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April 2017-Year 3

In this, our third year in the new house, both the humans and the garden are getting settled in. It feels like home. Plants that were brought with us, some of them, have done very well, enough to be divided … Continue reading

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That Magic Muhly Moment

I sit in a comfy chair by the window in the living room a good part of the day, gazing down at the laptop. Sometimes, often, I look up to peer through the blinds that are adjusted to allow a … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Hello

Or maybe the title should be Hello Again. There have been dramatic changes here at The Fairegarden*. The decision was made last year to move house. The old house was sold. A new house was purchased. Not in that order. … Continue reading

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What Looks Good Now-For Future Reference

It’s simple, really. Above: Passalong peony from dear neighbors long ago, probably P. ‘Festiva Maxima’ Photos are taken of various parts and plants of the Fairegarden, they are then tagged with the date and held in folders until being used … Continue reading

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What Scares You?

Of what are you afraid? (Besides oversaturated with color images.) What gives you the shivers? Is it the vastness of the universe? What makes you gulp and have difficulty swallowing? Witches and supernatural beings? * What makes you hide your … Continue reading

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Halcyon Days

The last days in October are always the same here in Southeast Tennessee. Morning glory blue skies, gently angled sun rays, the last flowers scent the breeze, the sound of busy pollinators buzzing frantically amidst the open blooms make for … Continue reading

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Path To Enlightenment

Enlightenment-illumination, spiritual education, light. Paths, of the garden sort, also can lead to the light, interpreted as you wish. Do not fear to enter into the darkness… The light will point the way… Follow the signs… The garden will gently … Continue reading

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