That Magic Moment

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It is easy to see on a day like this how early humans would believe in the sun as a deity. Imagine a fear that the darkness of night, even when the stars and moon are visible to provide illumination, might last forever. How welcome the first light of morning would seem then. It is my favorite time of day, as the color switch is flipped to the on position.

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I like to go outside at dawn, when it is light enough to not trip and fall on the steep slope and slippery paths but the great golden orb has not yet risen high enough to wash over the garden.

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Sometimes I have the camera along to enjoy and record the magic show, as the flower colors begin to brighten.

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There are spider webs everywhere, many stretching across the pathways right at the level of my head, the better to catch the unwary flying insects perhaps. When there is enough moisture in the air, as there is this August, the sunlight provides faire warning for traveling sightseers.

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Each section of flowers gets its moment of glory as the spotlight slowly moves across the beds.

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Backlight is like a wand of wonder to ordinary scenes. Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ growing under the stand of tall pines at the eastern edge of the property glows against the brushpiles maintained for wildlife habitat.

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Unlike the golden light of the setting sun, the first light of day is pinkish. It lifts the wood, stone and flora to a higher plane of perception.

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From under the deck looking out towards the Gravel Garden and beyond, I am filled with awe at the transformation.

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Moving on along the gravel path we stop and gaze back at the Daylily Hill and Heather Bed, anchored by the perfect match of Hosta ‘Sunpower’ and Crimson Queen Japanese maple. To read more about this pair, click here.

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Walking westward to that edge of the property and climbing the steps to the lower terrace beside the pond, we turn and face the rising sun. This is how the garden actually looks, complete with the hose in disarray near the house. One can get a good feel for the sloping steepness of the land from this angle, where the house and garage are in relation to the topography here.

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Those first moments of wondrous light are a humbling experience to me every single time they are witnessed. I am thankful to be able to live and garden in such a place as this.


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29 Responses to That Magic Moment

  1. Suzanne Kingry says:

    The most wonderful garden – very restful viewing.

    Thank you, Suzanne. I do love it.

  2. SharonMc says:

    and thank you for sharing such a place as you have grown!

    Thanks, Sharon, for joining me.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you again, for all the time you put into your blog. It’s just beautiful. I have shared it with many gardening friends.

    Wow, Karen, thanks so much. I do appreciate you!

  4. Seeing your garden through your eyes is always such a treat and gives us in your admiring readership many magic moments. And thank you for the peek of hoses strewn about…makes me feel right at home!

    Thanks Michaele, I do appreciate your readership. The hose is out not to water since we have had so much rain, but to clean out the pond pump!

  5. Aerie-el says:

    So incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing those amazing sights.

    Thanks for visiting, Aerie-el. I am glad you enjoyed the tour this morning.

  6. Kelley says:

    I truly enjoyed taking this photo journey through your garden! Please keep posting these amazing photos!

    Thanks, Kelley, for those kind words. I will keep posting as long as possible.

  7. Dee says:

    Love the long views of the garden today Faire. Thank you! Your garden is magical indeed.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. I like to show the long views sometimes, especially when there is magic in the air!

  8. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Such a lovely poetic look at your garden. I especially like the ‘backlight is like a wand of wonder to ordinary scenes.’ I too feel blessed when the great hand spreads the light ever so softly over the garden. It puts everything in the best light.

    Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. How wonderful that you have a wand wielder to light up your garden, as well.

  9. Lola says:

    Gorgeous as usual.

    Thanks, Lola.

  10. sharon says:

    backlighting is cool and i love the webs

    Thanks, Sharon. I love the webs much more when I can see them stretched across the path I am walking on. HA

  11. Ogee says:

    Such a magical garden…more so in the early morning light. Just beautiful!

    Thanks Ogee. You have it exactly right, this garden is the most enchanted and enchanting in the first light of morning.

  12. Karen of Cabinhouse says:

    Truly Magical Photos!!!!
    I delight in all of your posts but this Surpasses them all!!! Thank You for Sharing!!!

    Hi Karen, thanks so much for being a regular reader. The garden was particularly wonderful that morning.

  13. ilonagarden says:

    What a delightful morning walk through your breathtaking flower garden.

    Thanks for joining me, Ilona.

  14. My Kids Mom says:

    That’s it. I’m going out right now to cut down the dozens of trees in the park across the street which block all my morning sun. 😉

    HA Jill, you are so funny! Thanks for reading.

