Miracles, Mystery and Wonder

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It is a time of mystery and wonder in the Fairegarden. Flowers are blooming, twigs and branches are leafing and the animals that call the garden home are out and about. This squirrel jumped from the nearby silver maple to land on Free Bird, read about the mossy creature here. It was raining hard and I was inside the addition, sitting in the lazyboy and daydreaming. The movement caught my attention and I quickly grabbed the camera and started clicking. What the image does not reveal is that the squirrel was swaying to and fro as the rebar stake reacted to his or her leap onto the verdant landing pad. Yeeeeee-haaaaaaw!

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In between rain events, for which we are ever so thankful, there have been miraculously clear mornings. The deciduous azaleas are blooming, the first one to open always is Rhododendron ‘Admiral Semmes’. For much more about these native flowering shrubs, click here.

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In the midst of the Azalea Walk, the name for the bed where most of these shrubs reside, is the bluebird house. We have been watching the house hunting, the courtship and now the nest building phase of these much beloved birds. It looks like Mrs. Bluebird is doing most of the work!

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In the Fairelurie garden in front by the driveway the planting of spring blooming bulbs is close to the dreamed of sea of blue. Camassia leichtlinii and Camassia cusickii, the lighter blue are large enough to be seen from the street. It is good.

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Up at the shed, newly painted last year, the resident Carolina wren is ahead of the rest of the birds with the birthing process, feeding hungry babies now. At one time, these tiny but bold birds built a nest inside the shed that was so large it was feared that rats had moved inside. The story begins here, and is solved here. A photo sent to the local extension office waylaid our fears of rodent invasion, saying it was the work of the little wren. These wrens are always flitting about the shed and still get inside on occasion. The sweet birdhouse, a hostess gift from my dear friend Gail of Clay and Limestone seems to have met with their approval.

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The colors of spring foliage is a wonder indeed. Erica carnea ‘Westwood Yellow’ anchors the block corner of the Yellow/White bed with aplomb.

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Another wren, this time the little sweet singing Jenny wren, or house wren has made a maternity center in the acorn birdhouse, a gift from my dear sister in law, Lynn. Please forgive the poor quality of this shot, these birds are quite shy and I had to sit very far away to capture the comings and goings. If you think this photo is bad, you should see the discards.

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The morning light reveals hidden wonders in the leaves of purple cabbages planted in the purple container.

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Rays of sunshine bring out the pinkness of the Catesby trillium, Trillium catesbaei. The flower hangs downward, making photographing it in the usual manner impossible. The only way is to stick the camera under the bloom, click and hope for the best. It takes several tries to get a usable image.

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Clicking is what we do when out in the garden, some might call it mindless clicking even. Trying to capture the beauty that the eye sees remains an unquenchable thirst. But on this special day, by the pond and the Fairy Garden area, someone graced us with her presence, showing pale blue in the lower right corner of the image. Miracles, mystery and wonder.

The title of this post was inspired by the genius poet and songwriter Paul Simon. At first I thought it was from the song Graceland, from the amazing album by the same name, but searching found it belonged to The Boy in the Bubble. Miraculous music, indeed.


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13 Responses to Miracles, Mystery and Wonder

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    It is a wonderous time of year. It is a wonder to me that the wrens share territory. The house wren in my garden doesn’t allow the Carolina Wren to nest in his territory (our garden) even though the Carolina Wren is here all year. Love the brilliant greens in the garden. Especially this time of year when our eyes are adjusting to all the color emerging. Have a great weekend.

    Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing your wren experience. It got me thinking, perhaps the steep elevation makes the two bird houses, which are only about fifteen feet apart seem more far apart? This spring has been wonderful and wonderous, long slow and cool. You too, have a lovely weekend!

  2. pbmgarden says:

    Enjoyed seeing your garden this morning Frances. The Rhododendron ‘Admiral Semmes’ is especially gorgeous. Susie

    Hi Susie, thanks so much. Admiral Semmes is the largest and first to bloom here, also the most fragrant.

  3. Layanee says:

    Oh the squirrel must have provided such comic relief from the toils of the garden. The critters are the reward for providing and nurturing such a beautiful garden.

    It was very funny to watch, Layanee! I do love seeing the birds, bees, lizards, fishes and even those dastardly squirrels scampering about. It makes the garden seem more alive.

