June Bloom Day-Something Old…

Welcome one and all to this edition of Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, the inspired invention of Carol of May Dreams Gardens in which we share what is blooming in our gardens around the middle of each month. There is a theme for this post, so let us begin.
Above: Looking at the white/yellow garden, now blooming is Kniphofia uvaria from mixed seed and through the foliage, LA hybrid Lilium ‘Eyeliner’.

Something old…
Above: A daylily that came with the property that was moved last year to a sunnier location and is in bloom again after taking a hiatus of a few years, Hemerocallis ‘Elrod Peach’, (made up name).

Something new…
Above: The first of a group of new lilies planted this spring, ordered from B&D Lilies, Asiatic Lilium ‘First Crown’ in the black garden.

Also new…
Above: Allium flavum has interesting bud sheaths even before the yellow bell shapes emerge.

Something borrowed…
I’ll wager you cannot guess what this flower is, but here’s a hint. It is growing in the veggie garden. That’s right, it’s the flowering stalk of a carrot allowed to bolt, wrapped around the borrowed spiral stakes of some peas. Carrots hate our rocky clay soil here but we often get free seeds from the sponsors of Fling so sow them anyway. Then we kind of forget about them and leave them over the winter and the next year they flower, looking just like Queen Anne’s lace, a close relative.

Also borrowed…
Borrowed from other parts of the garden to add some mid-season color to the front walk, Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’ and some lamb’s ear, Stachys byzantina going to seed. These two plants are never fail.

More borrowing…
Still in the front, the Heuchera ‘Citronelle’ is not noted for its blooms, but they look delicately subtle with the borrowed view of the stone facing on the front of the house.

Something blue.
Usually blooming in July, Eryngium ssp. is blue-ing up amidst the stand of Stipa tenuissima and some blackberry lily foliage.

More blue…
Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ was moved last year from the too dry slope above the pond to the garage side bed. It seems much happier now.

The wheelbarrow turned planter is a delightful place to have gardening fun. The height is perfect to not have to bend over and the bagged potting mix seems to the liking of perennials and annuals both. It is right next to a hose spigot for ease of watering. It is old, the plants are new, the soil is borrowed and there are some blue flowers, hardly visible in the form of Evolvulus ‘Blue Daze’. In case you are wondering about this theme…

We recently attended the wedding of the daughter of very dear friends at their farm in Canada. The setting could not have been more pastoral and after a period of drenching, freezing rain the day before, the sun came out just in time to bless the happy couple and their loved ones.

Best of wishes and lots of love to you, Lysa and Adam!♥♥♥


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19 Responses to June Bloom Day-Something Old…

  1. Lea says:

    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    Thanks Lea, and Happy GBBD to you!

  2. Edwina Kreps says:

    I love the “lambs ears” stachys byzantina and coreopsis verticillata “Zagreb” together. My lambs ears are finally blossoming. The planter with the pansies and petunias is a great idea. Wondering if that is a purple basil in the middle? I enjoy your blog so much.

    Hi Edwina, thanks for those kind words. The purple leaf plant in the wheelbarrow is Black Pearl pepper, a wonderful plant for containers and in the ground. It loves the heat here. Hooray for your lambs ear!

  3. Carol says:

    A very appropriate theme for a June bloom day. Thanks for joining in.

    Hi Carol, thanks. I haven’t missed a bloom day yet since I began blogging in December, 2007, and don’t intend to ever miss one! Thanks for hosting this sharing.

  4. Good morning and enjoyed the visit to your garden this morning. Love the picture of the carrot. Surprises in the garden are the best and always make us smile. I have parsley that returned from last year and I am letting it bloom so I can see what the bloom looks like. It is now four feet tall and the blooms look like the blooms on dill. Lovely setting for a wedding. Have a good day.

    Hi Sandy, thanks. I love the blooms of parsley, which is a biennial, foliage the first year and flowers the second, then it will die. But many times there will be babies around the area if you allow the flowers to go to seed and let them mature. Good luck!

  5. Laurie Feit says:

    Deft weaving of ‘something old…’ and the garden plants.
    June brides are lucky, aren’t they?

    Hi Laurie, thanks. June brides are certainly lucky. I wasn’t one, but June is the lucky month, for sure.

  6. sandy lawrence says:

    Fabulous idea on the carrot seed. I’m going to “borrow” that idea from you for my white/cream/yellow garden. Such lacy blooms; they do, indeed look like Queen Ann’s Lace.

    A drenching, cold rain? Sounds DIVINE! Please send it here! But I’m glad the wedding was blessed with a lovely sunny day. Thanks for the (always) lovely photos, Frances.

    Thanks Sandy. I like the idea of the carrot sowing as well, having hit and miss results saving Queen Anne’s Lace seeds and getting them to germinate where I want them to. We might even get a carrot to eat. It was quite cold in Canada that weekend, but on the day of the wedding, it was wonderful.

  7. Phillip says:

    Love the carrot bloom! And your rock wall is to die for.

    Hi Phillip, thanks. I had no idea that the carrots would do that, having always pulled them up before they bloomed. From now on, they will be ornamentals. The rock facade on the front of the house was installed by local masons. They did a very good job.

