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We Went to a Garden Party

The day began with thunder, lightning and a downpour in Asheville, North Carolina. But fears of the weather spoiling the garden party were for naught as the rain stopped just in time for the nine o’clock opening of a very … Continue reading

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In Need of the Fairy Broom

It is time to visit a special place in the Fairegarden. Won’t you join me? It has been given a clean up just for you. Looking in the direction of the Fairy Garden after the leaves had finished falling to … Continue reading

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Faire Stonehenge

I am deeply drawn to circles and round shapes. When doodling, the writing instrument always draws loop-de-loops both large and small, squiggles with rounded edges. I have made balls out of hypertufa, grapevine, moss and old rusty metal barrel hoops. … Continue reading

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Path To Enlightenment

Enlightenment-illumination, spiritual education, light. Paths, of the garden sort, also can lead to the light, interpreted as you wish. Do not fear to enter into the darkness… The light will point the way… Follow the signs… The garden will gently … Continue reading

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Fairy Village-The Creation

The Hemlocks, they were so tiny when first planted in 1996 by our semi-adult offspring, from whence daughter Semi took her name, one gallon sized. The nursery only had four of them and the vision needed seven. Others were added … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Gardens

I got stung by a wasp today. It was the first time that has happened in many a year. One landed on my wrist as I came outdoors with the camera. I felt a slight pain, at first, then it … Continue reading

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Foxgloves, Folk’s Gloves

Foxgloves are folk’s gloves, as in the little wee folks, aka fairies. This is the favorite plant of the fairies above all others, Digitalis ssp.. The Latin adjective Digitalis (from Digitabulum, a thimble) has been used to also describe the … Continue reading

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