Gardening Ready

It is fine as fall descends into winter. It is as it should be.
Above: Muhlenbergia capillaris, December 25, 2010

Sierra Exif JPEG
But come March, when there are warm, sunny, amazing days mixed in with the cold, blustery, amazing days, every day is amazing, isn’t it?…the cooking, sewing and household chores lose their charm.
Above: Bonsai hypertufa pot with the Chinese wise men and gumpo azalea, link here, March 6, 2013

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Every view through the windows to the gardens outdoors beckons me regardless of meteorological happenings.
Above: Athena Corner of the Daylily Hill, March 6, 2013

March 4, 2013 old 010 (2)
It is the strongest at this time of year, that pull of the soil and plants.
Above: Helleborus orientalis, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 old 007 (2)
Things are happening out there, by the second, and I don’t want to miss any of it, so go away snow and/or cold.
Above: Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’, March 4, 2013

Soon enough it will speed up to a dizzying pace, all of that growing and emerging.
Above: Athena Corner April 3, 2010.

March 1, 2012 a 006 (2)
It will be difficult to keep up with it all.
Above: Muscari armeniacum, maybe, and friend, March 1, 2012.

Sierra Exif JPEG
But we are ready.
Above: House hunting bluebird daddy to be, March 8, 2013.


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22 Responses to Gardening Ready

  1. Mark and Gaz says:

    Some gorgeous photos as always. Lovely!

    Hi Mark and Gaz, thanks for visiting!

  2. Carol says:

    I’m ready, too. Everything is coming along in the garden, just as it should!

    Hi Carol, good to hear it! The gardens know what to do and when to do it, usually. Better than we do.

  3. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Frances, Everything looks lovely! Can’t wait to get going in the garden. Thanks for your lovely blog.

    Hi Anne, thanks so much for your kind words. We are beyond ready to start the gardening season in earnest here. It seems the garden, and birds are also ready. Now about that weather…

  4. Is that the bluebird of happiness? I hope so!

    Good one, Marian! It is certainly a sight, the pair of bluebirds trying to find the perfect home in which to raise a family, or two, that brings a smile here.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    It got up to 64 here yesterday. Even though the wind blew at 23mph with 36mph gusts I couldn’t stay inside. Did that feel good or what. Lady Killer crocus are blooming up a storm. All sorts of things are budding up. An exciting time in the garden. Have a great week.

    Thanks Lisa, you too have a great week. I am glad to hear you got that blast of warmth, too. I could hardly stand to be indoors yesterday. The flowers, the birds, the sun, it was all so wonderful.

  6. Christy says:

    Hi Frances….I agree…go away cold!! The pull of my garden is getting intense. I’m even dreaming about being out there! Absolutely love the picture of Athena Corner from April 3, 2010 and, of course, seeing a Bluebird always makes me smile!

    Hi Christy, thanks for joining the ready conversation! Dreaming about gardens and gardening is blissful.

  7. I know the feeling. Hit the ground running (well… planting) yesterday and dug little holes like a crazy person to get 30 Veronica Georgia Blue in the ground ahead of today’s rain. That seeming delicate plant is such a darned good groundcover when it comes to weed suppression.
    What a gorgeous picture of the bluebird. Seeing him gives me a zippity do dah kind of feeling.

    Hi Michaele, thanks for adding to the readiness conversation. I too, planted like a lunatic yesterday. Even this morning I ran out and planted some more sugar snap peas ahead of the rain. Georgie Blue is a workhorse, just starting to bloom here. I love the darker winter color of the foliage, too. The bluebirds are so visible this year, it makes everything satisfactual!

  8. Rose says:

    Oh, I am ready, too! The forecast is for a wet March here, so how much actual gardening can get done in the next few weeks is pretty iffy. But I’ll be ready on those occasional sunny days–lots of clean-up to do for me. Love the scene of Athena in spring!

    Hi Rose, thanks for adding in here. It has been a very wet winter here, and continues to be. I work in nearly all weather except pouring rain or when the ground is frozen solid. We have to hurry here for spring planting, it usually gets very hot, and dry quickly. The window is smaller every year for planting.

  9. I am certainly ready here but winter has decided to stay for another week…At least the snow has melted some and there are some blooms. The geese that moved N are flying S a day later…they know they went a bit too far this year.

