Garden Art of Asheville Fling 2012

May 19, 2012 fling 075 (2)
Let us travel back in time to May of 2012, to the Garden Blogger Fling held in Asheville, North Carolina.
Above: From the plantings at the Gentling garden

May 19, 2012 fling 101 (2)
The weather was superb and the gardens were gorgeous.
Above: Stained glass and cool shelf on a shed at the Gentling garden

May 19, 2012 fling 103 (2)
Photos were taken and a few stories were written about what was seen, but spring quickly turned into summer and time kept on slipping into the future.
Above: Again at the Gentling garden, metal sculpture from recycled bits, a very Ashevillian style

May 19, 2012 fling 131 (2)
It’s all good, I thought, there will be stories written with the best unused images during the down garden time of winter.
Above: A fountain from the Biltmore Estate

May 19, 2012 fling 127 (2)
Oops, winter is slipping into spring here and gardening has begun in earnest….
Above: Metal bench and Arundo donax in the Biltmore Estate

May 19, 2012 fling 029 (2)
….So the final sharing shall now commence.
Above: Gate and wall art from the North Carolina Arboretum

May 19, 2012 fling 054 (2)
It was a glorious gathering of the garden minded.
Above: Another gate from the North Carolina Arboretum, this one blends well into the foliage

May 20, 2012 064 (2)
Christopher’s low spot on the mountain brought us together for food, fun and free plants! Many thanks to Christopher for heading up the team effort for this fling. His artful rock assemblage named The Creation was tempting Barbara of Mr. McGregor’s Daughter to capture the magic in pixels.

Sierra Exif JPEG
The real garden art of the mountain is not man made, however.


The Garden Blogger Fling for 2013 is being held in San Francisco, California click here for the info. It is with the deepest regret that I will not be attending. We have made it to every other Fling, Austin, Texas in 2008, Chicago, Illinois in 2009, Buffalo, New York in 2010, Seattle, Washington in 2011 and Asheville, North Carolina, 2012. Also Malvern, United Kingdom in 2010. Stories with lots of travel photos can be seen on the side bar page listing Garden Bloggers Meetups. (The UK trip has is own page, Malvern contains the link above.) Fun will be had by all and the blog posts will be gobbled up with gusto and a small helping of sadness for not being a part of it. So everyone who is attending, please take lots of photos and tell us all about it!

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20 Responses to Garden Art of Asheville Fling 2012

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  5. What wonderful memories you have stirred up this morning. It is amazing that every post I read about the Fling I see things I didn’t see while there. Like visiting again anew.

    Hi Lisa, so many wonderful memories, yes. Thanks for being a big part of them! I am exactly the same when reading the posts of others, thinking, how did I miss that!

  6. I think I know where that root ball is. Should I try to meet Chuck B for you in San Francisco?

    Hi Christopher, YES to meeting Chuck B. for me! I am so glad you are going, and bummed about missing it. Give him a hug and say it is from me, please, if you are able to track him down. I went off on my own when we first got off the buses, needing some private mountain time to myself. I went up to the ridge top and explored further than we had ever gone before. The root ball might have been up there, though I did not take many photos that day.

  7. Robin Ripley says:

    I was going back through my Asheville photos this past week too, so I recognized all of those places! What a wonderful event and fabulous people. Both you and Chris deserve many thanks.

    Hi Robin, thanks so much. It was a pleasure to work with Christopher, he is so easy going!

  8. Christy says:

    Hi Frances….Gentling Garden looks like a wonderful place to visit. We were lucky enough to visit Biltmore Estate and the Arboretum in 2011. I got some great ideas (and plants) from both!

    Hi Christym thanks for adding to the conversation here. Both of those places are wonderful. Being able to pick up a few plants is a bonus!

  9. Thanks for the memories, Frances. I’ll miss not seeing you and Gail in San Francisco.

    Many thanks, Helen. I will miss seeing you and so many others, too.

  10. entwinedlife says:

    Loved the Arundo… Hurry Spring & Fling!

    Thanks for visiting, Jayme. I hope you enjoy the Fling!

  11. commonweeder says:

    I love your photos of the Asheville fling. Once again I will not be able to attend because the date conflicts our big garden do. Thanks for all those links so I can experience the beauties virtually.

    Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. I am sorry you cannot attend. I will be joining you in reading all the posts written about the big shindig.

  12. I’ll be going to the fling for the first time this year. Really looking forward to it!

    That is wonderful, Jason, I know you will have a marvelous time!

  13. Alison says:

    I appreciate these photos from the Asheville Fling, which I didn’t attend. I devoured all the posts about it. I’ll take lots of pics and make plenty of posts about San Francisco for you. I hope you can make it next year to Portland.

    Hi Alison, thanks so much. I will be looking out for your San Francisco posts! I too, hope to make it to Portland.

  14. Dee says:

    Wasn’t the Gentling garden just stupendous? Thank you for taking us back.

    It was, Dee. I am glad we ate there, giving us more time to explore that wonderful garden.

  15. Lola says:

    Thanks for the memories. So sorry that you won’t be going to the next on. I shall miss your pics & eloquent writing of seeing such beauty. I do pray that all is ok.

    Thank you for the kind thoughts, Lola. All is okay here, but the fates are not allowing such a trip to made this year. I will join you in reading the posts of others who are attending.

  16. indygardener says:

    Sorry to hear you will not be going to San Fran; likewise I am not going to make it this year, either.

    I do like garden art and only recently have been seeking out selected pieces to place in my own garden.

    Hi Carol, I am sorry you will not be going to San Francisco either. It is hard to miss meeting up with old friends, like you, and meeting new ones. Seeing art in the various garden at flings over the years has been a high point, and enlightening for me, as well.

  17. Sure going to miss you in SF. Some of the artwork you shared here I think I missed! thanks for sharing, I sure had a great time in Asheville.

    Hi Janet, thanks. I will miss getting to spend more time with you and many others. Please do write lots and post lots of photos!

  18. Fun, fun, fun… The first picture took my breath away! I miss colors!

    Hi Tatyana, thanks. Funny how photos that seemed sub-par in the summer are so much more enjoyable at this time of year when flowers are few.

  19. gail says:

    Frances, It was such a good time and the gardens were magical and inspiring…We’ve had some marvelous adventures you and me! I see more gardens and visits in our future…even though time keeps slipping, slipping, slipping…xoxoxogail

    Hi Gail, thanks for the memories! I do hope you are right, that we have more adventures ahead of us, including ones that involve gardens!

  20. I really enjoyed the photos or garden art. I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Thank you for taking time to post this information.

    Hi Charlie, thanks for visiting. Finding new ideas and inspiration wherever they may arise makes for a happier life.

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