  15. commonweeder says:

    Dawn comes early to Heath, at least at the End of the Road, and I also love walking in the dewy grass. I know we are never more than two feet from a spider, but I never see webs as beautiful as the ones you find. The setting sun also sets my Ann Varner daylilies afire, so I love both ends of the sun’s day.

    Hi Pat, thanks for sharing your lovely morning with us. It sounds delightfully peacful. Your evening sounds divine, as well. Yummmmy

  16. Patrick says:

    I learned the majesty of first morning light from the professional photographers I hired when managing advertising accounts for clients. My favorite experience was scouting all day for the perfect Napa Valley setting for a two-page spread ad for a grape fungicide from Bayer. We showed up at 4am to set everything up and capture the perfect image. We toasted our efforts after everything was packed up with the best glass of red I’ve ever had before or since.

    That sounds so wonderful, Patrick, thanks for sharing here.

  17. Gee whiz, Frances, EVERY moment in your garden is magic. Amazing 😉

    Thanks, Jan. The garden is pure magic to me every moment, it’s true.

  18. Carolyn says:

    Magical indeed… we call the early morning “The Magic Hour.” No way to describe it, you just have to be there. Thanks for inviting us be there, Frances. That spider web is enchanting.

    Hi Carolyn, thanks for visiting. Earliest morning is full of magic. I love it when the camera is with me to capture it.

  19. gail says:

    It’s absolutely magical! I love your garden, but you know that already! My Kids Mom has me chuckling…I so know how she feels and want to take down trees in my yard and my neighbors in order to see that magical light every morning. xoxoxogail

    Thanks, Gail. Jill is a funny one! Sometimes the trees block our view of the moon and stars and comets and such. But the morning light is prized and we are lucky to have it.

  20. Cindy, MCOK says:


    Thanks, Cindy!

  21. beth jimenez says:

    Thank you Frances…I shall go out in my garden tomorrow morning just before the sun is up with a much needed cup of morning joe and wait for the magic to happen.As always your words and pictures make me want to be a more ‘aware’ gardener.

    Hi Beth, thanks so much for those kind words. Morning is when the magic is most likely to happen around here, if we only open our minds to it.

  22. Your garden is simply stunning. Very inspirational. 🙂

    Thank you, Casa M. I appreciate your visit.

  23. Eileen says:

    Looks like a magical garden with the sunlight peeking in. That is a great Orb web!


    Hi Eileen, thanks. The morning light makes those spider webs appear to the human eye so much more clearly. The better to duck under them when walking the paths.

  24. Layanee says:

    Beautiful morning shots. I love the new blog look. Serene.

    Thanks so much, Layanee. This theme and color scheme is calming. I am not sure if I am going to stay with it, but for now it works for me.

  25. Rose says:

    The early morning light gives your garden even more of a magical feeling–it looks like an enchanted garden indeed. The spiderwebs are magnificent!
    I like your new blog look, though I thought I was at the wrong place when this page first appeared:)

    Hi Rose, thanks for the kind words. It seems that at certain times my garden transcends the ordinary. This was one of those mornings. Your thinking you were at the wrong place was a great fear of mine when I accidentally lost the old look with the click of a button. I am still working on making it look the way I want it to.

  26. Barbarapc says:

    The webs are sent to slow us. I’ve been guilty of those purpose-driven visits to the garden and always smile when I feel that gluey wet arm of the spider’s web knowing that I’m being sent a message to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

    You have said it so well, Barbara, thank you. We need to slow down to better appreciate the constant changes taking place in the garden. A face full of sticky will do that! HA

  27. I love your new blog look, too. The text is much more legible.

    Thanks Kathy. We’ll see how it looks when the custom design expired mid September. I think some of those code changes may be affecting the font, but can’t seem to figure out if that is true or not. Sept 16 is the cutoff date.

  28. Carol says:

    I like your new blog look, too. And how about your garden? No wonder you like to rush out and work in it at the first light of day.

    Thanks Carol. I am liking the blog theme well enough to last me until the custom design thingey runs out next month. Then I will play some more! The garden looks better than ever. I can’t take all the credit, most belongs to the rain we have had, but years of tweaking are beginning to show results.

  29. ZielonaMila says:

    Wonderful garden, wonderful photos:) Greetings

    Greetings, Mila, and thanks for visiting.

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