    Hi Donna, thanks for sharing here. It has been a colder than normal winter for us, but it is hard to tell what is normal anymore. Good for your blooms and snow melt, though.

  10. I can’t say I’m dreaming of my garden, but it is giving me insomnia. I lay awake deciding how a certain bed should be arranged, thinking where I should add more daffodils, and generally doing everything short of gardening in my sleep. But there’s still snow on the ground, which is frozen solid.

    Hi Kathy, thanks for adding in here. It sounds like your are indeed, dreaming about your garden to me. Sooner than later, I hope, your dreams will become reality and you can play outside.

  11. Leslie says:

    I am feeling that pull also Frances…things are bursting into leaf and bloom here and I want to be out there!

    Hi Leslie, thanks for telling us your garden situation. You are ahead of us bursting wise, but things are certainly happening here, too.

  12. So ready for spring! Richard and I spent four hours yesterday cleaning up the water feature/stream and the garden.

    Hi Freda, thanks for sharing your garden status here. I know what a huge job cleaning the water feature is. Ours is not quite ready to be started up, but soon it will have to be done.

  13. beth jimenez says:

    It’s as if you can feel the energy underneath the soil out there right now and every day something new emerges.I just did a walk around and checked all the Bluebird boxes and it appears every one has been claimed.How I love this time of year.Thanks for the fabulous trip through your gardens and I can’t wait for your next installment.

    Hi Beth, thanks for adding to the conversation. There is monumental energy under the surface of the soil, so powerful and wonderful. Hooray for your bluebird residents!

  14. commonweeder says:

    It is warm enough for maple sugaring here, but the snow is still deep on the ground. I think modern sugar makers are glad for those blue hoses that wind through the sugar bush cutting down on tramping through the deep snow. Exhausting.

    Hi Pat, thanks for sharing about the soon to be spring. I remember living in Pennsylvania and taking my girl scout troop to tap maple trees and watch the boiling. We all got to taste the fresh product, it was so delicious, but did look like a lot of work, too.

  15. You are about three weeks ahead of us. The snow was mostly melted by rain yesterday, but now it’s turning cold again. I love that picture of the bluebird.

    Hi Jason, thanks for adding in here. I am glad to hear your snow has melted. That is a good first step!

  16. Lola says:

    Great pics as usual. My mind is ready but the body doesn’t seem so at this moment. Maybe later.

    Hi Lola, thanks. I hope you can get out into the garden soon.

  17. gail says:

    I am ready! Walking my garden I also see more signs that the garden is almost ready, too. The warm temperatures this week will bring so many things into bloom. Your Huecheras and moss are beautiful. Love the bee visitor to muscari and the bluebird daddy! xxoogail

    Hi Gail, thanks for sharing your garden readiness here. Feeling the warmth was so cheering, wasn’t it? The garden and birds have perked up considerably.

  18. Nell Jean says:

    I divided Gulf Muhly last saturday. Scratching around for the perfect spot to dig, I disturbed a rat snake. He glided away and I moved over.

    Yikes, Nell Jean! Rat snakes are the kind we have here, too. They are quite large! Good on you for dividing the muhly, the more the merrier!

  19. Yes, I admit that snow is pretty, but I’m ready for that dizzying pace. Thank goodness for hellebores to tide us over. I hope mine will continue to bloom once our newest snow melts off.

    Hi Sue, thanks for joining in the conversation here. Ready, yes. Those who have true winter savor the spring that much more.

  20. I brought a jar of hellebores like the one in your photo to my grandmother today. Your photo makes me wish there was a window table to put it on — the light behind it looks so pretty!

    Hi Eliza, thanks for sharing here. What a sweet gesture to take those exquisite flowers to your grandmother. Backlighting does make everything magical.

  21. Thank you for sharing your March photos. It fun seeing Spring coming to many places in our country.

    Hi Charlie, thanks for stopping by. Spring is coming, yes it is. Some places will see it sooner than others, but we are all ready for it.

  22. Love snow. (Ours melted after a day.) Love little iris. (Have given up on them because they get eaten – though I do have some bigger ones now.) Your garden is a pleasure!

    Hi Esther, thanks for sharing here. I am sorry your little iris get eaten, that is certainly aggravating, but glad to hear you have the larger ones. The flowers are legendary.

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