What Scares You?

Of what are you afraid? (Besides oversaturated with color images.)

What gives you the shivers? Is it the vastness of the universe?

What makes you gulp and have difficulty swallowing? Witches and supernatural beings? *

What makes you hide your face behind the pillow? A fear of heights and/or falling down stairs?

What causes tingles up and down your spine? Aliens?**

What makes your heart skip and your tummy tumble? Fear of the unknown?

What makes you gasp in fright? The thought of broken glass?

What enters your consciousness and won’t go away, seeping into your darkest dreams?
Rushing waters?

What causes you to turn and flee…

…If you are not frozen in place from fear? Pink blizzards or binocular peeping LTBs***?

What is it that you dread the most…

…That you avoid at all cost? Weeds or dark caves hidden by giant Rhododendrons?

What indeed could be worse, stinging insects or…

…The photo bomber nostril shot?

Happy Hallowe’en to you all!

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*Photo courtesy of Gail of Clay and Limestone

**Photo courtesy of offspring Gardoctor of his kitten, Loki.

*** The very brave and unafraid LTB, offspring of offspring Semi enjoyed a trip with me to Bald River Falls near Tellico Plains, Tennessee this past August. Click here for more info about the area. He especially liked looking into the dark caves with the binoculars from a safe distance. After noticing that there was poison ivy everywhere along the paths, we both decided it was a good time to head for home. Scary stuff!


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25 Responses to What Scares You?

  1. Mark and Gaz says:

    Great photos, none scary and all very nice 🙂 Happy Halloween!

    Thanks Mark and Gaz, and a Happy Hallowe’en to you!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Weeds scare the bejeebers out of me. I don’t like most of them. Happy Halloween.

    Happy Hallowe’en to you Lisa. Only crabgrass scares me of those plants some conider weeds. My tolerance for weeds has risen dramatically over the years. HA

  3. Great photos!!


  4. Barbara H. says:

    Poison ivy that carpets parts of my woods – that will do it! Thanks for the fun trip.

    Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting. Yes, poison ivy is pretty dadburn scary stuff!

  5. Looks like a great adventure for grandmother and grandson. How nice that it is well preserved in pictures and will now live forever in cyberspace to be shared with generations yet unborn. For me, the photos drove home the truth that my greatest fear (which fortunately I don’t over dwell on) is the fear of something bad happening to a precious family member. Besides that, I get that visceral gut check when I get close to the edge in an elevation situation… otherwise know as fear of heights.

    Hi Michaele, thanks for adding in here about fears. I share those same two you mentioned, and called out to him several times to not get so far ahead of me. It is fun to see family moments on the blog, even years later.

  6. Semi says:

    Those are wonderful pictures! LTB looks right at home in the forest. Love your nostril photobomb. I need to bring dahlias back into my garden that red is fantastic! Happy Halloween 👻 love semi

    LTB was like a creature of the woods, quite at home and unafraid. It was fun to visit the waterfall with him, seeing things through the eyes of a child is always gratifying, even though I have been there many times before. That red dahlia is not quite so red as in the photo. HA

  7. Leslie says:

    Such a cute post! Happy Halloween!

    Thanks Leslie, and a Happy Hallowe’en to you!

  8. Gail says:

    What scares me are the invasives that are marching into my yard from everywhere. They are parachuting in on the wind, crawling through the soil and hitch hiking on potted plants!

    Love this fun post and seeing you and LTB. xxoogail PS Thank you for the linkage! It was a wonderful visit.

    Yikes! It sounds like an attack on many fronts, Gail. You are most welcome to come visit anytime.

  9. Dee A. Nash says:

    Happy Halloween. I think I’m most afraid of broken glass and the wide angle shot. 🙂

    Happy Hallowe’en, Dee. Those can be scary!

  10. Rose says:

    Those slippery rocks look a bit scary to me; LTB looks like an intrepid adventurer exploring them. I am afraid of the dentist…which is where I’m heading this Halloween morning, unfortunately. Hope you and all the Faire clan have a Happy Halloween!

    Your nightmares are coming true, Rose, yikes! Try to be brave, go to your happy place. That is what I do at the dentist, he even suggests it. Fear of falling climbs to the top of our fears as we age, sad to say. LTB has no such fear. Happy Hallowe’en!

