Wordless Wednesday-Go Green

On this July 4th, we invite everyone to go green.

In going through some old t-shirts, this gem was found. From the late sixties, early seventies, a time of peace, love and hippies, there was also a movement that cared about the environment. This was it’s symbol, it’s the Ecology flag. The shirt is very close to falling apart from age and too many washings, (yes, I was a clean hippie), but the idea remains fresh and is just as strong, (and important to me) today as back in those halcyon days. Save the Environment! Go Green!

p.s. Wordless is a relative term.

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15 Responses to Wordless Wednesday-Go Green

  1. That’s a classic!

    Thanks, Carol. By some definitions it might even be an antique! HA

  2. Linda says:

    I think I would just have to see if someone could copy this. It is very timely.

    There probably is a way to do it. This was an iron on I bought and added to a grey t-shirt. Printers can make iron ons now, just have to work on the image. Thanks for the idea, Linda!

  3. Love it Frances! I remember those shirts and the symbol. I still have some of my old treasured “hippie” t-shirts too. Go green!

    Thanks Jean. Oldies but goodies applies here. Go green!

  4. Peace, love and go green…I remember the flag Frances and still continue to keep it in my heart and my life…thx for bringing it to our attention again!

    Thanks Donna. Good to hear you have kept the dream alive!

  5. gail says:

    Dear Frances, What a wonderful find. You must find a way to preserve it (of course this post will). I wish the youth of today had the energy and hope for change that we had. Peace, love, eternal groove and go green! xoxogail

    Thanks Gail. I am sure there are some younger folks out there, those starting their own sustainable farms, for instance, who are still carrying the baton for Green!

  6. Jan Doble says:

    Great reminder, Frances. Perhaps you could put it in a frame with glass over it?! Happy 4th and peace to you!

    Thank Jan, that’s a good idea! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  7. Cindy, MCOK says:

    That t-shirt is awesome! I would have it made into a pillow!

    Thanks Cindy. The fabric is too fragile at this point for sewing, but that is a good idea.

  8. Dee says:

    Yes, the environment is our life.~~Dee

    Right, Dee. We could not survive without it!

  9. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    This is fairly wordless for you Frances. 😉 I hope you and yours have a good 4th. Try to stay cool…and green.

    HA Lisa, thanks. I hope your holiday was wonderful, and green, as well.

  10. That symbol is due for a revival. Happy 4th!

    Thanks MMD. I am surprised this symbol has not been used in some way. The message is still pertinant today.

  11. Elizabeth McLeod says:

    Our wish is that as much as possible, everyone goes green. Here in Port Moody, Canada, the use of pesticides has been banned for over 7 years. Our garbage and recycling must be properly separated and the city provides giant bins to put the appropriate items into. Just yesterday, I found a giant water barrel to collect rain water in! Now I can dip and water flowers without using the hose. Cheers.

    Good to hear, Elizabeth! All of those things you mention are super important, but the ban of pesticides is particularly heartening. There is no need to poison us all through their overuse. We have a rain barrel and recycling is offered by the city, too. All good!

  12. Ha! So fun that you have a shirt from that long ago–that in itself is a very green event. Great message, and I love your last comment about Wordless Wednesday. 😉

    Thanks Plant Postings. I have just a handful of items from those ancient times, all special to me. That is the greenest one, however. HA

  13. Cat says:

    This symbol needs to be resurrected! I was a child of the 70’s and remember the green movement making progress and then the ambition of the 80’s seemed to overrun all the progress. It’s refreshing to see so many young people now committing themselves to keeping our planet healthy. I would gladly and proudly wear a t-shirt like this!

    Hi Cat, thanks. I think there could be a market for this symbol, but who knows why we haven’t seen it since those long ago times? Or maybe a new one that sort of has the same vibe? You are right in that there are young folks whose values are more attuned with the Earth and environment. I raised 4 of them myself.

  14. _emily_rose says:

    I love the message, and I love the shirt!

    Thanks Emily!

  15. Karen of Cabinhouse says:

    Way back then, my Eldest Brother had a job in Hollywood working for the man who created and manufactured those tee shirts and the Smiley faced buttons, stickers etc etc. funny how these things come Full Circle!

    How cool, Karen! My shirt was created using an iron-on transfer that I bought at a head shop in Oklahoma and my iron. It lasted pretty well for all these years, and washings. I think there could be a market for this symbol once again. Tell your brother!

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