After The Rain

I love to go out with the camera after a long, soaking rain has finally stopped.

The plants are so happy that their roots have been refreshed and the dirt has been washed from the leaves.

Some things might be a little bent down from the extra weight of the moisture droplets….

….but most will resume normal programming once they have dried out.

Colors appear more intense when wet.

Spider webs reveal themselves to be masterpieces when dotted with jewels….

….while the spiders themselves are sheltered by sturdy petals.

We are ever so thankful for the rain….

…our cup runneth over with humble gratitude…

….for the riches that Nature gives.


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22 Responses to After The Rain

  1. Mark and Gaz says:

    The garden does take on a beautiful, refreshed shine after a rain shower 🙂 The third photo is my favourite, looks stunning!

    Thanks Mark and Gaz. Without the rain, there could be no garden. I am always thankful for it. The muhly grass takes a nap when weighted down with raindrops, but perks back upright as it dries out.

  2. That last picture looks like someone left the light on in the Fairy garden…just beautiful!

    Thanks, Michaele. That photo was a pleasant surprise. I held the camera at arm’s length and stuck it under the toadstool and clicked. Sometimes luck is with us. I love it, too.

  3. Layanee says:

    The grasses look bent in prayerful thanks. Let the sun shine on them now.

    A very apt analogy, Layanee. The whole garden bows to the rain in thanks, as does the gardener. Sun is good too.

  4. Barbara H. says:

    The muhly grass reminded me of waterfall pictures. I was loving those and then I got to the last photo. Oh Frances, you captured the illuminated / illuminating energy force of living things. Well done!

    Thanks Barbara, high praise coming from you! The last shot was total luck, the camera did it all, I just clicked. Of course that is the way with all of my photos! HA

  5. Lola says:

    Such refreshing beauty after a nice cleansing. Nature sure has a way of enticing our vision to be delighted with every turn.

    Hi Lola, thanks for visiting. There is no boundary to the beauty out there.

  6. Alison says:

    These photos are fantastic, Frances! I love the pink Muhly bowing down on both sides. It’s difficult here in the PNW to appreciate the garden after the rain, since it usually rains so much, you have to catch it at just the right moment, some day in July, when it finally ends for the summer. You may have heard we are having an extended dry summer here, it hasn’t rained yet in October, and only a tiny, almost unmeasurable amount since July. My garden is desperate for it. Sprinklers just aren’t the same.

    Thanks Alison. It’s feast or famine with the rain sometimes, isn’t it? After several years of drought here, some of them extreme, we promised ourselves to never complain about rain again. As you say, hand watering or sprinklers isn’t the same. We were lucky to see Seattle on a couple of those sunny summer days for fling, as well as the rainy day, too. Such a beautiful place.

  7. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Frances, Everything does look beautiful through your pictures. Thank you for your lovely posts.

    Hi Anne, thanks so much for those kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  8. Leslie says:

    Just beautiful! I love that mushroom photo!

    Hi Leslie, thanks. I like that one, as well.

  9. Dee says:

    I will never again take rain for granted I promise you. That photo of the muhley grass bowing down is really something.~~Dee

    Hi Dee, thanks for the kind words. After what some parts of the country have been through the last several years, it would seem wrong to complain about rain. To me, anyway. We need rain. Period.

  10. Looks lovely, Frances! You have so much color and texture for this time of year.

    Hi Freda, thanks. Fall is wonderful here, while the deciduous trees still hold their leaves, it is a wonderland.

  11. sandy lawrence says:

    Hoping for some rain here in TX. I, too, will never, ever complain about rain. Frances, I’m sure you’ve identified it before, but I can’t locate where you did so. I do wish I could find some of the red grasses like you show @photo 008 (2). What is the name of that lovely red grass? I believe it is cold hardy, unlike the purple fountain grass? I do love that red coloring. Your photos after the rain are just superb, such a nice mix of long and macro shots. Thanks for taking them and sharing them with your readers.

    Thanks Sandy, I appreciate your kind words. I hope you get some rain soon, and enough to make a difference, too. The red grass you are asking about in the second photo is Japanese blood grass, Imperata cylindrica. It is hardy and can be invasive in high rainfall areas. It is not invasive in my garden at all, I have to spread it myself. It is drought tolerant with proper drainage after it is settled in.

  12. I also like how the plants have an aura of fullness and satiety after a good rain – especially in a year like this. However, I find it hard to stifle my inner control freak when stuff flops over, even if it’s temporary.

    Thanks for visiting, Garden IAC. Usually rain makes most things flop when they are in full bloom. Some things I leave alone, like the muhly because it will pop back up when dry. Those things that need it get staked, like some of the Dahlias. I do try to anticipate when needs help and offer some metal trellis like thingeys early on in the season to be ready for when it does finally rain.

  13. sharon says:

    that pink grass is a miracle…..I covet them !!!

    Thanks Sharon. I agree, the pink muhly is miraculously beautiful when in bloom.

  14. We just planted some pink muhly and hope it thrives as yours! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

    Good news, Shenandoah, about the pink muhly! I hope it gives you much pleasure. Thanks for visiting and the kind words.

  15. Those are nice shots showing the scenes created by the rain. As Michaele mentioned, the last mushroom shot does have a special fairy look to it. It would look good as a Fairegarden header.. The grass in front of your bench is wonderful because of the symmetry. If only all plants bowed so gracefully. My tall phlox paniculata got bent by the snow today, but they do not look nearly so graceful.

    Thanks Shade. Snow would not be welcome here now, but who knows what this weather will do. It is cold but not quite freezing just yet. The mushroom will surely be included in this year’s calendar collection. The pink muhly is very polite, bowing then standing back upright when it dries, even with snow on it and when the color has faded to biscuit.

  16. Lovely, i love to go out in the garden after rain, the shot of the purple flower filled with rain is perfect. Have a nice day.

    Hi Karen, thanks. Rain is a wonder of nature, as is the sun. The world is full of beautiful vignettes, if we stop and look closely.

  17. The muhly grass looks like it’s bowed its head in prayerful thanks. Looks so peaceful.

    Hi Blonde Gardener, thanks for visiting. The muhly is a joy in the fall garden, even into winter.

  18. bethstetenfeld says:

    Wow, stunning last shot! It does look like a nightlight, or a fancy modern light fixture. I agree that the rain changes everything! Beautiful post!

    Hi Beth, thanks for visiting. Rain plus lighting, a garden image catcher’s friend. HA

  19. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Isn’t rain grand. I love the feeling of a refreshing rain.

    It certainly is, Lisa. We will never complain about the rain here.

  20. RobinL says:

    Long, soaking rain? What’s that? I’ve forgotten! It’s still pretty dry here, so we are also grateful for every drop that falls. How gorgeous your garden is after the rain, especially the ever beautiful pink muhly grass.

    Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you get some needed rain soon. Dry is sad in some gardens, mine included.

  21. Rose says:

    I love the photo of the muhly grass bowing down! I see others thought of it in prayerful terms, but my first thought was that it looked as if they were bowing down, anticipating royalty about to ascend to the throne/bench. The last photo of the illuminated mushroom is also fantastic!

    Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by. The muhly goes prostrate when it rains, but perks right be upright when the sun shines, thank goodness. The bench is so covered in lichen now, it is a fitting throne for Leaf Man! HA I got lucky with that mushroom shot. It will be in the calendar this year.

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