  8. julieadolf says:

    Allium flavum provides great interest! And–I covet your rock wall–that’s simply gorgeous! What a sweet post inspired by the wedding–wishing them much happiness and joy! Happy Bloom Day!

    Hi Julie, thanks. The Allium is a very pleasant surprise, I did not know it would be that cool. The wedding was wonderful, lots of love and happiness there.

  9. Layanee says:

    I love seeing blooms from around the country and your carrot is a first for me. I have never let them go to seed. So pretty.

    Hi Layanee, thanks. Bloom day is so fun, what a wonderful idea Carol had. The carrot was a surprise.

  10. Nicole says:

    You have lots of lovely blooms and foliage, I like the lilies most. I cant get Kniphofia to live very long-maybe its too hot here, so I guess I have to settle for just aloe blooms.

    Hi Nicole, thanks, so nice to see you. I would be super happy to have aloe and other succulent blooms outside, so I guess I have to settle for Kniphofia. HA

  11. Rose says:

    What a lovely setting for a wedding–I’m glad the freezing rain stopped before the ceremony. I love the happy mix of plants in your wheelbarrow–so colorful. But what really is striking are those carrots; I’ve never seen them bloom like this!

    Thanks Rose. I was worried about the wedding, we did not pack for cold weather, but I did have my purple raincoat. How about those carrots? Seed is so readily available and easy to sow. Plant them and forget them wherever you want a tall white umbrellifer the next summer!

  12. I adore that allium..very unusual…and that carrot flower. I never let them go to flower…will have to try it…very pretty!

    Hi Donna, thanks. The Allium is great, I have never seen it before. The carrot is wonderfully funny!

  13. What a lovely spot for a wedding. Love that Lily ‘First Crown’, yummy peach color.

    Thanks Janet. The wedding was superb, especially the folks involved, such dear and good friends. The lily First Crown is gorgeous, especially against the dark leaf background in the Black Garden.

  14. Dee says:

    Happy Bloom Day and Happy Wedding. The only thing nicer than a wedding is a baby. Your blooms are lovely my friend. I love those alliums.

    Hi Dee, thanks and Happy GBBD to you. Weddings and babies, yes to both! The Alliums are very unique, highly recommended.

  15. Linda says:

    Lovely, Frances! Daylilies seem to be the flower of this Bloom Day. Love the carrot blooms. It’s fun to let veggies and herbs bloom. The flowers are often so very delicate and pretty. We have wasabi arugula and mustard blooming, and 2nd-year curly parsley about to bloom any day now. Love seeing blooms in veggie gardens, and pollinators sure enjoy them too.

    I so enjoyed your wedding-themed post – just knew there would be a wedding photo at the end. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Looks like it was a lovely wedding.

    Hi Linda, thanks. Good on you knowing it would end with a wedding shot, June is the month of weddings, ’tis true. The daylilies are having the best year ever and I am lax in pulling bolted veggies. Sometimes, as in the case of the carrots, the flowers are wonderful.

  16. My Kids Mom says:

    Just thought I’d share that we stopped at The Hop yesterday on our way home from VA to GA. Yum! Plus, I was thinking of you two days in a row because today my google reminder suggested that I preorder some saffron crocus, and I did. I can’t wait to see how they do. Even one meal will be worth the price, about $1/bulb.

    I always enjoy reading about your gardens,

    Thanks so much Jill! We always like to hear nice stories about The Hop and it’s products. Good luck on your saffron crocus, the flowers are beautiful and the taste is the stuff of legends.

  17. Lots of lovelies in your garden! The Coreopsis and Lamb’s Ear look great together–I wouldn’t have thought to plant them together, but wow–very nice! Your garden is full of beautiful blooms!

    Hi Plant Postings, thanks. I believe when the lambs ear was stuck in that bed the coreopsis was still dormant. It did turn out to be a good combo.

  18. Linda says:

    ❤ your wonderful spaces………The carrot bloom (I thought was Queen Anne's Lace…a fave of mine), nice! Lambs ears (I'm working on the little lamb "guys", for Christmas)! The whole batch is so beautiful…….And First Crown (LOVE IT!) But I have to say…..The stacked stone is an amazing backdrop! That's your home?

    Hi Linda, thanks. I can actually see no difference between the carrot and the Queen Anne’s Lace flowers, and very little between the foliage. Good deal on the little lamb, they are fun, aren’t they? First Crown is a looker, it meets expectations from the photo in the bulb catalog. Yes, the stone is the front facade of part of our house that we had added. It is local stone and fits the look just right, we feel.

  19. Sharon says:

    I like your theme. I was wondering where you were going to go with “borrowed”. I thought of plants I’ve gotten as cuttings or seeds from friends, or even some that friends have given me pretty much as “insurance” in case they ever lose their own (in which case, like something borrowed, I might someday give it back). But I think you are a lot more creative than me!

    Hi Sharon, thanks so much. It sounds as though you have been like a bank to friends. They deposit their plants with you for a future withdrawal! I doubt very much that I am more creative than anyone else, but I am fearless in breaking the rules of writing! HA

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