  4. My husband had a flash of momentary concern as he glanced over his coffee cup at the breakfast table to see me head bobbing and swaying. Then he saw the earphone cord and realized I was listening to something. Paul Simon is truly an amazing talent….I don’t listen to music enough nowadays so thanks for the lift.
    This spring has really been a gift from God…not that they all aren’t but this one has really sung a song of special joy.

    Hi Michaele, thanks for stopping by. Paul Simon is brilliant and the album Graceland was a pinnacle of the many albums that I still adore. Glad to hear you are enjoying the spring we are having. It is the finest one we have had in my memory.

  5. Donna Baylor says:

    Seems to be a”spirit” tagging along while you are photographing your lovely gardens. I’ve seen many orbs in photos, but this one in the garden is special. Thanks for sharing….


    Hi Donna, thanks so much. Whether a smudge on the lens, or a drop of moisture or a woodland fairy sneaking into the shot, it is miraculous to me.

  6. Alison says:

    I would love to have seen the squirrel swaying on that rebar. I love to watch them run around the garden, chasing each other from tree to tree or along the top of my fence. This time of year the garden is truly full of wonder, and I have the same insatiable need to capture it. I know the click-and-hope technique well. Love the little blue fairy!

    Hi Alison, thanks for sharing the joy and wonder that is spring this year. I can barely stand to come inside the house, not wanting to miss a minute of it. The blue fairy made me so happy as the photos were loaded onto the computer!

  7. Diane says:

    Good Morning,
    You never fail to touch a cord and today…WOW. These are the days of miracles and wonder and I’m afraid I cried. To see your garden way down there in Tennessee and watch my urban garden up here in Canada spring into life; it truly is a miracle. My 22 gardeners (all seniors) are happy and healthy all working their little bit of earth. Frances, do you have any toad lilies in your garden ? They are my plant of interest this season. Tricyrtis hirta like small orchids and they like the shade. Anyway, thank-you, Diane.

    Hi Diane, thanks so much for sharing here. The music is moving to me, too, from goosebumps to tears. Paul Simon’s genius cannot be denied. How wonderful that your seniors are happily gardening. Winter lasts so long up north, I know, it makes spring all the sweeter. We do grow the toad lilies here, the one I have is called Empress and it has been spread about amongst some ferns. And it is I who wish to thank you.

  8. Christy says:

    Hi Frances….Your garden is so beautiful! That last picture is truly amazing and since I believe in this sort of thing, I believe you did have a visitor of some kind! I just love the shots of the squirrel and the bluebird. Critters provide so much free entertainment! I’m so glad you have nesting bluebirds. My pair must have babies because they’ve been busy taking insects into their house. Every now and then I see the bluebirds having a fit and then I see mockingbirds and/or blue jays in that tree. I always run out and scare them off because I’m so worried that something is going to get my little babies. I know I have to let nature take it’s course….but my bluebirds are getting a little help from me!!!

    Hi Christy, thanks for sharing your wonderful bluebird story! I do keep an eye on all of the birdhouses and nests around here. Sometimes crows will cause a ruckus and I am out there waving my arms along with the birds who go on the attack. Whether it matters a whit, who knows, but I feel the same parental pride that you do.

  9. pivi says:

    I love your photos and garden, marvelous !

    Hi Pivi, thanks for stopping by and those kind words. I appreciate your readership!

  10. I love Paul Simon’s music, and Graceland particularly. Your bluebird looks like he will be a good provider, and he goes nicely above the lovely picture of the Camassia!

    Hi Jason, thanks for visiting. The bluebirds have given us lots of viewing pleasure. I hope to see the babies one of these days. Paul Simon’s Graceland is monumental music.

  11. That Trillium looks lovely, cannot recall seeing one of quite that shade before.

    Thanks for visiting, College Gardener. That Trillium grows naturally in our area. I love it.

  12. the glimpse I have of fairegarden makes me suspect that it is indeed magical in real life…all those beautiful corners!

    Hi Ronelle, thanks for stopping by. The corners are full of fun and magic, it is true. I think the fairies like to hide in those out of the way spots.

  13. Rose says:

    The photo of the squirrel is priceless! How nice of you to provide an amusement park ride just for him:)

    I don’t remember this song by Paul Simon, but what a perfect way to describe the spring–it is a season of wonder, for sure. Love the last photo–great capture of the fairy!

    Thanks, Rose. Seeing the squirrel jump onto then hand on for a long ride on the moss free bird made my day. As did the fairy showing herself in the last shot.

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