  11. Pam/Digging says:

    Fun post, Frances — love your sense of humor. Happy Halloween!

    Hi Pam, thanks so much. It was meant to be light hearted and silly. Happy Hallowe’en to you!

  12. Almost any picture of myself scares me these days, Frances, but I can’t see you, or even your nostrils, having that problem! Love the alien kitten.

    Hi Helen, thanks, but I am certainly scared when seeing pictures of myself, except those taken by you! Please come and wave your magic camera here anytime! The kitty is a cutie, he has grown since then. They don’t stay babies forever, sigh.

  13. What Gail said: invasives. Oh, and I hate wild parsnip. I would probably be scared of poison ivy if it plagued the area.

    HA Kathy, I love wild parsnip and invasives are very, very low on my fear list. Poison ivy is rampant here and I have to get professional help when I get it bad. I do feat that.

  14. Boo! (Happy Halloween!)

    Boo back at ya and a very Happy Hallowe’en to you!

  15. Snakes! Although I o try to handle them at all opportunities to get over it.. I do fear running into poison ivy since I know its here in Michigan. I’ve yet to find someone who actually knows what it looks like to identify it for me. all they say is “it has three leaves!”…well, so do a lot of other plants growing in the unkept areas of our acreage……
    I also have had a fear of shopping! It isn’t something I have ever done “just for fun” I go out and get what I absolutely need. Garden centers are totally different however. I have also found that with the right person I can get into it and endure it!. Plus, now I realize when Im getting all anxious an a good cup of tea settles me down.
    I fear losing my health!… Either my mobility or my eye sight…. I fear something happening to my girls and not being there for them.
    However, I dwell on none of this. I fight to be positive about all things and therefore bring only positive things into my life!….

    Eeek! Snakes are one of my strongest fears. You are lucky to not have run into poison ivy, you would know it if you did by the itching blisters. Fear of shopping is more like fear of spending too much shopping for me, I am recovering shopaholic and the bank account is happy about that recovering part. Thanks goodness for tea and the power of positive thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Lola says:

    Fantastic travels for you & youngster. Love the red in the garden.

    Thanks Lola.

  17. pivi says:

    Hey ! Thanks for beautiful pictures, and what a marvellous place you have there ! There’s no fear in your garden : ) I am also afraid of that something bad happens to my family members, and as a new double grandma also I’m worried about what kind of world my grandchildren are living. But now : happy halloween ! Greetings from Finland.

    Hi Pivi, thanks for joining in here and welcome! Also, congratulations of being a doubl grandma! Those fears you mention are quite scary, best to enjoy the good times and only worry about things you have some control over. Happy Hallowe’en!

  18. Those really big black wasps that nectar on the oregano and milkweed.

    Those do sound scary! I have been attacked by hornets, stung and chased into the shed while they banged against the door. That was scary.

  19. For me, the sight of vole holes all over my garden! 😉 Happy Halloween!

    Arghhhh! I do hate those voles, too. Happy Hallowe’en!

  20. Carolyn says:

    I think what scares me the most today right now is that I may wake up tomorrow looking like my picture on today’s
    post. Yea, every year I get a little closer. Thanks for the food for thought, Frances.

    Hi Carolyn, thanks for adding in here. I know exactly what you mean about that!

  21. Peter/Outlaw says:

    What a fun post & beautiful pictures! What casues me to run away screaming is the misuse of the apostrophe s, especially to make singular nouns plural! O.K. that and flying but I’ve found that Xanax helps with the flying phobia. Come to think of it Xanax would probably help with the whole irritation about apostrophes, too…hmmm. Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

    HA, Peter, my Hallowe’en post must have given you the shivers! Flying is scary, too. Dramamine puts me to sleep, which helps.

  22. Les says:

    Judging from my nightmares, what scares me is having to go back to a suit and tie job with deadlines, evaluations, payroll charts and constant scrutiny from a boss with little-man syndrome.

    Your nightmares sound very scary, Les. I hope they turn out to be exaggerated about your new position.

  23. indygardener says:

    I’m fearless! Happy Halloween!

    Good to hear, Carol! Happy Hallowe’en a day late back to you.

  24. Cute, photo bomb nostril shot. hahahaa

    Thanks Janet. Scary stuff, eh?

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