Stargazers from Lowes that already had fragrant blooms.

    Hi Michaele, thanks for joining in the morning delights. These tall Chinese trumpets bloom in between the asiatics and the orientals, you need some of those! I don’t blame you for buying the Stargazers, what a joyful flower, and so readily available. They have been forced for the early bloom, but after you plant them in the ground, they will self adjust and bloom later next year and in the future. I like to get those lilies off the clearance rack after they have bloomed, and Stargazer is an excellent lily.

  5. Simply beautiful! 8)


  6. Nell Jean says:

    Thank you for risking life and limb to share your lilies. Do be careful.

    HA Nell Jean, thanks. Wet rocks are actually quite slippery no matter what footwear you have on, especially on a steep slope. I am careful, very careful, but blooming lilies do distract me from watching my step!

  7. Lola says:

    You have a nice color palette of lilies. I only have the white. One yr. it grew as high as neighbors roof. sure was surprised about that. The only thing, I’ve never noticed a scent from them. I know not the name as they were here when the house was purchased.

    Hi Lola, thanks. Some of the lilies, and other plants are only fragrant in the evening and early morning. They might be pollinated by moths or other night flying creatures. I do not noticed the perfume as much in the middle of the day here for these trumpets.

  8. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    The Queen certainly has lived up to her name. They are all beauties.

    Thanks Lisa. The Queen is a good one, but I love them all.

  9. I am hoping my lilies make a showing of some sort…I just ordered more and planted them out…your lily posts have me in lily fever 🙂

    I hope so too, Donna. One can never have too many lilies, and may we never recover from that particular fever!

  10. I like Pink Perfection with its nice clear pink colour. I don’t have any trumpet lilies, just the little Asiatic lilies that look after themselves around the corner of the house.

    Thanks, Northern Shade. The Asiatics are very carefree, it’s true, and the colors are wonderful. The trumpets are tall and fragrant and the class Orienpet made of orientals and trumpets mixed has been good. I have a few of those, they bloom a little later. Love them all!

  11. commonweeder says:

    I love your lilies. I love my fragrant lilies – the ones that are left. So far beetles haven’t been the threat – but oh those deer. All my repellent was off in our week of rain.

    Thanks Pat. I love all lilies, but these very scented ones are really special. You are lucky to have so much rain, sorry about the deer.

  12. Love the fragrance of lilies. Bring them on!!

    Hi Janet, thanks. The lilies blooming now, those tall trumpets are so fragrant. I have less luck with the orientals, although the orienpets do better here, just beginning now. One cannot have too many lilies.

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