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An Evolving October Wildflower Meadow

My gardens have always been a mix of natives and non-natives. I have found it best to go with what will grow and try to make it into a pleasing design of some sort. Fall in east Tennessee is when … Continue reading

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That Magic Muhly Moment

I sit in a comfy chair by the window in the living room a good part of the day, gazing down at the laptop. Sometimes, often, I look up to peer through the blinds that are adjusted to allow a … Continue reading

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Striving Towards the Vision, Two Years In

There is a vision for what I desire the garden to be, although it constantly changes, the vision and the garden. It should be peaceful and serene, yet exciting. I want to be filled with anticipation upon stepping outside, but … Continue reading

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A Gardener’s Progress

A garden can never be finished. It’s simply cannot, for it is a living thing, constantly changing, hopefully growing, evolving. Just like the gardener. Above: Veronica ‘Royal Candles’ fronted by Erysimum cheiri. Note to self: Save seeds of that wallflower, … Continue reading

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A New Spring

It has been started from scratch, this new garden. There was nothing but a crabgrass lawn and overgrown foundation plantings when we took possession of the new house in August of 2014. Lots of work has been done and plenty … Continue reading

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Winter Game Strong

It is truly winter now. The weather remained mild for longer than usual this season and the plants appreciated the respite from killing cold coming after the holidays rather than before. Leaves were still attached to some deciduous denizens but … Continue reading

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Return of the Pods*

Some stories take years to develop. Some stories can be imagined and written in one day, even an hour. However, this, dear readers is a story that built itself over several months. Photos were snapped at proper intervals to better … Continue reading

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