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Worth The Wait

It’s about time. Frances

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Garden Blogger Bloom Day May 2019

Hello. It’s been a while, I know, but there is still gardening going on at the Fairegarden. Lots of it, as much as possible in every kind of weather. May is a good time of year, the plants are actively … Continue reading

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April 2017-Year 3

In this, our third year in the new house, both the humans and the garden are getting settled in. It feels like home. Plants that were brought with us, some of them, have done very well, enough to be divided … Continue reading

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Return of the Pods*

Some stories take years to develop. Some stories can be imagined and written in one day, even an hour. However, this, dear readers is a story that built itself over several months. Photos were snapped at proper intervals to better … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

In the beginning of the newest, and we hope the very last incarnation of the Fairegarden, click here for the pictorial post of the traumatic move … there began the creation of a new backyard garden in the blank slate … Continue reading

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Flowery Free For All

October sees the garden in transition. Some parts of it seem sort of messy and out of control. Above: Pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris is a fluffy pink cloud. I like the yellow maple leaf floating in the middle. There … Continue reading

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That Magic Moment

It is easy to see on a day like this how early humans would believe in the sun as a deity. Imagine a fear that the darkness of night, even when the stars and moon are visible to provide illumination, … Continue reading

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