Morning Glory Magic

It is right there all the time, we just don’t see it.

The more obvious and mundane it seems, the more likely are we to barely give it a glance before looking at something more shiny.

October 6, 2009 015 (2)
Hurry, hurry, hurry, the way of life at present, seldom leaves us the luxury to slow down and really look.

September 3, 2009 Mouse Creek 095 (2)
Let us take a moment now and delve into what is mysteriously, miraculously, mystical.

Could this be the gateway, the portal, the passageway, the corridor to another place, a fine and wonderful place?

Perhaps it is where the fairies live?

Like Indiana Jones, we wait for the rays of the rising sun to beam from behind the petals, illuminating the pure center of light.

If only we could shrink ourselves to fairy size and dive in…


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21 Responses to Morning Glory Magic

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    An entertaining thought.

    Let’s shrink ourselves down to fairy size, hold hands and jump in, Lisa!

  2. Laurie Feit says:

    Only you could capture the light through the white portal….magical.

    Hi Laurie, thanks for visiting! Are you ready to jump in?

  3. Sandy & Richard says:

    There really must be fairies at the bottom of the garden, for these flowers are their lights, with the most wonderful of light shades. Magic indeed.

    Thanks Sandy and Richard. The lowly volunteer morning glories, nearly weeds here they are so prolific, do hold the magic in that lighted center. It draws us in…

  4. Valerie says:

    I love that bright blue of the morning glories in the morning. I have taken many pictures of them lately. I will be looking for the fairies in the centers. Valerie

    Hi Valerie, good to know you are ready to make the leap!

  5. Layanee says:

    I do love morning glories. Almost magic. Wait, they are magic so why not crawl inside. With a lens at the very least.

    They are, Layanee. When the sun is backlighting them, the centers positively glow with magic.

  6. Mark and Gaz says:

    I love the intense colour of Morning Glory blooms!

    I do too, Mark and Gaz. At this time of year, with the lower light, they simply glow.

  7. I immediately thought of you when I came across this article No surprise, your photos from today only prove why you came to mind. Seems like any of your postings would have a picture worthy of submission.
    That inner luminosity is captivating and intriguing…how does it shine so bright?! Looks like something worthy of a Steven Spielberg special effect that would, no doubt, cost a fortune to create.

    Thanks Michaele, you are sweet, as always. My photographic skills, point and shoot on auto, would be laughed at by the pros. They can tell when a good camera and a real photographer are behind the clicker. But I know this garden so well, and the lighting magic that happens at certain times of day, it is enough for me and the blog. Doesn’t it look like we could just jump right in? I always think that when seeing the flowers on the computer screen.

  8. Rose says:

    Truly magical!

    Thanks Rose!

  9. gail says:

    Frances, I love them and your photos are marvelous. We all know your hillside is magic, but the backlighting shows so very clearly just how much magic there is on the other side of the mountains! xoxogail

    Thanks Gail. The way the slope is situated and the autumn light make this a very magical time of year. Those clear blue skies don’t hurt, either!

  10. Katherine Baker says:

    What a Glorious Morning, Frances! Thank you for reminding me to look for the magic, today and every day. Scott is chasing the golf fairies in Kingsport this week with his old buddies. hugs to you.

    Hi Kathy, what a pleasant surprise! Fun, fun, fun for big Scott and the guys. I hope the golf fairies are kind to him.

  11. Donna B. says:

    I’m always at a loss of words with your photos. They’re just so pleasing to the eye!
    I agree with morning glories though, they are certainly magic. I do have some of the Grandpa Otts in my garden, along with some scarlet-colored and pink ones. They’re fading now though as the weather get’s colder…
    I still cannot believe the luminosity of the white in the center – and even moreso at the contrast when I find a little bumbler sleeping in one!

    Thanks Donna, you kind words mean a lot to me. I take the morning glories for granted, not allowing them prime garden bed space, but would hate not to have them around the perimeter. They grow especially well on the brush pile. I was hoping for a photo of a bee inside, but the skipper had to do. So full of magic, are they.

  12. Frances,
    I’m so ashamed that I pull these “weeds” before they bloom. Your photos make me reconsider where I might grow them to best advantage! Thanks for the inspiration and meditation!

    Thanks for visiting, Shenandoah. I pull lots of the morning glories too, or that is the only plant we would have! Perhaps you have a wilder place, away from the garden beds? I let them grow on the brush pile along the property line, and on the pyracanthas and a couple of rose arbors.

  13. Maybe I need some of those in my garden…love the colors.

    I would say yes, you do, Janet. The blue is like nothing else, but they are all beautiful. They came with the property here so I don’t know the names. They can take over, but are allowed to grow in the wilder areas. The cooler temps really make them shine.

  14. Alison says:

    Your photos are so beautiful, Frances! You’re lucky to have so many that reseed so easily. I’ve tried to get them going in the past, but no luck. I should try again here in this garden. I need some sweetpeas too.

    Thanks Alison. Morning glories are extremely photogenic, especially when backlit. It’s funny, I cannot buy seed and get them to grow either. These are volunteers that came with the property, luckily. For the sweetpeas, I am trying sowing now, last week, actually. Some are already up.

  15. The first time I grew morning glories was on a chain link fence along an alley. It was beside the yard of a three flat where my wife and I lived together for the first time. The morning glories brightened up a rather bleak landscape. The landlord loved the blue flowers so much (plus the fact that I had “improved” his property on my own initiative) that he didn’t raise our rent for five years!

    Hi Garden IAC, thanks for adding to the conversation here. Chain link fences are so perfect for morning glories. It sounds like you have a very appreciative landlord!

  16. Flower Pot says:

    I love morning glories and your beautiful photos remind me of why! And it’s good to know you’re keeping the portals open.

    Thanks Flower Pot. Morning glories are amazing, and often overlooked or even pulled as weeds. I admit to pulling some in strategic places, but always leave many to scramble over things. Yes, the portals are open here!

  17. commonweeder says:

    Even my husband has been marvelling at the morning glories blooming blooming blooming by the kitchen table window. The Grandpa Otts reseed so happily and we begin every day with a sight of glory. Your photos, as always, capture that magic.

    Hi Pat, thanks for adding in here. It seems that the self sowns do so much better than the ones are struggle to plant ourselves. Having them close to your kitchen window is brilliant!!!

  18. Mark and Gaz says:

    Lovely colours, we have never had much luck with morning glory for some reason, Must try again.

    Thanks Mark and Gaz. Keep trying. If you can just get them going once, you will be set for life. Soaking the seeds and adding a tsp of peroxide will help break open the tough seed case.

  19. Stunning Magical, the last shot with the insect walking towards the centre of the flower says it all.

    Thanks Karen. I had to work for that shot, the little skipper was flitting around all over the place. It took about 50 shots to get a relatively clean one. I got lucky.


  20. Cindy, MCOK says:

    Morning glorious!

    Thanks Cindy, good one!

  21. balisha says:

    Oh…they are beautiful.

    Hi Balisha, thanks for stopping by. They are indeed.

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