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Remember December 2015

Hello. 2015 has been a very busy gardening year here at the new Fairegarden. At what point does the new garden become simply The Garden, one wonders? Let’s start that right now, for there is now an actual garden here. … Continue reading

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Using More of What Works

It has taken a lifetime of gardening for a certain truth to make itself evident. Up until the last couple of years, when gazing lovingly upon the garden but with a critical eye about what might be needed to make … Continue reading

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Summertime Blues

Blue is beloved in the garden here. Above: The shed is looking good with its turquoise trim after being repainted last year, with the cobalt blue bottle tree attached at the corner. We have written about the color blue several … Continue reading

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Red Leaves Ignite the Garden

Red…. ….It draws the eye and gladdens the heart. The garden beckons me every single day, but never is the pull so strong as during the month of April, when the trunks, stems and branches go from bare to brilliant. … Continue reading

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Front Garden in Winter

It is an early March frosty morning. The sun is just peeking over the horizon. Looking out the kitchen window, the garden is glistening, calling me outside. Grabbing the camera but no coat, hat or gloves, we bound out the … Continue reading

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I Planted, the Garden Replanted

It all began so neatly arranged and organized. (Photo: April 2012) Plants were placed very carefully in neat rows of edging or perfect isosceles triangles and zig zags. There was open space between each plant as it went into the … Continue reading

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I Need A Place

A requirement in the pursuit of happiness, for me, is a spot indoors with a good view of the garden. There should be a comfy upholstered piece of furniture upon which to sit while gazing out. The best situation would … Continue reading

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