Like The Sun

The color yellow,

Reminds us of the sun,

Whose brilliance …

Can only be copied,

But never equaled.

Golden petals radiate from the center disc,…

Dipped in bliss,

Honey coated in delicious dew…

What a sweet way to greet each morning in the garden.
The cast:
1. Cosmos sulphureus
2. Aster heterotheca villosa ‘Ruth Baumgardner’
3. Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ with Ruth behind
4. Rudbeckia triloba, Lemon Queen and Ruth
5. Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’
6. Rudbeckia lanciniata
7. Cosmos sulphureus
8. Calendula ‘Pacific Beauty’
9. Dahlia ‘Gallery Cobra’ and Cosmos sulphureus


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14 Responses to Like The Sun

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    A good play on the sun. The actors are all beautiful. Have a great weekend.

    Thanks, Lisa. Those bright shining yellow faces as the sun rises really start my day off right. You too, have a lovely weekend.

  2. Carol says:

    Lovely. I have also noticed a lot of golden yellow blooms in my garden these past few weeks. My favorite right now is the goldenrod, which is almost sparkly yellow.

    Thanks Carol. Yellow is the color right now, with the purple ironweed and earliest asters joining in, with white snakeroot and more asters to come. This is a very pretty time of year as the sun changes angles to be less harsh.

  3. Mark and Gaz says:

    What a lovely play with words, and lovely blooms too!

    Thanks Mark and Gaz. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Yellow supposedly creates anxiety when used in the home, but I can’t have a garden without it, always adds that extra excitement to other colors.


    Hi Eileen, thanks for visiting. A garden without yellow would be sad, indeed. Think of the daffodils in spring. The Ruth aster is magnificent against the purple ironweed in the Black Garden. I don’t wear yellow and don’t really have it in the house either, as long as the pale butter color of the addition walls doesn’t count, more of a very pale buff/maize.

  5. Your prose today had such a lovely haiku vibe that it inspired me to go to Wikipedia to see what the technical definition of haiku was.
    The second photo made me smile because it looks like you caught Mother nature in the middle of a direct color transfusion…as if she a surgeon yelling out, “I need some yellow, STAT! ”
    And the yellow in the final picture really makes the blue of the chairs pop.

    You are so sweet, Michaele, always, thank you. Sometimes I don’t feel like being wordy. We are lucky with the way the garden is situated here to be able to see the sun rise and shine on the plants. My camera cannot do justice to the magnificence of it. Those silly blue plastic chairs from the grocery are really a focal point, and a good place to sit and enjoy the hummers on the Dahlias, too.

  6. Lots of yellow here too. Anyone would think it’s spring!

    Hi Lucy, thanks for joining in here, nice to see you. I am glad to hear you have the cheerful color yellow going on. Some people don’t like it, but it is so cheering and happy.

  7. Dee says:

    It did remind me of haiku. Yes, yellow, the color of sunshine and happy days.

    Thanks Dee. These yellow flowers make me happy, and the pollinators, too. I am no poet, but sometimes less is more.

  8. I love yellow flowers, especially in fall. They counteract the shorter days and the sun growing less intense.

    Thanks Garden City. I love them all the time, but they are especially nice right now.

  9. I’ve never seen a yellow aster before!

    Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by. Until Ruth, I hadn’t either. This is a fine one, but has to be cut way down in May or else it needs staking or will flop all over. Lemon Queen is the same way, but the cutting is worth it. If only I remembered to cut those goldenrods last May! They are eight feet tall.

  10. Cindy, MCOK says:

    The golden hour lasts all day long in Fairegarden at this time of year!

    Hi Cindy, thanks. It really does, but the morning is best, seeing the light hit the petals, like turning on the switch.

  11. Sunny and beautiful!

    Hi Donna, thanks.

  12. gail says:

    I love mornings in the garden when the sun lights up every blade of grass, leaf and flower. It’s magical and it’s why I am thinning the canopy trees so more light can get through…and create stunning views like you’ve captured. xoxogail

    Thanks Gail. More light is a good thing. Those trees have a way of cutting it off when we aren’t looking!

  13. Frances I needed my sunglasses for this post 🙂
    Loved the bright blooms and light….so many of my fav yellow blooms

    Thanks Donna. The yellows are really shining right now, especially just as the sun rises. Makes me happy.

  14. Les says:

    Gold and yellow seem to be dominating my garden as well, but I like to throw some purple in to make both colors pop.

    Hi Les, thanks for stopping by. Yes to the purple. We have ironweed and Verbena bonariensis and a couple of standard butterfly bushes adding purple here, too.

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